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Mobile App Feedback Survey

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Feedback Survey

Mobile App Feedback Survey

We are listening to your feedback.

Building a helpful application implies continually assembling feedback from clients to refine and improve your service and product. Yet, getting — and following up on — feedback is quite tricky. In-application reviews are probably the ideal approaches to assemble significant client bits of knowledge, increase engagement and retention, and remove the mystery from growing your application.

Mobile App Feedback Survey helps us see how your clients feel about your image overall with in-application feedback.

Including your targeting audience in your business is the best way to understand how your client feels about the business’s image. This mobile app survey plays an important role. Regardless of whether you’re an internet business, media, wellbeing, or gaming, your portable application is a vital path for clients to get to your services. Survey application reviews can be crucial for building a superior application experience.

Some Survey questions to kick start consumer reviews and derive the maximum benefit out of it-

1. What do you like best about mobile applications?

  • To know what users like font, colours, branding, interface, etc.

2. Which feature do you regularly use or want to use?

  • To discover what are the features that are important to the clients that can help increment their efficiency.

3. How is the route of the portable application? 

  • To see whether the navigation of the portable application is smooth and straightforward for the clients. 

4. What is your objective when you need to use the mobile application? 

  • To discover what they would like to accomplish when they enter the mobile application. 

5. What are the limitations of a mobile application?

  • To discover what is not acceptable and what portion of the application needs to be improved. It also helps to anticipate the future product to be launched.

6. How will you measure on a scale of 1 to 5?

  • To measure a scale of 1 to 5 about the mobile application’s loading speed, interface, and widespread application. Users find it easy to measure through numbers which helps to know which area you have to work more. 

Focusing on Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions, which start with ‘what, which, describe, elaborate’, give more insights and quality than close-ended questions. So if the business does not face time constraints, then asking open-ended questions is favorable to them. Additionally, investing in questionnaire automation can enhance efficiency and ensure thorough data collection for informed decision-making.

How to Act on Such Feedback?

Collecting feedback is not a tough job, but gathering so many voices to consider each of them is required. How do you make the most of it to derive the maximum benefit to the users and business?

The best advice is to turn all the client feedback into a practical plan for improving the business. Such mobile survey responses should be organized into categories or segments to get issues in front of the right teams and start doing something about them.

Say if the user gave feedback on navigation issues. It should be given to the business’s technical department, or if the user gave feedback on the feature of the product or faced some problems on it, it should be transferred to the production department of the business.

So segmenting and organizing feedback in different departments will quickly focus on the problem area and help the company grow organically by improving its user services.

It’s crucial to consider who is giving the feedback: a free client or a paid client. 

1. Low Priority: 

If a couple of free clients have made a request, could you make a note of it? You can’t do or be everything for everyone, so consider it as an approach to studying your clients through mobile survey response and their expectations for your application. 

2. Typical Priority: 

If vast loads of free clients have offered a similar remark or feature request, accept it as a possible chance to give free clients the push they need to change over into paying clients. 

3. High Priority: 

In the event that many paying clients have mentioned an issue, get on it as soon as possible — regardless of whether it’s not something you at present have on your guide. At the point when clients mention to you what they need or need from your item, tune in!

A Few Tips to Guarantee the Best Client Experience and Best Mobile Survey Response: 

1. Tell individuals what amount of time the survey will require. 

Individuals are occupied. They might want to help you. However, they will falter on the off chance that the survey will be taking a long time. And if your survey is longer than a couple of questions, let them know in advance. 

2. Incorporate a progressive pointer 

Usually, for longer surveys. To consistently incorporate a progress bar or counter to tell individuals how far they’ve come and how far they need to go. Individuals like to know where they are in a cycle. 

3. Keep surveys quick and simple.

Besides, in a couple of instances (which generally include a more conventional greeting), quickness is your companion. Try not to attempt to ask every question immediately. Sort out which questions are most crucial at present, and spotlight on those. You can run another review later on. Be specific and avoid assumptions.

4. Limit the number of mandatory fields 

Allow the client to choose what they need to share. Users are busy in their life, and they hate things which are a compulsion for them. So ask as much as required. Don’t be greedy. Avoid asking questions you already asked or have.

5. Offer a reward

People like free things. Users love incentives in the form of some discounts on orders or as a way of expressing thanks to them, and they will be prompt to the next feedback survey. It is optional, and businesses can decide on this after seeing the overall scenario of the company.

6. Must be mobile friendly

More than 70% of the users respond through mobile instead of a PC or laptop. So the feedback tools should be mobile-friendly and easy for the users to give prompt answers and opinions.

Where what, and how to ask questions in the Mobile app Feedback Survey?

Where – The best place to ask questions is within the app only rather than going out of context like e-mail or through messages. The benefit of this is that the user visits the application. The product’s content is fresh in their mind, so they can quickly answer the survey by what they have experienced, and the chances of getting a quality response are high. 

What – What’s the conduct, feature, or problem area you’re attempting to get it? You can choose one topic for each review. Is it accurate to say that you are trying to refine your application’s checkout process or check whether they are finding any added value in the new feature? Whatever you want to find out, it should be brief, precise, and up to a point; otherwise high probability of dropping off the survey part ways through.

How – When wording your questions, use language that is pretty much understandable by the general public. If the audience is diverse, then localize your language to get more response rate. And how to ask if the company must focus. There are many types, such as NPS surveys, Custom surveys, and App rating surveys, etc., which should be chosen targeting higher-quality mobile survey response rates.

Client fulfillment is perhaps the most significant variable that will decide whether your application will prosper or flop. Given the unique idea of what makes a fruitful application experience, maybe the best and productive approach to realize what your clients need is through a mobile app survey.

Remember to end your surveys with a card to say thanks to knowing their time and reactions are valued. Suppose you want to put yourself in your users’ shoes.

In that case, it won’t take long for you to optimize your survey and delivery for your audience through NotifyVisitors in-app mobile surveys, which provide multiple ready-made survey samples to choose from, with advanced features like a logic survey with in-depth analytics and instant modification feature on it.


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