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Heatmap Statistics

11 Heatmap Statistics to Shaping Business in 2024

Heatmaps are versatile in nature and a great data analytical tool. Being a subtle simplifier of data through graphical representations, more marketers and designers pick it up to know what’s happening behind the scenes on their websites.

All types of industries are investing in heatmaps to get the best out of heatmaps. One can make out complex points and the hindrances that are stopping a visitor from turning into a customer. 

Heatmap statistics are a proficient way to explore novel insights and set the desired goal to achieve. We are aware of the past years’ situation; whether it is economic or financial, many companies were hit by the crisis while many underdogs survived. Let us see how we can sail through all the hindrances and pitfalls in 2024 via heatmaps.

Read this blog to know more about heatmap statistics to shape up your business in 2024.


Heatmaps are not something new; they have been here since the 1800s and have revolutionized over the years. LOUA first used them in the year 1873 to display social statistics using different colors. Earlier, the representation of heatmaps was usually done using colors such as Grey and white. 

Many other authors, such as Brinton, also used heatmaps specifically to represent educational data in 1914. Then came a time when marketers use heatmaps to represent recorded data. Recently heatmaps have evolved with catching up the clicks and hovers.

Now, these are go-getter tools and easy-to-use tools to visualize and analyze the data. That’s why not only marketers but various geographers and biologists are also using them.


Heatmaps are quite useful and intuitive that you can check almost everything that too regularly. You can now make sound decisions regarding your marketing decisions.

1. Redesign your website :

Designing your website is not a joke and redesigning it takes all the more time and expense. You might think of redesigning your website, but what if it doesn’t work better than the original one. Many graphic designers can use heatmaps to know and analyze the users’ behavior in terms of what colors, contrast, and placement of different elements lead to more traffic.

Note: Before launching your website, you can run heatmaps to know what elements have the capabilities of converting the audience and which one is not leaving the mark.

2. AB testing and Heatmaps :


AB testing helps you create different versions of your home page or landing pages, where you can create variations for other elements and test which one is fetching more visitors. Later you can run heatmaps on the variants and attain usable results to enhance conversions and business growth.

3. Content marketing :


Content is the king, and definitely, it is your responsibility to retain its authoritative position. Scroll heatmaps enable you to view how far users have scrolled down the page so that you may know what parts of the content the users are ignoring.

For example- When you are posting a blog regarding the usage of the product, you may know through heatmaps whether it is getting decent traffic or not. Further, you can focus more on such content and other posts to keep users educated and aware. 

Also, testing the effectiveness of your content will help you know whether the prospective customers are moving down through the conversion funnel or not.

You can view the effectiveness in the number of sign-ups and conversions. Suppose people visit your landing pages but are not signing up; heatmaps will let you know where your visitors are looking at.



Various industries have improved user engagement rates through different types of heatmaps. Below are some of the heatmap statistics as evidence:


Every business wants to enhance its brand presence and its online visibility. Heatmaps are also a data collection and visualization tool used by many Media service providers such as NETFLIX, which continually works after customer engagement and feedback.

Netflix service providers identify the targeted audience’s interests via heatmaps and get to know about the shows they usually watch and what genres the audience prefers. Consequently, they use the collected data to provide more personalized experiences.

The online brand presence of Netflix could be seen in the fan growth rates of over 25 % in the last three years with the help of heatmaps.


Travel industries such as Travelpedia and MakeMyTrip have made the most out of the heatmaps and how. They decided to take up data from the tourism departments and know from the postal addresses about the maximum number of tourist attractions.

After collecting more than 50,000 bookings, they segmented the data based on the types of booked accommodations, and then they reflect that data onto the heatmaps.

Note: With the help of heatmaps, the travel companies analyze the data and sort out the marketing campaigns’ decision-making.


Food marketers and businesses are employing geo heatmaps to identify the markets with no food joints and any competitors. Many companies that lay a strong foundation tend to opt for heatmaps. They can tell you the highly populated areas, the low and dense areas that are good in terms of sales. 

That’s why many food, travel, and educational companies analyze the data with geo heatmaps. 

A multinational food joint of the USA used geo heatmaps for presenting their restaurants’ locations.


While talking about financial sectors, many companies struggle to manually update each of the data on the sheets and documents. It could take countless hours to analyze the patterns for comparisons in the future Heatmaps delete all such complex steps as data is graphically represented. Also, it is easy to analyze and compare with past inferences.


Heatmap for the sports industry is one of the most catching and effective uses for analyzing the players’ field performance. Similarly, the coaches can strategize the game plan and identify the loopholes in the players’ playing patterns.

The heatmap data visualization techniques can help you figure out the on-field patterns of the players or compare different teams’ performance. You can create game-changer strategies based on real-time heatmap data insights.


Many e-commerce businesses such as Amazon and Flipkart optimize the conversion rates using heatmaps. They can quickly figure out the behavioral patterns of the users on the website.

The companies can quickly lookout for the most attention-received areas on your website. See the below image for more reference. You can see that the areas which have grabbed most of the attention are usually on the top of the page.

Such valuable insights can help you place the products in the most attention-grabbing areas of the website, and hence you can attain better conversion rates.

Amazon was able to grab more than 70 % of conversion rates using heatmaps.


Whether you are publishing an article, blogs, newsletters, and monthly magazines, your main aim is to increase the readership as well as to attain subscriptions. But the people will only read the relevant articles which will enhance their knowledge. Therefore, you must place such information at the top of the pages or the most viewed sections. 

If you look at the below image, the visitors only pay attention to the top sections of the web pages that do not have relevant content. That’s why the readers ignored the lower areas of the pages. Looking at such insights, you can shape up your decisions. 


Recently Netflix launched a picture format for smart devices and other devices. However, the design did not get much attention from the viewers. So, the designers decided to change the UI format to focus more on the bigger pictures through heatmaps.


Many users complain about facing difficulties while searching for their boarding passes. A famous Airline company named KLM looked for the reasons behind it via heatmaps and found out that the cluttered web page was the main reason people could not find out what they were looking for. It is how they improved their websites’ performance.


For a B2B company, Its homepage is the most important page to collect leads as there are various forms embedded on the page, such as a sign-up form, etc.

Suppose your homepage is scattered, such as multiple CTAs placed in different scattered directions. It can lead to a mess in a visitor’s head. You can figure out from heatmaps and align the CTA s placements which is the ultimate source of conversions.

B2B marketers were able to enhance the lead count by more than 10 %.


The travel industry can focus better while helping people look for the best and most feasible options by using heatmaps in the front end. The users can book easily by looking at the heatmaps. Now visitors can easily decide to look at the popular destinations they can visit without considering the recommendation options.


Heatmaps can help every industry to grow and evolve by depicting the numeric trends using color representation. Also, heatmaps remove the hectic steps which are used in the traditional data analysis. One can view all the values in the single heatmap.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.