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Funnel Analysis

Best Tips for Funnel Analyze and Optimize.

In this blog, we will learn amazing tips for Funnel Analysis and its optimization. Read more to up your game on the funnel for your online business.


First of all, Let’s have a look at the practices to analyze a funnel that gives your business a new dimension.

1) Apprehend every rise and fall:

Every funnel stage is prone to changes. By analyzing every step, you can know the setbacks and achievements. You can consider the conversion rates at each step. Thus, can optimize them to better your performance. 

2) Test the Funnel Velocity:

This refers to the rate at which prospect turns into a lead. Thus you can measure the productivity of your funnel. Also, you can point out the loopholes and rectify the scenario.

velocity through the funnel

3) Implement Funnel Comparisons:

Assume the path, users might take while visiting your website. By comparing all the Funnels, you can conclude which of them is giving effective results.      

funnel comparison

How to Optimize the Funnel 

Look at some of the steps that will help in funnel optimization

1) Define your funnel goal:

The very first step in funnel optimization is to define your funnel goal. In other words, you can say, what is the ultimate required result of your funnel. For example, it is getting higher returns on investment. How can you achieve it? If you receive high-quality leads or most number of sign-ups.

2) Review the landing page:

Improvise the elements of your landing page by reviewing them. For example, you can change the content, heading or colour of the page to engage customers better. In the case of eCommerce stores, you could use landing page optimization tools like Tagalys to improve customer engagement. They analyze product performances and dynamically sort products that are more likely to convert.

3) Analyze user behaviour:

You can analyze the user’s behaviour through the use of heatmaps. They provide detailed information about the clicks and scroll downs of each webpage. The graphical description will tell you which part of the web page is getting the most attention. The warmer colour intonation is generally used to depict the most visited page. You can see the use of heatmaps in the picture given below.

analyze user behaviour

4) Monitor Web page usability:

You can check the web page usability to get feedback from the users on your webpage. You can conduct polls or surveys to redirect customers towards you. That’s how you can know which web pages are more responsive than the other.


Funnel analysis is a great method to strengthen your business grip in the market. You can track, measure and analyze customer’s behaviour at every stage of funnel analysis. So, as to get effective revenues.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.