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Best Black Friday Email Examples &Templates

15+ Best Black Friday Email Examples & Templates to Boost your Campaign [ 2024 ]

Just like every other year, this Black Friday again witnessed marketers coming up with unique and creative emails to drive user engagement and sales. Brands used email as a major medium of communication to reach out to their customers, sharing exclusive deals, discount codes, and loyalty programs to bring back old users and attract new ones. 

We have compiled some of the best Black Friday email examples & templates from leading brands and retailers. These campaigns are the epitome of innovative marketing techniques to boost sales on a budget.

From personalization and scarcity elements to dynamic content and social media integrations, these examples will help you find inspiration for your next campaign.

Why do you need amazing Black Friday email ideas?

The day after Thanksgiving is when the shopping season officially begins in the United States. For eCommerce stores and traditional retailers alike, Black Friday can be the difference between profit and loss. There is a lot of competition among retailers, but there are also a lot of customers looking for bargains and ready to buy.

The Campaign Monitor study reveals that over 100 million emails are sent out on Black Friday. Individuals who opt to receive email advertising are 183% more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.

Furthermore, open rates and clickthrough rates on abandoned cart emails rise over the Black Friday weekend. This provides better returns on your email marketing investment and more recovered revenue.

Customers are already savvy about Black Friday specials, so your Black Friday email campaigns must be of high quality and appealing.

Let’s see what inspiration we can get from some best black Friday email examples & templates.

14 Best Black Friday Email Campaign Examples

1. Everlane


Companies that value customers, like Everlane, can build strong relationships by marketing in line with those values. Everlane’s Black Friday campaign is our first choice. Instead of a regular Black Friday sale, the socially responsible fashion online store promises to donate $15 to charity for every order.

2. Pulp & Press

Pulp & Press

In order to capture time-sensitive abandoned carts, you should use the pulp and press methods.

The Pulp & Press abandoned cart email for Cyber Monday is great because it uses captivating language and pictures to entice customers to purchase a product. Furthermore, the email mentions that a 30% discount on an order over $100 is only available for a limited time, which eliminates any barriers to online shopping.

3. Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce

Keep your hot sauce recipe simple by using just four ingredients: Jalapeño peppers, vinegar, salt, and sugar. In a risky move, Bottle Rocket Hot Sauce sends out an ironic, minimalist email that consists of just a subject line and a nod toward consumerism.

On Black Friday, it is always a risk to be too weird and confusing or alienate customers. However, if the company’s existing brand messaging matches this wry humor, its loyal customers will probably like it.

4. OffCourt 


It’s not another black Friday email. Instead of touting traditional Black Friday discounts, advertises its referral program, which can earn money all year. This is a terrific way to avoid the rush of Black Friday while still raising your company’s profile for the holiday season.

5. MacPaw 


It offers a unique present for the person who has everything. MacPaw sells a suite of apps for Mac users, who are famously loyal to the Apple brand. This email appeals to the holiday spirit by suggesting that users gift the software to other Mac enthusiasts. The message also mentions other discounted apps.

6. Teachable


Make New Year’s resolutions that are straight to the point.

Teachable’s business-building course software is available year-round, but their Black Friday deal is a terrific way for customers to get a head start on the new year. The email advertises tiered discounts on everything they sell if you purchase an annual plan, as well as brief descriptions of each tier.

7. Fitbit


Fitbit has created an email that includes all of the best Black Friday marketing tactics in a minimalist design. Look through all of the Black Friday offers:

Having more than one CTA or promotion on Black Friday emails is fine. Keep the design and content simple, and let your products and deals do the talking.

8. Catalina Crunch


Catalina Crunch’s simple early bird campaign is one of our favorites. By setting up multiple touchpoints for their Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaigns through a single email invitation to sign up for text messages, the company builds up multiple touchpoints across all channels. This can increase conversions across all channels.

9. June Oven


The clever and clear subject line, “Do you notice that June is preparing a 15% discount for Black Friday?” is accompanied by great imagery. Customers can see the product being wrapped as a present for them in the email. June Oven advertises the bundle discount and displays the accessories included so that users can envision themselves purchasing and using the product.

10. Tinker


The email contains sparse copy and a shadowy image to build anticipation for the Black Friday product launch. The limited edition nature of the product makes it even more exciting. The urgency continues to build as Tinker Watches prepares to release a new product.

11. Wildist


Customers get a mini landing page in Wildist’s Black Friday email. The subject line and headline notify customers that the sale is time-limited. It provides clear information on the limited-time offers, as well as some dramatic endorsements before a final alert that the sale will end soon.

12. Bose


Bose adds a fun interactive element to their Black Friday email in addition to a scratch-and-win discount feature. The Zeigarnik effect takes advantage of this tendency. It refers to people’s natural inclination to finish a series of tasks once they take the first step. Customers are more likely to redeem their discount if they scratch off the code. Bose also provides some early specials to create more urgency.

13. Hush Puppies 


It’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents, and Hush Puppies has some great suggestions. Hush Puppies provides a gift guide to highlight their bestselling items. Customers can discover items based on who they are buying for and the recipient’s style preferences. There is also a discount code as an additional incentive.

