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7 Best Practices to Optimize Your Mobile Survey 2021

7 Best Practices to Optimize Your Mobile Survey 2023

Today Mobile devices are our main source of information, as well as reaching consumers globally. Individuals increasingly rely on their smartphones and mobile devices for everything from finding a place to dine out for the evening to shopping online. So, it only makes sense for businesses to tap into this market to conduct their surveys as Mobile Survey have become famous as a method for gathering instant feedback. Surveys that are upgraded for cell phones will adjust to a more modest screen and be intended for touch screen gadgets. But how? Below outlines the leading optimum practices for conducting a mobile survey.

Here is the beginner’s guide to Mobile App Survey

7 Practices to Optimize Mobile Survey

1. Keep your survey short and simple


 Respect your respondents’ time by keeping your survey instrument as short and simple as possible. Mobile users generally demand relevant information and tend to absorb a smaller percentage of text than desktop surveyors, where you have the freedom to be a bit more detailed with your questions. So in mobile surveys keeping the question as short as possible will encounter a higher consumption rate and more legit reactions like this. And also, avoid large matrix-type questions, which are effective in collecting diversified data about a topic.

2. Offer a motivating force for finishing up your survey


Regardless of whether you have the ideal survey, eventually, the achievement of your survey is in the hands of your respondents. 

However, relax—you’re not dependent upon their will. There’s something you can do to urge respondents to finish your survey. Offer an incentive; a motivating force might assist you with getting more reactions. Incentives can be anything from offering your respondents a gift voucher or entering them into a sweepstake.

While this sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement, you must be cautious that you’re not catching some wrong population or group of respondents in light of the incentive you are offering.

3. Segment your audience


Determine which customer you think will complete this survey and provide you with accurate and honest answers. By distinguishing your ideal customer section, you can begin searching and focusing on problem areas where your survey will offer your segmented purchasers (and your group) the most worth. You can also target consumers by geographic location, URL patterns, referring websites, cookies, and a lot more. 

4. Keep away from Images and Videos


Due to the nature of the mobile device, you might want to add a different survey experience by adding images and videos on it ending survey messages or questions. But this increases the time of the mobile users and restricts the speed. So when planning a mobile survey, you need to remember the land accessible on the screen, just as download times. Both of these are in restricted amounts, so use them prudently. Indeed, even a realistic as conventional as a logo might be a lot for a versatile short survey. So for mobile friendly surveys ignore videos and images and keep engaging content as in the questions which you must keep in mind while targeting the audience. And marketing them strategically

5. Keep a survey app that works offline


There might be times that you are in a place where there is no network or the internet connection is low, which can hinder capturing data and customer feedback. So we should make sure to use a mobile survey app that works offline too. An Offline mobile Survey App keeps on taking input and saving reactions locally in the gadget. Afterward, it adjusts the reactions consequently once the Internet is back up, which helps to make consistency and allows you to catch information even without WiFi.

6. The survey should auto-start after it wraps up 

The survey should auto-start when one person finishes it. This feature of auto start helps to maintain consistency as if one survey consumer finishes it, the app automatically prepares it for the next person. Also, if an individual leaves the survey in the middle, the survey should close consequently so someone else can’t offer any bogus responses in a similar study.

7. Test your survey on a timely basis

Ensure that your colleagues can easily navigate your survey on both Android and i-phone. Ensure every one of the inquiries and response categories can be seen without scrolling, that the inquiries download rapidly, and that the reactions can be selected then. It would be best to preview your mobile survey before sending it out to avoid mistakes in your survey design, like checking whether the logo fits properly and can be seen on mobile accordingly.

Despite all these, there is significant practice which you need to do, for example, to pick the right customer feedback instrument or survey application. This is an extremely critical choice that will impact the accomplishment of your survey. 

So the conclusion is to choose an incredible mobile survey application that allows you to follow the above-prescribed procedures and it is able to adapt to the technology that respondents use. This implies that it should empower you to alter your overview and make it visually appealing alongside your brand logo, auto-restarts after a survey is finished, provide kiosk support, etc. 

At last, it is much easier to form, scatter and gather information through mobile survey; but what if you haven’t integrated this in your own website, it is certainly an ideal time for a change.

With this information, organizations are deriving benefit from this by making websites that are mobile friendly. They do this to ensure that they have the chance to catch a bigger part of the market.

 Thinking about all these is tough, but the good news is that we have NotifyVisitors, which ensures that your survey works well on mobile and desktop.


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.