Release Notes – February 2024 (2nd Edition)

Introducing our latest release notes! Get ready for an exhilarating experience as we unveil four game-changing features that will elevate your NotifyVisitors journey. These include:

These updates promise to redefine engagement and conversion strategies. Dive into the innovation and possibilities, where every enhancement is designed to empower you and your campaigns. Join us on this exploration and discover the future of customer engagement with NotifyVisitors!

1. Send AMP email

We’re excited to announce that NotifyVisitors now offers the option to create AMP-based emails directly in your campaigns. While we’ve had some AMP functions available previously, they were limited to our drag-and-drop editor. Now, you can take full advantage of AMP’s capabilities to create dynamic and engaging email content.

If you’re unfamiliar with AMP HTML email, it’s a powerful format that supports interactive elements like forms, carousels, and accordions, allowing recipients to engage with your email content without leaving their inbox.

To get started with AMP email, simply create a new email campaign, fill in the recipient details, and navigate to the content page. Here, you’ll find the “AMP HTML” option. 

Send AMP email

Click on it, and within the “AMP HTML Code Editor” tab, you can craft your AMP email content or paste the already created one.

Send AMP email

While AMP emails offer a dynamic and engaging experience, it’s important to note that they may not display properly on all devices or email clients. To ensure consistent delivery, it’s mandatory to include a fallback HTML email. To do this, simply select the “HTML Code Editor” tab and create your HTML email. This ensures that even if the recipient’s email client doesn’t support AMP, they’ll still receive your message.

To preview your AMP and HTML emails, click on the “Preview Template” tab.

Send AMP email

You can also utilize other features like tokens, test email, unsubscribe links, and more, just as you would with normal HTML emails.

Once you’ve created your AMP email and included the necessary fallback, save your changes and navigate back to the content page. You can also have a preview on this page as well.

Please keep in mind that AMP emails can only be sent through specific service providers: Sendgrid, Netcore, Infobip, and NotifyVisitors. Additionally, ensure that your sender domain and email ID are verified in your NotifyVisitors panel to successfully send AMP emails.

We’re excited to see how AMP emails enhance your email campaigns and drive engagement with your audience!

2. System event added for signup form submission

We’ve also introduced an event for sign-up submissions called “Form Submission”. By default, this event will be enabled for new NotifyVisitors accounts. However, for our existing users, you’ll need to manually enable this event.

To do so, simply navigate to the settings section, then select “Events.” From there, choose the “System Events” tab and use the filter event dropdown to select “Form.” Once you’ve located the “Form Submission” event, toggle the status to enable it.

System event added for signup form submission

With this event enabled, every time a user submits a form, it will trigger the “Form Submission” event. You can leverage this event to create segments or automated journeys within NotifyVisitors. For instance, you could set up a journey to automatically send a thank-you email upon sign-up, triggered by this event.

3. Added more pre-built signup form templates

This month, we’re excited to announce the addition of more prebuilt templates for signup forms, catering to both slider and sticky bar formats. With these new templates, we’ve expanded your options for creating engaging signup forms.

All of these templates are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring they look great and function smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices. Plus, they’re entirely customizable using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

To access these templates, simply navigate to the Onsite Campaign section of your dashboard. From there, select the signup form option and navigate to the signup form tab. Click on “Create Signup Form” to begin. 

Added more pre-built signup form templates

Choose your preferred form type, then select the template that best suits your needs. From here, you can easily customize the template to match your brand by adjusting text, colors, backgrounds, images, and more.

Added more pre-built signup form templates

We believe these new templates will provide you with even more flexibility and creativity in designing signup forms that effectively capture your audience’s attention and drive conversions.

4. More accurate conversion calculation for website popups

We’ve upgraded how we calculate conversions for website popups, moving from URL-based tracking to event-based tracking that are configured in the revenue map. This change allows for more accurate measurement and reporting of conversions and associated revenue.

Now, when any of the defined events in your revenue mapping are triggered via website popups, it’s considered a conversion, indicating revenue generated.

To access these statistics, simply navigate to the Onsite Campaigns section and click on Website Pop-up. In the overview section, you’ll find total transactions and total revenue displayed, which are now calculated as per event performed.

More accurate conversion calculation for website popups

For more detailed insights, scroll down to view data specific to individual campaigns in a tabular format. Here, you can see metrics such as total impressions, clicks, orders, and more.

More accurate conversion calculation for website popups

Additionally, you have the option to export this data or schedule reports. Both exports and scheduled reports will include conversions calculated via revenue events, ensuring you have comprehensive and accurate data at your fingertips.

This shift to calculating conversions based on revenue events provides a more precise understanding of your campaign performance compared to the previous method based on URL hits.


In summary, this release introduces four important features to elevate your NotifyVisitors experience. From AMP email integration to enhanced conversion tracking for website popups, these updates promise to redefine engagement and conversion strategies.

To stay informed about our latest releases and access these features immediately, click the “Allow” button at the top of your screen for push notifications. For inquiries, suggestions, or a demo, reach out to us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist, ensuring you maximize the benefits of these exciting enhancements.

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