10+ Greatest Examples Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Two-third of the mobile population uses mobile. Digital spending has also increased, especially after the pandemic.

And now people prefer to buy online instead of going to marketplaces since they find it convenient, cheap, and easy to go, so meeting your main interest group on their preferred platform is the least demanding way of speaking to them. 

All in all, there has never been a trending time over now to keep an eye on your organization’s internet-based mobile presence.

Has m-commerce been on the rise, yet an ever-increasing number of individuals are going to their cell phones to draw in with brands?

With this, here are some versatile mobile marketing campaign examples to motivate you!

10 Examples of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

1. Swiggy

Swiggy connects people with restaurants. From Swiggy, you can order food from their applications or website and get it delivered.

The marketing technique of Swiggy contains both offline and online marketing strategies. For online, it uses Social media stages like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

By showing promotions in these applications like mobile push notifications, and personalized messages, Swiggy effectively derived its brand awareness and interacted with its target audience through these social media channels.

Easy food delivery within 30-40 minutes with quick payment facilities such as Paytm, PhonePe, Freecharge, Lazypay, Cash on delivery, and nominal delivery rates Swiggy succeeded in getting client trust and inquiry.

2. Burger king

Burger king marketing ads burned its rivals, especially Mcdonalds because customers who downloaded the application from their mobile can digitally burn the advertisement of burger king rivals, and it’s fun to do so even.

Many of them got free burger delivery from Burger King, and in the process, many people downloaded the mobile applications of burger king leading to further engagement and revenue.

Besides, Burger King sales were also increased as doing this signifies a strong message that it does not entertain burger king rivals.

So Burger King with the help of an efficient mobile marketing campaign succeeded in reaching a target audience on their smartphone, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

3. Nissan

It is majorly an automatic manufacturing company. So it came up with entertaining mobile marketing ads because they knew consumers spend their leisure time on their smartphones that would create interest to its users.

What they did is clients needed to get to the Nissan website to get some intuitive promotions. They’d need to type in a code to sync their mobile phone with the website from that point forward. 

Then they could control the Nissan vehicle on the ad with their mobile phones! They could move the steering wheel from left to right by contacting their portable screens.

They could even park the vehicle! The more an individual needed to know about Nissan, the more they needed to engage with the brand! 

4. Starbucks

Starbucks, the espresso outlet, launched one of the best Mobile Marketing strategies to date, which brought about huge adoption rates, with an expected 11 million individuals pursuing Starbucks application.

This is truly paying off with the organization itself revealing 6 million exchanges through the program happening each month, which shows its possible critical bookkeeping. The current insights show around 21% of Starbucks exchanges are done through mobile marketing apps. 

Their seamless loyalty program, special offers, personalization messages, easy order from their mobile and pay feature where customers are allowed to pay in advance for the beverage to pick up from any Starbuck store.

Special offers such as birthday gifts, discounts, and complimentary beverages lead to generating a higher engagement rate, bringing more revenue to the company. Starbucks won the hearts of people with an effective mobile marketing campaign.

5. Snicker in partnership with Spotify

Snickers are a cherished chocolate brand in the UK. However, the confectionery section is incredibly cutthroat, and shoppers can undoubtedly get an alternate chocolate bar.

The company’s mission is to settle on Snickers the undeniable decision during customers’ hungry moments. Snickers used a creative mobile marketing strategy. Its slogan, ‘You are not You when you are hungry,’ signifies its motive.

Previously, it used advertising media to market its campaign, but later, the company realized that most target users spent their time listening on their mobile phones rather than looking at their smartphones or PC. So Spotify was selected for its campaign.

The Spotify campaign gave Snickers a way of reaching its target customers who do not use traditional media and increasingly consume media on mobile.

6. Ikea

IKEA is one of the best home furniture companies on this planet. It also deals with a wide range of home accessories and interior design things.

