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Customer Retention Strategies in Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the new trendsetter marketing strategy, adopted by many marketers. Due to the rapid use of mobile phones.

It has become easier for marketers to target users across mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones. This has certainly bridged the gap between users and marketers.

Though the distance has certainly been bridged out the complexities to acquire the users has increased on the other hand. Specifically, if we talk about travel apps, user acquisition and retention are some nail-biting issues that marketers face every passing day. It becomes much more complex for mobile marketers to retain users as 5 percent of apps across android and ios app stores are travel apps. So, you should use some effective customer retention strategies given below.

Why travel apps face challenges in mobile marketing:

Let us look at the factors which every customer looks before binging on a travel app in mobile marketing :

1. Convenience

Customers usually lookup for convenience in terms of online booking.

2. Money

Money plays a vital role in fetching customers to your apps. Customers usually look for best deals and offers which are reasonable yet provide qualitative services.

3. Past purchasing experience

Travel apps usually earn success rates if a user already has past experience with them. 

Looking at the ongoing trends, users of India have a habit of switching from one app to another if their needs are not met the way they expect it. Also, if a user has multiple options to choose from, they tend to look out for a different service. Therefore earning a user’s loyalty becomes difficult to deal with.

In such a case mobile marketers must adopt a data-driven approach to increase customer retention rates by customer retention strategies.

How to increase customer retention metrics in mobile marketing  :

1. Data analysis to understand mobile users:

The first and foremost step a mobile marketer must take is to delve deeper into the data analytics of users. Mobile Marketing analytics will let you know about the user’s behavior. This way you can identify groups with similar behavior and analyze their behavioral patterns over a specific period of time.

 You can use these insights to create effective marking campaigns. Afterward, you can review the rise and fall of users right from the day they download or register on your app.

2. Trigger users to book online

You can use the relevant user insights i.e. their past in-app behavior to trigger them for further engagement. You can look out for the info such as the flights they have booked for a specific destination or any request they have put forward for tour packages. This way you can trigger users by sending personalized messages or Push Notifications with attractive offers and discount deals.

For example – Look at the above example of Make My Trip which is fetching user’s attention with feasible discounts and offers. Also, it is nudging users to click on the message with the exclusive deal on payment options.

Trigger users to book online

3. Give mobile users relevant information

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This proverb fits apt for the travel apps. A perfect trip is an ideal buffet of great accommodation and easier portability. A user tends to look for greater offers and deals and they keep on switching between apps until they find their “type of deal’’. Therefore it is the responsibility of a travel app to stuff users with all the relevant information.

Let’s take an example of Skyscanner which gives numerous features to the users that enable them to search for flights for a specific destination. Also, they have a unique “watch’’ feature which allows a user to monitor the flight rates and keep them updated with the price changes.

Give mobile users relevant information

4. Turn on users with rewards

Offering your users great deals and discounts is one the best customer retention strategies to make them return to your site again with meaningful rewards is another prominent marketing strategy.

For example – fetches user attention by offering them rewards like Win a free one night stay at a hotel. It will not only magnetize the users but trigger them to return to your website to unlock more rewards.

Turn on users with rewards

5. Drive users back at your app

Another way to trigger users to come to your app is by promoting their loyalty programs. The main aim of these loyalty programs is not to boost competition against other apps. But it is to deliver a user an integrated and satisfactory experience. These campaigns are best delivered with personalized updates, alerts, and reminders. So as to increase user visits more to your website.

For example – Aegean airlines push their users to visit their website with redeemable air miles.

6. Engage users with transactional messages

In order to retain your customers, you must proffer them satisfactory customer service. A travel app must be a shadow to its users. In other words, As a marketer, you must leave no stone to unturn to notify your users at every step right from their app download, transaction facilitation to the last stage when a user completes his physical journey.

You can easily earn loyalty from your customers through these transactional messages.

For example – Delta airlines send users timely reminders, relevant and important alerts.  It provides wholesome support to the customer by keeping them updated until their luggage arrives at the carousel.

7. Provide consistent support to customers

Users will glue to your services if you provide them with seamless and consistent support. You must solve customer queries, grievances or responds to customer’s queries. Also, you can use AI chatbots to resolve user’s queries on the most frequently asked questions.

The main aim is to enhance the customer experience. Also, you can add an emotional angle to your messages across the channels so that your brand can leave a long-lasting impact on a user’s mind. As you follow them throughout their journey, they will feel connected to you!

Provide consistent support to customers

For example – Asking customer’s feedback on your services is a great way to know what they feel about you. 


Use the above customer retention strategies (tips) and build a close association with your customers. So, close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

Therefore, we can conclude that you must work hard to make a place in your customer’s heart in mobile marketing. User engagement and retention both are an integral part of creating a solid foundation for your business.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.