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remote work goals

How to Achieve Remote Work Goals Through Visual Collaboration?

Remote work is one of the smart strategical plans of an organization. But amidst the COVID-19 crisis, it has turned into a survival strategy. Are you also working remotely but are not able to achieve the goals effectively? Read this blog to find the solution.

Today the whole world is undergoing a depressive and fearful phase, including the marketers and organizations due to the COVID- 19 crisis. It has raised out a lot of underlying pressures within the world as well as in the organization. Maintaining a distance from one another is social responsibility and the need of the hour. Organizations are also facing a lot of challenges in such a phase to enhance productivity while working from home.

Almost all organizations have the work-from-home policy for work profiles, but in these times of havoc, it has turned into a survival strategy. The question arises how does an organization manage and run all the processes effectively and be productive at the same time. Along with the processes, it’s quite essential to coordinate with the employees so that they also maintain the dignity of work while being at home.

How to remote work together and achieve productivity?


During these times of isolation, working together while still being apart is a constant challenge for the employees and organization. It requires collaboration that too on a superseded level.

That means, to complete a task or a project, we must have enough tools and resources that work for us substantially at this point. Also, if you are about to create and build new software products, you must have the agility to turn the work-from-home scenario into a productive and collaborative reality. To do this you can implement tools like time tracking and employee monitoring and simplify your workflow.

What solutions shall we come up with at this time? Every organization is craving for some new working solutions to make collaboration possible amongst the distributed teams. At Notifyvisitors, we have come up with solutions for improving collaboration for the workforce. We enable support to the clients and customers to deal with the challenges that come with working remotely.

How to address the work-from-home issues?


The primary reality check we face while working from home is to transcend the illusion of working together in the office. You have to reflect on the office structure across the online world. In other words, we have to define an organization’s rules, frameworks, and permissions all within the online work portal as we cannot physically see one another. We can achieve all this with visual collaboration.  Read the blog further to know more about it.

What issues you can confront around work from home phenomena?

  • Accessibility of projects: Who has the availability to what projects?
  • Innovation: Do we have any scope for innovation and experimentation?
  • Making decisions: It’s time to make some brainstorming decisions regarding how the teams communicate with each other and give back feedback.

It’s quite essential to perform and maintain the hierarchy, social standards, and companionship while working remotely. It’s easy to deliver within the four walls of office premises but challenging to do it online.

How to achieve remote work goals?


NotifyVisitors have recently launched a new feature to cope up with these issues and release them once and for all. Let see this feature is and what are its functionalities :

The team roles and project permissions functions enable the teams to coordinate with one another.

What are the functionalities of this feature?

  • The feature allows the team’s admin and managers to invite the other members, delegate their roles, and set access.
  • Managers and admin can choose to work privately if they want or invite any other individual collaborator. Also, they can choose to open the project’s accessibility to any of the team members.
  • Creators can take up a project privately, or add collaborators. That means you can adjust project permissions through private, individual, or public options. As mentioned above projects can also be made accessible to the teams. Admin needs to turn on the team access option.

How to cope up with the remote work realities?

The sudden onset of the crisis has put a lot of burdens on the employees. Shifting their systems from office to home is a head-banging task. Also, managing both domestic and professional lives at the same time can be stressful. Companies must retain their patience with the employees as they hop up between their personal and professional lives.

What is the solution : 

  • An employee can shuffle their work between core and flexible hours.
  • Employees can focus on the essential and real-time conversations & collaborations in their core hours, and they can keep up with the other commitments during flexible hours.
  • Companies must retain their patience and make an update on their employee benefits guide as they hop up between their personal and professional lives.
  • To keep a balance between flexible and core hours, organizations need synchronous and asynchronous communication. Earlier, employees can report easily across multiple time zones. Still, now when they are working apart, teams have to cope up with both things – to interact in real-time (synchronous channels ), at the same time they need asynchronous channels for keeping on with the feedback and documentation.

What are the tools to optimize remote work?

Three important visual collaboration tools can enable you to balance between synchronous and asynchronous work.

Live collaboration:


Live collaboration tools allow your team to edit anything and everything in real-time. This live feature enables your organization to follow any employee’s live activity- such as the function that can locate the objects an employee is selecting, it can support an employee’s cursor as they continue to work. This feature allows you to keep a check on an employee. Also, it can help in solving any query of the employees through remote access to his system. Its sharing and permission features allow an organization to have a real-time scan and evaluation of its team.

Hear your team’s recommendations:


Your team comments play a vital role in taking further decisions for the ongoing projects as the comments are time-stamped. They can be filtered and reopened. Also, the comments play a valuable role because they allow the managers to look into an employee’s documentation.

Note: One can mute the comments on a thread or a project. Also, you can add any collaborators by mentioning their name in the comment section: @.

Callouts and annotations:


Annotation stencils allow the teams to create a workflow and develop wireframes. Tools such as sticky notes, callouts, and brackets provide you guidance and suggestions – straight away on the design. You can pinpoint the actionable items or highlight the areas of the pages that need the utmost attention of the team. The virtual whiteboard is a productive tool for the teams to work remotely. You can also use sticky notes for creating business models. A team can start a discussion, they can start with a blank page, or they can use the templates.

How to begin team onboarding and begin remote work?

Club up your different teams together and get them on board to allow the effective functioning of diversified teams. The fertile features of visual collaboration tools enhance work from home productivity much faster and intuitively.

See some of its features :

  • It is versatile and enables accessibility.
  • It is intuitive; its UI is clear and insightful. All of the teams can collaborate in an integrated environment.
  • It is simple to use. The teams can use it for many functionalities- wireframing, designing, creating presentations, diagramming, etc.
  • Use it to coordinate a wide variety of projects and workflows. Also, each information is stored automatically, so that teams can pick up the data anytime they want.

You can begin our conversations with a wide range of templates and customize them as per your requirements.


The quarantine times can be hard to pass on. But we can only grow, evolve and come out of these crisis times by being together. The same thought applies to achieving your organizational goals. The visual collaboration puts out your teams together so you can reach remote work goals with resilience and persistence.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.