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Easter Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again – a time for bunnies, eggs, and jellybeans galore. With Easter just around the corner, it’s also time to make sure you have all your email marketing ducks in a row! Generating hype and excitement around your Easter-themed products or services is paramount to any successful seasonal campaign. 

That being said, if you don’t quite know where to start when it comes to putting together an awesome Easter email marketing campaign of your own, we’re here to help – presenting everything you need to know about taking full advantage of the upcoming holiday season through effective email marketing tactics.

What is an Easter Email?

An Easter email is a greeting sent to friends, family, or colleagues wishing them a happy holiday. These emails are a great way to send seasonal well-wishes without conventional paper cards’ hassle and environmental impact. 

Easter emails are part of many people’s celebration rituals, from religious senders expressing the importance of this holy day to secular senders looking to inject joy into their networks at this blissful time of year. 

Why Should You Send an Easter Email Marketing Campaign?

1. Boost sales 

National Retail Federation surveys show consumers’ total Easter spending is $18.1 billion. It suffices to state that 8 out of 10 Americans like to celebrate Easter as a holiday with much zeal for product sales. 

9% spend Sunday shipping (online) on Easter Sundays, while 8% plan to shop in offline stores. In the U.S the trend of spending your Easter shopping is one of the top activities for customers after Christmas. 

2. Uphold traditional marketing. 

A great email marketing tactic is to show customers the same product but with a lower price tag and it is best to start on April 1 for Easter. Discount proposals are the most popular Easter promotion ranging from 20% to 30% as it can improve your chances of open email and conversion rate by 20x higher.

3. Engagements on festive occasions

Easter is a great time to travel, get to the families, and move headlong. Email marketers can leverage this event by creating Easter-themed merchandise and promoting it via an email marketing campaign. Surveys show that festive occasions have higher engagement rates after the New Year. 

4. Boost the number of subscribers 

While advertising the products with promo codes and discount offers is amazing, Easter emails also boost email subscribers. During the festive season, customers are less likely to ignore an email. Selling products with a holiday theme is a traditional way to become a favorite sender in your subscriber’s inbox. 

Easter Email Subject Line Examples

  • Are you ready for the Easter Weekend?
  • Everyday Deals Over the Long Weekend!
  • Good Deals on Good Friday 
  • Give Your Family a Treat with our Easter Sunday Special
  • Spring Festivities Near You
  • Easter Shopping for Homemakers
  • Spring Decor Ideas for the DIYer
  • Last Chance to Grab our Easter Weekend Deal
  • Don’t get your ears twisted – we’ve covered your Easter weekend plans!
  • Easter Sunday Cookout
  • Shell out your pantry for these Easter weekend goodies
  • Easter Weekend Shopathon – 20% Off Sitewide
  • Celebrate Easter in Style – Dinner for 2 at the cost of 1 
  • Free Easter Gift Cards – HURRY! – *Expires on Easter Sunday*
  • Easter Monday Extended Offer – 24-Hour Sale!
  • Free Shipping on Every Easter Weekend Purchase
  • Join us for an Easter Weekend treat!
  • Sweet Easter Deals → Ends Midnight on Easter Sunday
  • Long Weekend Special → 30% off our Easter Collection
  • Spring Fever Is Here – Join the Party!
  • Don’t Let Spring Pass You By
  • Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?
  • DIY Spring Starter Kit
  • Throw Off that Blanket → Your Spring Wardrobe is Ready
  • Get Warm & Cozy with our Spring Special
  • Plentiful Springtime Reads
  • Our Spring Collection
  • Early Spring Flash Sale! Happy Discounts!
  • Early Spring Clearance Sale
  • Happy Spring Giveaways
  • The Coolest Spring Collectibles
  • Gift a Smile this Spring
  • Easter Decor Done Right
  • Easter Treats the Kids Will Love
  • Easter Delights for You & Fam
  • Easters Gifts for Him & Her
  • New Arrivals – New Savings!
  • Newest Spring Flavors with Delicious Discounts 
  • Winter is out – Spring is in full swing!
  • Spruce up Your Home with Spring Decor
  • New Spring Arrivals – 30% Off
  • The Comfiest Spring Wearables
  • Shake Off the Winter Chill with a Cool 15% Off
  • Cuddle Up with our Early Spring Lineup – 10% Off
  • Rise & Shine – Spring is Here!
  • Early Spring Pre-order Discounts (up to 40% Off) 
  • Spring bites that will make you smile

How to Write a Perfect Easter Email Newsletter?

1. Create relevance to Easter 

Easter email campaigns let you highlight the products and services more festively. Easter also signifies the arrival of spring, reflecting the warmer weather and sunny days ahead. The Easter email newsletter exhibits these vibes to offer spring offers and discounts. 

2. Create an Easter email template. 

What’s a better way to advertise seasonal products than the holiday itself? Some goods have high sales on Easter. To make your content more engaging and persuasive, use Easter email templates.

A customizable email template reflects the season and is more important for the subscriber because email newsletters are associated with traditional sales. Hence it boosts conversions. 

3. Use catchy Easter subject lines 

Ensure your Easter email subject line is catchy, simple, and engaging. Firstly, it should catch the subscriber’s attention, and they should be able to comprehend your email newsletter. 