14. Casper


Sleeping on Casper’s beds is easy to imagine from the subject line, “Snooze through the sales…” to the email copy mentioning shopping from bed. An alarm phone mockup reminds customers about sales they might have missed last year, then assures them that Casper’s sale lasts through Monday.

Here are some Black Friday email campaign examples to help you get inspired. 

5 Best Black Friday Email Templates

1. Black Friday Teaser Email – Google

Black Friday Teaser Email – Google

According to a survey, about 49% of shoppers took advantage of early holiday sales before Thanksgiving. Creating a fierce longing for your Black Friday deals can significantly maximize your results when your sale goes live. And you can do that efficiently using a neatly written Black Friday teaser email.

The subject line is attractive enough to open the email, while the visually almost-perfect, homogeneous design captures your continued attention.

This Black Friday teaser email utilizes the psychological concept of loss aversion by tightening the reader’s attention to the money they’d be saving by making promotion-specific purchases during the sale.

The email also very smartly asks the readers to add the Black Friday sale event to their calendars, so they are automatically reminded.

2. Black Friday Sale Email – Postable


Your BFCM emails are a way for you to announce your best deals to your customers and prospects. Your only hope is to grab their attention and turn it into a transaction before anyone else. Postable allows users to personalize and create highly customized wishing cards for every possible occasion. 

You only require a simple design to convey your message when you have a fantastic offer and a loyal audience. They have highlighted an offer of 25% off on Black Friday, and their email templates emphasize the same. 

While they have kept their messages simple and concise, the part about their template is their unique call to action, ‘To the Cards,’ which is refreshingly creative.

3. Black Friday Newsletter – Canva

Black Friday Newsletter – Canva

Since you have been regularly sending newsletters, adding some suspense and building anticipation for your upcoming Black Friday sale, you can also do that with Black Friday special deals during the BFCM weekend to attract more subscribers’ attention to your ongoing sale.

Canva has done it right; its newsletters are fantastic. Moreover, the subject line is simple and communicative. It briefly discusses the upcoming Black Friday event and highlights your business needs by designing your promotional templates in advance.

When you scroll it more, Canva makes its compelling “pay for 1, get 4” offer that is difficult to say no to. Attractive email design keeps Canva’s branding on point while subtly soft-selling its monthly subscription package. 

4. Black Friday Promotional Email – DesignModo

Black Friday Promotional Email – DesignModo

DesignModo did a wonderful job communicating their Black Friday special offers in their email design. The leading creative is eye-catching and is possibly kept to showcase their dominance in all things design. The messaging might not be the same as the Black Friday copy ideas swipe file of all time, but it is concise and to the point where it conveys the deal in as few words as possible.

The attractive design enhances the perfect choice of colors and typography.

Moreover, it also makes it a point to briefly present its different product verticals, such as Startup, Postcards, and Slides, to readers in layman’s speak, with the CTA (call to action) conveniently placed next to each one of them.

5. Black Friday Email Offering Free Stuff – KitchenAid

Black Friday Email Offering Free Stuff – KitchenAid

KitchenAid’s Black Friday promotional email sets a great example and is impressive enough to get some ideas from it.

It kept a simple yet clear subject line with a high-quality creative of your top product followed by a creative that tells the reader what to do. KitchenAid does this with aplomb.

It also makes a persuasive subscription offer where subscribers get access to Free installations, delivery, and haul away. Their financing options and a 15-day return policy for major appliances make this offer even more tempting.

The design is kept deliberately clean through good color selections and smart use of whitespace, while the choice of font and font size makes the messaging hard to ignore.

Tips to Follow While Sending Black Friday emails.

1. It’s better to be clear than clever or cute if you want to write great Black Friday emails. Inboxes are stuffed, so don’t confuse people with inside jokes or references that take even a single moment to comprehend.

2. The subject lines and preview text in your Black Friday sales email are critical to driving opens, so spend extra time perfecting them and consider A/B testing to improve performance.

3. It’s also important not to be too vague or mysterious with your marketing messages. Teasing leading up to BFCM may be acceptable, but emails sent on Black Friday should clearly state your products and discounts.

4. It is a good idea to use urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) in your marketing because Black Friday is a specific date. 

5. Make sure that your message is accurate and credible. Don’t claim that these are the best bargains of the year if you’re going to offer heavier discounts in a few weeks after the holidays.

6. Use an animated countdown timer on your Black Friday page to emphasize how little time is left to take advantage of your offers.


Every year at this time, we’re bombarded with emails from all sorts of marketing campaigns promising us the best deals and discounts of the year. However, that doesn’t make the emails any less effective, especially when you start to notice how effective these campaigns can be for businesses.

That said, these days, it is exceedingly difficult for customers to differentiate between a good deal and a bad one.

So, to make it easier for your potential customers to find the best deals in your offer, and thus increase your chances of converting them into customers, you can use above mentioned best Black Friday email examples & templates to help you drive more traffic, increase sales, and successfully boost your brand awareness.

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