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12 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy to Skyrocket Your Traffic

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Content Marketing Strategy: Healthy foundation to attract more customers 

Content marketing strategy gives life to the hollow skeleton of words in your content. It is the priority and the foundation of laying down your business. It is an integral part of the success of any business. However, most marketers don’t create any strategy.

As per the content marketing institute’s latest research, 63% of businesses do not have an appropriately crafted content marketing strategy. Without a proper marketing strategy, all your other marketing efforts will be a wastage of time.

According to 64% of marketers, creating a content marketing strategy is one of the major educational needs. If you still are not aware of creating a content marketing strategy that can skyrocket your growth, you are the right place to start.

Read this blog to create a robust content marketing strategy to solidify your growth.


Engaging content is the basis and foundation of a content marketing strategy to achieve business goals. For example – Suppose your business goal is to drive higher revenues; you would focus on creating a content strategy that brings lots of traffic to your website. Also, you need to focus on SEO to get higher ranks for your website.

Content marketing strategy

If you are a newcomer to the marketing field, you can create trust with the audience and visitors with high-quality content and living up to their expectations. 

Note: You need to create a great content marketing strategy at every stage of the journey, be it attracting new prospects, boosting sales, or for the overall satisfaction of the customers.

Considering content is the marketing king, more than 78% of marketers are investing in the marketing strategy, but they need to focus on certain things before creating content to get ahead of their competitors.


1. Who is the reader of the content :

Ask yourself the right questions before creating content, such as who you will target through your content. There could be various types of customers for your business. Similarly, there could be multiple types of readers for your content.

You can create different content types, keeping in mind the diverse audience and various channels to deliver the content. It will lead to great customer engagement.

2. Are you solving the problems of the audience:

Your content shall be the best educator for your target audience. In turn, readers could relate to their problems and solve them at the same time. A sound content addresses the customer’s problems and solutions so that the reader/users can overcome the challenges. Consequently, they can become more qualified users.

3. What is unique about your content

Create unique content that stands you apart from your competitors. Your potential customers must know your uniqueness so that they can remain with you for longer. You need to prove your USPs through sound content.

4. What is the content format and channels to publish

How will you shape up your content, or what shall be the format of your content- videos, blogs, or infographics. Decide and start investing in the same format.

The next question comes in regarding the channels on which you are going to publish the content, such as your website, or any social media platform (Twitter or Facebook).


Content marketing is crucial for your business, and it is a reliable source of fetching more traffic to your website. That means you can get more leads which you can then turn into conversions.

Content marketing strategy reasons

Content marketing includes an embedded link to the e-book or a newsletter that can help you fetch more leads. Consequently, the leads will visit your website, and thereby you can track their actions and engage them with more personalized content. Hence, you can attain more conversion rates and revenue.

Other content marketing tactics to generate revenue :

Note: A great content marketing strategy can attract, educate and convert a lead into a conversion.


To get successful results, you need to create a sound marketing strategy because you cannot move further in your business until and unless you have a roadmap to achieve it. All the profits for your business start with getting more traffic to your content, whether on a website or social media platforms. Let us know how to generate more traffic.

Below are the 12 easy and effective steps to create a content marketing strategy :

1. Create more targeted landing pages :

landing pages content

The first step to creating a more effective content strategy is to optimize your landing pages with the right keywords. Stuff the landing pages’ content with the right keywords to discover more about your market and visitors. Once you find out the patterns of the market, keep on creating the content accordingly.

You can use the keywords software to get the right keywords. 

2. Segmentation for better engagement :

Content marketing segmentation

Market Segmentation is the crucial part of creating a sound marketing strategy. Your content cannot be universally applicable for the audience in a similar way as different people would be on different phases of a customer journey. You need to create a buyer persona and segment them according to age, demographics, behavior patterns, etc.

Once you create a segment, you can develop content as per different segments. Simultaneously, you need to segment your email lists to attain better open rates.

3. Be aware of what your audience wants :

To know what your audience truly wants from you, you need to have the relevant keywords to create engaging content. You can use google trends to know the interest of the audience in the intended topic. You can evaluate the number of searches within a specific period.

4. Turn your focus to facts :

While creating a content marketing strategy, it becomes natural that you start believing everything that you read online. Instead of focusing on everything, turn to the facts and discover how they will work in your strategy. You can test your experiments and come up with an altogether new concept.

5. Target the youth and millennials :

No doubt, most of your target audience comprises youth and adults. Therefore, you need to focus on creating content that fetches their attention the most.

Create adaptive content that feels like an engaging interaction with your audience. Also, your content must be accessible on all channels. For example – If users are reading on desktop and left in the meanwhile, they can complete the purchase on other devices without any hassles.

This concept is more prevalent in the E-commerce business.

6. Run AB Tests :

Optimize content marketing

AB testing helps you convert more visitors and optimize the elements of your website. Your landing pages contain the content inclusive of all the elements such as the CTA buttons, headlines, and content images. 

7. Use native ads :

Use native ads

Native ads are an engaging form of online marketing, and they add value to your business as they are more than promotional content. Native advertisements help you get six times more revenues than Adwords.

Also, paid content comes under native ads, and people view such ads more than banner ads as they contain useful pieces of information.

8. Analyze your competitors :

Know your competitors to get ahead of them. First of all, know who your competitors are and learn about the backlinks they are getting using automated tools. Search on google about the latest blogging trends. Evaluate the sites you need to compete with. Check the backlinks and performance of your hard-core competitors.

9. Create catchy headlines that evoke emotions :

Catchy content

One of the best ways to create effective content is to instill emotions that could prompt users.

Your keywords of the headlines shall evoke emotions in the minds of the readers. The feelings shall immediately allow them to open the link and read it.

Also, you can add numbers in your headlines to get more specific. For example – 7 valuable statistics to uplift your eCommerce marketing.

10. Get maximum benefits out of your content :

To get maximum benefits out of your content, you need to use all the channels to get more traffic. Also, you can reevaluate and make changes in the content to meet new audiences.

Don’t keep your content with yourself. Make the most out of it and let it reach a larger audience.

11. Create an editorial calendar :

content creation strategy

To have a sound content marketing strategy, work on creating a plan for content creation. Know your goals for creating content, promoting it, marketing it, and tracking if they have reached the goals.

Create a monthly calendar, know your audience and their interests, explore the topic intensively, and create content. Last but not least, measure its effectiveness.

12. Focus on blog traffic :

If you have business pages on all the social media platforms, work on getting more traffic to your blogs rather than getting followers and fanbase. Once you attract traffic to your blog, you will invite them to join the email list, and you can begin with turning them into long-lasting customers.


All in all, you need the patience to create and implement the content marketing strategy. It is the strongest pillar for your business that can work wonders for you but do it mindfully. Consider all the steps given above and continue with your research & experiments.

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