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Importance of Web Push Notifications

So as the title implies, in this blog, we will be learning about the importance of web push notifications.

If you are a website owner and still you have not implemented web push notifications, then you are missing out on a large number of available opportunities for your business.

Many website owners don’t even think about getting web push notifications integrated because they don’t know about the push notifications benefits they will receive.

Here in this article, you will also know about the importance of web push notifications for advertisers? These are some points that highlight the importance of getting web push notifications.

Importance of Web Push Notification

1. Increase the opt-in rate

Increase opt-in rate

You have to continue with your marketing activities with the assistance of push notifications without any personal details. This helps your company to be considered by more people. As people are more reluctant to provide their personal details.

Just a single click is required for the subscription without any hassle. You can also display a custom message to increase the number of subscriptions. A message can be about the latest offers, discounts or daily updates as given below.

It helps in increasing your traffic and customer by just showing a prompt message as given below (Google Chrome)

2. Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Push notifications that you send to the audiences will be seen immediately. In today’s competitive business world, you have to send out messages to the customers instantly.

Push notifications help you to communicate along with your customers even if they have closed the website on their internet browsers.

The only requirement for the delivery of push notifications is the Internet. In case of no internet, whenever a user goes online whether the website is open or not, the notification will be delivered.

3. Easily understandable

Push notification is a new technology in the crowded web world that helps the company to provide relevant information to its users.

Which a customer is looking for. An easy simple way as these notification messages are simple, short and easily understandable. Push notifications have only relevant information according to the users.

It shows an interesting short message along with a rich image in a very attractive manner that prompts a user to click on it.

4. High conversion rate

High conversion rate

Whenever you broadcast a push notification to your customers, it will get delivered to the users instantly.

The users will be able to see those notifications on their desktop or in the notification tray of their mobile devices. A user just has to click on a push notification that lands the user on the related page.

Push notifications can be considered one of the most convenient methods for you to increase your conversion rates. It increases the conversion rate over other mediums like SMS and emails.

(Read About Different between Sms and Push Notification) This fact has been proven through a large number of studies conducted in the past.

Push notifications can increase the conversion rate by around 20%. It increases your chances of converting your potential audiences into customers.

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5. Web Push notification helps in re-marketing for an advertiser

The push notifications messages help you to re-marketing your website. For any product site, re-marketing is important. 

For example, if a customer has left a few items in their cart, then you can just prompt notification and let them know about it.

Web Push Notification can also be used to show the latest offers, sales, and new products according to the customer’s purchase history.

You can also send personalized push notification messages (by using their name or any other info) to gain more attention. It is very useful for retailers as cart abandonment is the main problem faced by them.

6. No need for a mobile app

Many business owners in today’s world feel the need to develop a mobile App (both android and ios apps) because they want to send App Push Notifications instantly to potential audiences. 

But it would be useless to spend such a lot of money to develop a mobile app. You just have to do is to get push notifications for the website.

7. Push notifications to work on any browser

Push notifications work on any browser

It is a one-time investment to introduce web push notifications into the website, as it provides a long-run profit to you. Push notifications will be compatible with all major browsers used by customers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. 

It helps you to avoid any hassle of integrating push notifications to different browsers by spending additional effort.

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