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How To Deliver A Better Travel Experience With Whatsapp Business?

Using Whatsapp Messages for better interaction with customers can not only add extra value to your business but also work wonders for astounding customer support. Let’s see how.

In the fast-paced world, everyone wants their demands to be fulfilled in a flicker of a second. In other words, people nowadays have adopted a go and get it attitude. If they require something, they need it faster and quicker. The marketing trends face a similar scenario. Customers want a single platform where they can share their queries and get quick responses to them.

What does all a customer want?

1. Recognition :

Customers these days want personalized services. They want to be recognized by the retailer for each product they buy. A marketer must be aware of his previous purchases and at the same time reward him for his loyalty. 

2. Transparent communication :

Traditional marketing didn’t allow any transparency in communication between a user and a marketer on a 24/7 basis. Customers want a platform that can allow them to put their queries in front of marketers at any time.

3. Stronger bond :

The relationship between a customer and a marketer must not end merely with a transaction. But it must begin from itself.

All such potentialities are shown by a concrete and famous messenger marketing app i.e. Whatsapp Business App. The popularity of this app has superseded all social media platforms. Let’s understand it better with an example.

How airlines company can engage its users over Whatsapp business through Whatsapp messages?

Whatsapp Marketing has changed the old age scenario of customer and marketer engagement. Earlier customers used to book an airline ticket and will receive it later after a few days. Now see how WhatsApp added an extra value to both parties. See it step by step :

1. The benefit of Rich Media :

Nowadays people hardly want paper tickets. But they can also get an e-ticket with a QR code through rich media. Airline companies can send it through the feasible features of Whatsapp Business. Also, the company can send maps to the users on the day of their departure so that they can locate the check-in desk.


2. Two-Way traffic :

As discussed above, Whatsapp Business allows a two-way communication deal. Users too can ask their queries, clarify their preferences by asking users back. such as inquiring about the best options for car hire Iceland Reykjavik.


A user can perform a check-in process through an app too. This will reduce the burden of visiting the company’s reception desk. A user has to answer a few questions while performing an in-app check-in. But it would definitely provide him more advantages than visiting physically. Also, a user can receive his boarding pass through a rich media message.

 3. Advantage of chat messages :

The power of WhatsApp messages cannot be underestimated. Emails and calls take much time to engage with users. Whereas chat messages are short and can be responded in minutes. Customers can leave the chat to respond to it for a later period. Also, they can clarify their queries if they have not understood them well.


4. Ensure trust and brand value :

Whatsapp business displays responsiveness at a greater rate. It not only implies quick responses from the companies. But users are supported through notifications at each step of their journey.


For example – The user’s Flight has been delayed. It becomes the responsibility of the company to notify the user about it.  Whatsapp adds an extra value on the company’s part when it notifies the user at the same time the message is announced at the airport. Such is the effectiveness of Whatsapp Business which provides reliability and develops trust between both parties equally.

5. Enable security and rich communication :

Whatsapp communications are fully encrypted and don’t involve third parties. It is the most secure platform in comparison to the other platforms and mediums. Also, the authenticity of the senders can be looked at via a green tick.



Whatsapp Business has marked its footprints in the marketing arena. It is a responsive, reliable, and secure platform that allows interaction between two parties through interactive messages.

It is undoubtedly the need of the hour where customers have their individual preferences. Also, present-day customers prefer chat messages where they hardly have time to pick up phone calls. Whatsapp Business fills its checklist completely by offering great value and satisfaction.

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.