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9 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies to Increase Sales in 2024.

We all love to acquire new customers; no one can deny that there is no better feeling than getting new customers.

But no deal happens itself. It would be best if you consistently worked hard to get customers and retain them; you must understand this well already.

Therefore, it’s important to understand customer acquisition and some best customer acquisition strategies that can help you get new customers.

What is Customer Acquisition?


The method by which you get new clients or customers to your business is customer acquisition. Every company is to build a sustainable and systematic customer acquisition strategy that goes with industry trends.

Despite the size of your business, this is an essential aspect of operating a business besides assisting you to turn a profit. It also works as proof of traction for your business to the outside world of investors, partners, influencers, and prospects.

Remember, customer acquisition shouldn’t be mixed with lead generation. In the business world, we usually visualize the customer journey in a funnel. As part of their course through the funnel, customers:

  1. Get awareness about your brand and interest in your offerings
  2. Add your products or services to the alternatives list they’re contemplating, and
  3. Choose to become a paying customer of your business

Lead generation lets your customers become a top part of the sales funnel. Lead acquisition is the middle part. And lead conversion is at the base. Customer acquisition, though, is the entire end-to-end process that includes all of these stages.

9 Best Customer Acquisition Strategies

Here are some best customer acquisition strategies that you can leverage to make sure that you’re always getting new customers.

1. Determine Your Target Audience


The first and primary step you have to perform is identifying the right users or possible audience for your company.

Chances are, your product is the ideal solution to a specific demographic of consumers. It’s only a matter of determining who they are and concentrating on your customer acquisition efforts, primarily, on them.

If you don’t have a clear target customer picture in mind, you may likely limit yourself from marketing your brand efficiently. Unless your product or service meets a universal requirement, you’re better off discovering a niche market for yourself.

So, how can you discover your target customers?

Carry out comprehensive market research and try to understand who and how you should market your product to earn new customers. For example, according to Invesp, SaaS companies can get paying customers twice by simply allowing a free trial without asking for their credit card info.

You can obtain this knowledge by doing your due diligence in market research. It sets the foundation without which none of your other customer acquisition strategies wouldn’t work.

2. Use the Best Acquisition Channel

Today, identifying who your ideal customers is not enough. It’s equally essential to identify the right channel to acquire potential customers.

Several different frameworks can encourage you to identify the top channel to utilize for your customer acquisition strategies. But for the most part, it requires a lot of experimenting to get the right channel.

To make things more comfortable for yourself, you should define clear goals for yourself and your campaign. Even having rough goals will help you know whether your tactics are serving or not. Once you’ve experimented with different channels, you will compare individual successes relative to each other.

If you need guidance with channel alignment or choosing the right KPIs, you should get in touch with Selling Revolution. They develop selling systems that can help you get more quality leads.

3. Do Giveaways

Usually, customers expect more than just words or promises to persuade them to pay for your products and services. Some of the more determined consumers won’t even be influenced by influencer or word-of-mouth marketing.

To win over these customers as loyal customers, you should think about doing giveaways. Giving them a chance to experience your products first hand is an excellent way to give them that additional push they require to consider you as an option seriously.

The simplest way to execute such a customer acquisition strategy is to run giveaway campaigns on social media. You have to create stunning landing pages for your giveaway.

4. Create High-Quality Content Regularly


Content marketing is simply one of the most influential and evergreen customer acquisition strategies present out there. Let’s think of it this way: it assists you to establish your thought-leadership in your industry or niche. Persuading consumers to trust your brand is half the battle, and content marketing encourages you to win that battle.

Content marketing is thrice as powerful and 62% less costly than typical outbound marketing from a lead generation perspective. Beginning a blog for your business, distributing content on social media, and publishing white papers are all excellent ways to establish yourself as a reliable expert in your industry.

Consumers are more and more apprised these days. By allowing your prospects to make educated purchase decisions, you’ll earn their trust and, in all likelihood, convert them. Building valuable, informative, insightful, and engaging content will, eventually, help drive your customer acquisition.

5. Leverage Video Content

Video marketing is on the constant rise. 81% of businesses make use of it, up from 63% from last year. 97% of marketers have discovered video helpful content to improve customer understanding of their offerings. Another 76% have found it necessary to boost web traffic and sales.

People tend to be visual learners, and videos are the most reliable ways to familiarise prospects with your brand and your products. It would help if you tried to find a perfect balance between informative and exciting videos. Leverage influencers to produce such videos, share them on social media and your website.

What’s more, you ask?

Tutorials, videos, and customer testimonials are another excellent way to go about this. Not only are they appealing, but they also present users with the information they require to make that final buying decision.

6. Focus on SEO


After you’ve built your online presence by providing insightful content, you need to work on SEO. Executing so will help increase the rankings of that very content on search engines. Thereby making your content more noticeable and discoverable by your target audience.

Developing search rankings and your brand’s visibility has a lot to do with the first step of the customer acquisition funnel. Some of the primary SEO tactics include utilizing industry-related keywords, backlinks from authority websites, etc.

Another powerful SEO tactic you can employ to gain more customers is to optimize your site for mobile devices. Nearly 50% of the internet traffic last year came from mobile devices. Giving prospects an excellent mobile experience can prove to the trick in converting customers.

7. Create Optimized Landing Pages


Another customer acquisition strategy is to optimize your landing pages is one of the most powerful ones. Landing pages help direct customers to your product or service. An efficient landing page doesn’t just allow valuable information but also incorporates a compelling call-to-action that promotes conversions.

Starting A/B testing can assist you to optimize your landing pages and improve them drastically. It goes back to understanding what your customers expect from you. You have to be able to predict their needs and then deliver on those.

You can use tools like NotifyVisitors to create and test your landing page designs. Using its easy drag-and-drop page builder, you can seamlessly build your landing page without the need to know to code. It also enables you to build sticky bars and popups that can help you turn visitors with ease.

8. Develop Website and Email Engagement

While this may be one of the eldest tactics

available on the internet, but still one of the most powerful customer acquisition strategies. It assists you to stay in front of your target audience, boost your content, discounts, and product information. It’s also the simplest way you can connect with and get new customers.

An excellent way to go about this is to share customized emails to people depending on which stage of the customer acquisition process. So, someone in the first two levels is probably a better fit for content that might start that customer engagement.

What about the others?

Ones in that have you in their consideration pool would be more involved in emails with product information. This allows them to make a more educated purchase decision. Similarly, people in the final steps can be fascinated into making that purchase with a promotional email that offers them a discount.

9. Run a Referral Program


Referral programs usually serve as the source of many customer acquisition strategies, particularly when you’re a fledgling company. You can give current users incentives like new features or discounts to incentivize them to introduce your services to others. And you can also give these new customers similar discounts to give them an additional nudge to leverage your services.

So, how can you start your referral program?

To build and run a referral program, you can use InviteReferrals. This easy-to-use tool allows you to create a referral program for your website, app, and social media platforms and help you track its progress with ease.

It gives comprehensive analytics that can help you refine your traffic based on different channels. From shares to sales, you can track it all using this tool.

Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Infographic

Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Infographic

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Wrapping it up

In this blog, we have seen some important customer acquisition strategies that you can utilize for your business and let your business flourish.

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