Release Notes – November 2023 Part 2

In this edition of our Release Notes, we are thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated feature – Coupon Codes. This latest update empowers users to seamlessly generate, distribute, and oversee personalized discounts through diverse channels like email or SMS. This functionality caters to the needs of both small or large scale business proprietors aiming to optimize their marketing strategies, as well as Shopify merchants aspiring to enhance customer interaction. 

The incorporation of dynamic coupon codes represents a robust tool that can significantly elevate your marketing initiatives. Harness the potential of Coupon Codes to tailor promotions to your audience, fostering a more impactful and tailored approach to discount management.

Creating coupon code

To generate coupon codes, navigate to the brand assets section and choose the “Coupons” option. Click on “Create Coupon,” where you’ll be presented with two convenient options: either craft one directly through Shopify or manually upload coupons.

Coupon Code

Creating Shopify coupons:

For Shopify store operators, we’ve streamlined the coupon creation process to enhance user convenience. Simply click on “Create Shopify Coupon” and input the necessary details, as illustrated in the accompanying image, to generate a coupon list.

Coupon Code

Once your coupon list is set up, effortlessly add coupon codes by specifying the desired quantity and redemption criteria. For instance, if you need 100 coupons, our system seamlessly handles the intricacies, automatically producing 100 distinct coupons tailored to meet the specific requirements of your Shopify store.

For a detailed, step-by-step guide on this process, refer to our comprehensive manual titled “How to Create Unique Coupon Codes for Shopify.” This resource provides an in-depth walkthrough, ensuring you can navigate the coupon creation process with ease and maximize the benefits for your Shopify business.

Upload coupons:

For those without a Shopify store, we provide an equally effective manual upload method. Opt for the manual upload by selecting “Upload Coupon” and input the required details, as demonstrated in the image below, to initiate the creation of a coupon list.

Coupon Code

To add coupons codes to this list, navigate to brand assets > coupons. Click on the three dotted ellipsis icon adjacent to your created list and select “Add Codes.”

Coupon Code

Within this interface, you can upload a CSV file containing coupon codes of your choice. Ensure the CSV file has a header labeled “Coupon” or “Coupon Codes.” Utilize any online coupon code generator to create the desired codes.

Coupon Code

For a comprehensive understanding of this process, refer to our detailed guide titled “How to Manually Upload Coupons in NotifyVisitors.” 

Sending Coupons via email and sms campaigns

To deliver exclusive coupons to your audience, seamlessly integrate a dynamic variable into your SMS and email broadcast campaigns or journeys. This dynamic variable serves as a placeholder for the coupon code. 

Coupon Code

During the campaign distribution, our system automates the process, substituting this dynamic variable with a distinct code tailored to each individual customer. This ensures that every recipient receives a personalized coupon code, enhancing the individualized nature of your promotional efforts.

For a thorough comprehension of the implementation process, we encourage you to delve into our comprehensive guide titled “Sending Coupons via Email and SMS.” This resource provides detailed insights and step-by-step instructions, empowering you to efficiently incorporate dynamic variables and elevate the effectiveness of your coupon distribution strategy.


This latest enhancement empowers you to effortlessly dispatch coupon codes to your customers, offering a versatile tool for diverse scenarios. Whether it’s delivering exclusive discounts to email subscribers, expressing gratitude to VIP customers, or providing coupons for shipping delays or lost packages, the utility of coupon codes is versatile. 

Alternatively, you can also send coupon codes via automated journeys such as welcome series, cart abandonment, winback campaigns, and more, providing limitless opportunities to enhance customer engagement.

This feature is a game-changer for e-commerce sellers, promising a boost in sales. Currently available with manual upload and Shopify integration, we’re actively developing options for other CMS platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and more. Stay informed about our latest releases by allowing notifications on your screen.
For any inquiries, our support team is ready to assist you at Explore the potential of coupon codes to elevate your business and enhance customer engagement.

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