NPS Resolution In NotifyVisitors

NPS resolution

NPS surveys are of great relevance to not only just measure the customers’ satisfaction but pacifying their grievances too. Customer satisfaction involves solving their pain points and asking them why did they give a specific rating. NPS resolution is inevitable to push your promoters to promote the brand, fetch the attention of the passives with … Read more

Distribute Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Engaging your subscribers with automated and triggered email campaigns has become a common technique to attain conversions. NotifyVisitors has announced a new feature of distributing email campaigns amongst a certain percentage of your subscriber base while scheduling a campaign. Determine your customer base and define the percentage of subscribers who would be receiving the campaigns … Read more

Distribute SMS Campaigns.

SMS campaigns

Marketing automation has made it quite easier for you to automate SMS campaigns. Now, you can distribute your campaigns amongst your subscribers’ base and further schedule them for a specific period of time frame. The new feature of “distributing SMS campaigns ” in NotifyVisitors lets you divide your customer base in a specific percentage value. … Read more

NotifyVisitors Integration In Lead Form

NotifyVisitors Integration

Lead forms are relevant for gathering the information of the potential customers such as their contact details, email addresses to further engage them with the necessary content. They are considered as the first and most important step towards creating a strong customer base. Now you can track the data of the users who have filled the … Read more

Configure Recurring SMS Campaigns

Recurring sms campaigns

Automating SMS campaigns is the automatic sending of text messages to your users with no intervention. That means you can save up your time by pre-scheduling the messages to be sent in the future. NotifyVisitors has announced its new feature to create and schedule recurring SMS campaigns. It provides you great ease and flexibility to … Read more

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Configure Recurring Email Campaigns

recurring email campaigns

Email campaigns are the most interactive and convenient tool to reach out to customers in their inboxes. They work wonders while engaging the subscribers and turning them into loyal customers. But sending these campaigns manually is one tough task. Therefore, comes the feature of recurring email campaigns to remind subscribers of their monthly or weekly subscriptions. … Read more

NPS Sentiment Analysis

NPS Sentiment Analysis

NPS surveys are the core part of a marketing strategy to improve the customers’ experience. But analyzing the sentiments of the customers becomes difficult as one cannot manually analyze the surveys. Now, you can analyze the sentiments of the customers with the NPS sentiment analysis feature in NotifyVisitors. You can view the sentiment analytics in … Read more

Deduplicate Users In NotifyVisitors

deduplicate users

During registers or sign-ups, sometimes it happens that any no. of users register with the same email addresses or contact details. This creates confusion in recognizing a users’ identity and also muddles up the process of sending email/SMS campaigns to these duplicate users. In order to avoid duplicacy, NotifyVisitors has added a new feature of … Read more

Unsubscribe users in NotifyVisitors

unsubscribe users

Marketing automation software has made it quite easy for you to send automated and triggered messages to customers across different channels. But many times, your subscribers do not want to receive irrelevant campaigns. In such scenarios, many customers feel the urge to unsubscribe to your SMS, EMAIL, OR WHATSAPP CAMPAIGNS.NotifyVisitors has introduced an easy feature … Read more

Block Users in NotifyVisitors

Block Users in NotifyVisitors

Customer engagement is an important part for enhancing your brand value and so is engaging the right customer at the right time. But Many times users do not want to receive any communication and notifications of your services. Now you can block such users with the configuration of the “BLOCKED USERS” feature. Blocking a user … Read more