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Making Marketing Automation Visible And Simple – Introducing Journey Builder

What is the Journey Builder?

In a simple language, we have made marketing automation visible. When we say visible it means how you design your campaigns across the user’s journey, and how you observe/interpret data once the interaction plan has been rolled out for your users.

journey builder

Journey Builder is a push n pull, marketing automation workflow builder.

It leads your engagement campaigns over various channels. These ideas could be ranged from creating a journey to automate the renewal process for your insurance buyers and automating re-activations for users who haven’t used your app for the last 30 days—automating the retrieval of abandoned carts on your e-commerce store and rolling out an and onboarding plan for users of your SaaS app. You’ll notice some of these use-cases as journeys in the second half of this post.

Re-imagining marketing automation

We understand how distressing it is to manage campaigns that developed beyond users’ life cycle. With journeys, we are endeavoring to address the effort of executing group jobs to automate marketing tasks. It’s time to do something new.

Re-imagining marketing automation

Thus you have to simplify your job of rolling out an automation plan – our Journey Builder has four kinds of building blocks – Triggers, Actions, Conditions, and Flow Controls. 

Here are some sample of journey builder

User journeys for banking and financial services

The insurance industry, overall, struggles with low insurance renewal rates from customers. Strange enough as it may seem, one of the most significant reasons for this problem is that customers don’t get timely reminders from the insurer, and they forget to renew it. 

User journeys to improve retention for mobile apps

Bringing back users to your mobile apps always remains a challenge. There is a company that is re-activating those users who have turned inactive after their first transaction. 

User journeys for e-commerce and traveling apps to drive users towards the funnel

There’s a vast volume gap in users expressing an intent to buy versus those who go down the purchase funnel for any transactional website or mobile app. “Added to cart,” “added to the wishlist,” “hotels compared,” “flight searched,” etc. are events that reveal user intent. So, Journey Builder lets you gracefully craft journeys on these intents and converts these users. 

User journeys to onboard customers for SaaS / B2B apps

A well-designed onboarding module can massively boost conversions for a SaaS app. At NotifyVisitors, we learned it the hard way. Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your tool. 

It is not just about an excellent visible builder, we made marketing analytics to be presentable in real-time and visible too!

Once activated, Don’t miss the journey path that you can monitor for each other

Here’s how the outcome of each journey looks

We hope that you liked what you observed. We’d love to hear from you. Journey Builder is now available for everyone. Log in to the dashboard, or sign-up to try it out for FREE.


Sara is a Content Writer at NotifyVisitors. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt on keeping up with marketing and sales.