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Must Have Features in a Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation software is required by lots of organizations, but all might be fully using the core features/functionalities. The Marketing automation software focuses to make full use of the basic features and derive benefit from the technology to use effectively the marketing process.

We will discuss the main features and functionalities of the software which helps to improve the implementation of the software.

The Best Marketing Automation Software must have all these Features and functionalities.

1) Real-time notifications

Notifications sent to customers through Web push and App push. Data depends on the visitor’s behavior, location and time. Can send any content in the notifications about sales, offers or marketing material to spread awareness, etc.

real time notification

2) Visitor’s Interaction

With the help of Heatmap, we can analyze the interests and behavior of the visitors which can help you improve the user interface accordingly. It allows you to analyze how many visitors clicked on which part of the website and how long they connected with your site. It uses different colors to show the clicks and stability of the customers.

visitors interaction

3) Sending SMS and Emails

SMS and Email marketing is in vogue.  This software helps the organization to Share the email according to their needs.  Marketing Automation software helps the organization to change the email templates as per their needs. Can create a proper journey campaign for Email and SMS.

sending email and sms

4) Consumer’s requirement

The focus of the automation software is to send real-time responses to the customers because a few minutes delay can be a loss for the organization. With the help of the segmentation, we can send the notifications in segments depends on the customer’s desire, needs or behaviors. Consumer’s desire can be fulfilled with the help of the automation software.

5) Consumer’ s  Feedback

For all organizations, feedback of the brand is most important for their sales. With the help of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), we can take the feedback of the consumers by rating their product.

consumer feedback

6) Consumer splitting

In a website, consumer interaction is very important. If there is traffic on the website but there is incomplete interaction with the site content, then some corrective measures need to be adopted. With the help of A/B testing, we can analyze the visitors by splitting them into two versions of one website but with different content and designs.

consumer splitting

7) Optimization of Mobile

Everyone searches anything firstly on their mobile devices and for this, the automation software helps the organization with Mobile optimized Sms, Emails and notifications.

optimization of mobile

The software has the PWA  which is a native mobile app, it acted as a web page but it’s an app. Through the web site visitors can directly install the app from the site to their mobile phone.

Few more features and functionalities are:-

1) Due to unique credentials, no one can access data.

2) Simple codes and files placed on the site for the activation of the software.

3) Can track every single visit made by a prospect.

A marketing automation tool is not a standalone tool, it is a collection of different tools which strive for one goal.

Jack Harry