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How to Collect Whatsapp Business Opt-in?

Whatsapp Business can get you success by leaps and bounds. In this article, let’s see how powerful this medium is to engage your users by collecting their opt-ins.

Like every relationship, business runs on two-way communication. Right from collecting user’s information to engage them with your brand to the last spot of retaining them. Each and every step of a business runs well when you communicate with your users. Also, different mediums and channels have bridged communication between brands and users. WhatsApp Business is one such prolific app

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Being the most popular messaging app, marketers are also not far from its wondrous effect. Why? Because you can catch all your customers over there. But not everything you see from the outside is as rosy as from the inside. The major hindrance a marketer face is to ask permission from users to engage them through messages. In other, you must ask your users to opt-in for the medium.

What is an Opt-In For Whatsapp Business?

Opt-in is a notified permission which a marketer asks the users to allow them to send them messages via Whatsapp. 

  • Usually, opt-ins are collected through a different channel. 
  • A marketer can only engage with a user over WhatsApp medium through their phone numbers. 
  • Opt-ins are gathered through a third-party channel.
  • Marketers are responsible to store the customer opt-ins. Also, they must ensure that the customers are agreed to let you send them messages via Whatsapp.

How does Whatsapp Business avoid spam? 

WhatsApp for business: imposes stringent guidelines for collecting customer opt-ins and using WhatsApp Business API. The motto is to ensure that the marketing messages must not appear as spam. 

Due to the following reason, the method of collecting opt-ins become important. Also, you must notify your customers that the messages they are receiving are not spam and are going to be used for customer support.

To keep it more precise and clear, Whatsapp allows businesses to use pre-approved templates while reaching out to their customers.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can collect customer opt-ins using different pre-approved message templates : 

What are the various approaches to collect user opt-ins in Whatsapp Business?

1. Redirect users to your website:

The simplest way to collect opt-ins from customers is to use your website as a feasible medium. You can use your home page or create a landing page for the same purpose. This way you can drive maximum conversions.

How to use your Homepage: Create an opt-in option by using a pop-up screen. Make it catchy so that it catches the user’s eye immediately.


2. Create a landing page:

Create a landing page and provide all the suitable information over there regarding your WhatsApp business channel. Ask user’s content for their phone numbers. Also, you can share a link on other social media platforms, on your home page, and in your newsletters about your channel.

Note: Make sure that your landing page is responsive so that users can opt-in from various channels. Remember to adhere to WhatsApp brand guidelines and place a brand logo in your visual communication.


3. Ask users through third party channels

Third-party channels are a great way to promote opt-ins. Why? As you might already be communicating with the users over it. Therefore, send them SMS, voice message, or ATM notifications( Bank industry) that can easily grab their eyeballs.

Use any communication portal as mentioned above that could get you an immediate response.

For example, Banks can use ATMs as a smooth portal where you can ask for opt-ins. So, that customers can receive balance notifications over Whatsapp.


4. Use your existing process flow:

You can ask for users opt-in during the purchase process itself. It is as simple as it appears to be. While they purchase anything they can easily receive notifications over Whatsapp regarding the confirmations and delivery.

Various companies like retailers and airlines can use this flow by simply providing the CheckBox at important touchpoints. Such as When customers are providing their contact numbers while paying the bill or delivery info.

Redirect users to your website

5. Include the opt-in Option in sign-ups:

Most businesses follow this approach of opt-ins while asking users for sign-ups. You can follow the same by offering users the option of different channels where you can contact them. Simply, you can add Whatsapp to it. This will enhance your sign-up conversion rate too as Whatsapp is the most popular medium of communication. Also, you can update the contact preference section in your customer account settings. Once you update it, inform your users about the same so that they manually enable the option in their settings.



Use the above approaches according to their business needs and preferences for collecting opt-ins. Also, keep in mind to increase your opt-in rates so that whatever approach you are undertaking must be successful.

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