If you are giving promo codes or discounts, use them in the subject lines with festive emoticons. For example: “Save $20 this Easter

4. Personalize the email 

Giving a personal touch to the email newsletter warms up the heart (and pocket). Personalizing emails helps facilitate recipients to look for more details about the products on sale. 

Keeping your target audience’s personas in mind, use their personal choices to build a generic mass email. 

5. Use email marketing tools. 

Executing the Easter email template is a good strategy, but utilizing email marketing tools is wise instead of building it from scratch. 

A ton of email software offers free and premium Easter email templates. For instance, you can visit our email template library to use an HTML email template to get started with your Easter email marketing campaigns. 

Easter Email Marketing Campaign Examples

1. Kathmandu


Crafting compelling emails can be a challenge, but one thing subscribers value is when the purpose of the email is crystal-clear from the get-go. 

Kathmandu’s Easter email marketing campaign is an exquisite mix of photography and illustrations, their hero section jumps out at you while the crispy and clean copy lays out its message without any mess. 

And thanks to a smart use of white space, the featured products stand out beautifully without any mess. All in all, it’s a skillful execution that’s sure to encourage other email marketers out there.

2. Uncommon Goods


Uncommon Goods offer many products, but showcasing them all can be difficult. However, their Easter email takes a distinct approach that’s worth noting. At the top of the email, you’ll see an enticing GIF that contains many of their most tempting products. 

This is a great incentive to grab readers’ attention and urge them to explore the entire email. Furthermore, the email signature features social media links and an unsubscribe option, all with an adorable animation conveying their commitment to a better world.

3. Food52


Food52’s Easter email effortlessly showcases numerous offerings without overwhelming its readers. Thanks to a grid layout, each element contains enough real estate to shine and acquire equal attention. You don’t have to bother about critical details getting lost in the shuffle. 

Moreover, the email signature and manage preferences links are cleverly created to have a “forward this email” option, making it simple for subscribers to share the message with their loved ones. 

4. Love Hemp


Love Hemp’s Easter email is a visual delight with its high-quality product images, soft background colour and simple font. Moreover, the navigation links have been smartly highlighted in a contrasting brand colour for maximum visibility. 

The email body highlights the sale price of their best-sellers, making it difficult to resist. Moreover, the social buttons and unsubscribe links are easy to find at the bottom. This Easter email flawlessly shows how simple modifications can make a big impact.

5. Imperia Caviar


Imperia Caviar has nailed its Easter email by seamlessly integrating its brand identity. The colour scheme flawlessly fits their image, building a cohesive and visually pleasing design. Despite a lot of content, they have strategically structured it with smart graphics to keep it from overwhelming the reader. 

A sizable testimonial section and a badge with verified reviews also earn subscribers’ trust. Finally, they emphasised the managed preferences and unsubscribing links differently, ensuring effortless and uncompromised visibility.

6. Yosi Samra


Yosi Samra has nailed their Easter email marketing campaign. It’s not just a generic email – they’ve cleverly prepared it to subtly target their audience. Whether you’re a long-time subscriber or a first-timer, you’ll relish the urgency conveyed by the bold message in the hero section. Plus, Yosi Samra’s marketing is multi-faceted. 

They incentivize subscribers to sign up for SMS marketing, and their email is separated into two categories, each with a different call-to-action. Yosi Samra takes communication with customers as their successful email campaigns offer.

7. First Day


Humour is a strong tool for improving engagement, and First Day’s Easter email is a prime example of its effectiveness. By using a single-column layout, the email not only helps you easily navigate but also improves the impact of its clever joke. 

The humour is so critical to the message that it would have been lost in a more complex design. Even without many visuals, the email is interesting because it stimulates the reader to participate and offers a reward. The brand’s messaging is cleverly presented in the signature with easy-to-remember icons. 


Easter is a great time of year to think about email marketing and how you can use it to your advantage. It’s the perfect way to show your customers how much you appreciate them and build loyalty with your brand. 

It’s also an opportunity to remind potential customers of all that your business has to offer, especially during such a busy holiday season. With these tips in mind, craft creative emails that are sure to do wonders for increasing engagement and boosting conversions. Get creative and have fun with it as well. 

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of timing when running Easter email marketing campaigns – start early and be sure to give yourself plenty of lead-time so your campaigns reach audiences where they are at the right moment in their customer journey. All said, let us wish each one of you a very happy Easter.

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1. What is an Easter Email?

An Easter email is a greeting sent to friends, family, or colleagues wishing them a happy holiday. These emails are a great way to send seasonal well-wishes without conventional paper cards’ hassle and environmental impact. 

2. What Are the Benefits of Sending an Easter Email Marketing Campaign?

Here are 4 major benefits of sending easter email marketing campaigns:

1. Boosts Sales

2. Uphold traditional marketing

3. Engagements on festive occasions

4. Help improves the number of subscribers

3. What Are the Top 5 Easter Email Campaign Examples?

Top 5 easter email marketing campaigns are

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Food52
  3. Lovehemp
  4. Yosi Samra
  5. First Day

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