Ikea used a hyper-localized marketing campaign which denoted their strategy will be different from India to America. They are specifically customized according to the culture and trend of the country to trigger their interest.

In common, they noticed that many consumers are unsure about the size of the furniture which will fit into their home, and in the process, they end up taking the wrong size for its intended location.

So with the help of mobile marketing campaigns, smartphone users can browse through their catalog to look at how furniture would fit in its expected surroundings.

To accomplish this, IKEA Place fills the double need of permitting cell phone clients to peruse their list and look at how a household item would fit in its expected location.

The mobile application utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to overlay a daily existence scale picture of the furniture against the scenery caught by the camera to accomplish the last option.

This made it easy for the consumers to practically see how it’s looking and fitted into their surroundings. This mobile marketing strategy rises the revenue of Ikea by around 11%. 

7. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is adding a versatile component to the mission of targeting customers to promote the dispatch of its ckIN2U aromas in the UK, with a WAP site created by New Visions, which will be advertised on banners in more than 20 top malls around the country. 

Buyers are boosted to message in and get to the ckIN2U mobile site to get a free sample of the aroma. Furthermore, customers can enter to win elite ckIN2U iPods on offer as a feature of the mobile marketing campaign.

On the mobile site, purchasers can likewise download wallpapers, send the website link to a companion and get a list of stockists for the fragrance. 

It also used hashtag strategy in mobile marketing campaigns for good engagement hiring influencers like Bryanboy, Aimee song to propagate the hashtag wide and far.

8. Dominos

Dominos which is known for its delicious pizza delivers nationwide which uses referral programs as a mobile marketing campaign to drive repeat purchases.

This referral program application allowed users to download the application and sign up for the referral program and earn points for scanning any pizza.

After gathering specific referral points, the member would get a free pizza from Domino! 

This mobile marketing tactic just required a basic AI-driven pizza filtering versatile application, which thus, added to huge loads of general user content and expanded brand awareness; after all, Dominos had to think big to defeat a big giant pizza company, ‘Pizza Hut.’

9. Book my show

It is an entertainment ticketing website. It cleverly uses a mobile marketing strategy at the time of BookMyShow Avenger’s endgame.

The film was especially effective in India, where cinemas needed to screen it 24 hours daily to satisfy the unimaginably significant need.

It likewise made records for the greatest number of advance tickets sold for a Hollywood film. 

What occurred in India was not an incident. It was the effect of a creatively implemented mobile marketing campaign. It was made by BookMyShow, the main ticket organization in India, as a team with CleverTap.

The mission depended on savvy clients focusing on customizing push notifications and content marketing

Yet, that is not all that was accomplished with this versatile mobile marketing effort.

10. Pokemon game

It was a genuine hit game in 2016. But with time, the status has faded. Then, in early 2020, when Covid19 locked everybody inside their homes, this game saw an extraordinary marketing opportunity.

As you most likely know, this game depends on augmented reality. Regularly, you play the game by getting Pokémons in open areas. 

The game got an entirely different update during the present circumstance – you can catch these creatures in your own home.

Individuals were exhausted; the entire mobile gaming industry was seeing stunning results, thus this game. Asking why this methodology worked?

  •  In the first place, it brought back interest in the actual game. 
  • Second, this was a circumstance none of us had encountered previously.
  •  Third, this game was one of the principal instances of acclimating to the circumstance, so it got a ton of media foothold. 

They had finished up this versatile mission because of an extraordinary mobile marketing campaign and its speedy execution.

Ready to go mobile?

We’re living in an era where virtually everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

In case you are not connecting with your audience through a cunningly designed mobile marketing strategy, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach your customers wherever they are.

With the above examples of companies who used mobile marketing campaigns successfully, you should have everything you need to strengthen your mobile marketing campaigns just in time for the arriving 2022.

In any case, if you need guidance on marketing strategy on your mobile application you can go through the ultimate guide to mobile app marketing.


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