Export Users in NotifyVisitors

export users

Managing your users and analyzing them is a hard task, but NotifyVisitors makes it easy for you with a simple process of exporting users. You can now analyze users internally and move them to CRM for further processing. With the new EXPORT feature, you can receive all the data on your email id by simply … Read more

Configure TWA In NotifyVisitors


Upgrade your PWA app and list it on the Google play store with all the feasible features of monetizing your app and publishing the app. NotifyVisitors has announced a new feature of configuring the TWA app by first meeting some of the handy requirements from your side. You can create and configure the TWA app … Read more

Country Code In Web Surveys

Web surveys

Enhancing users’ experience is an important part of maximizing your brand value and there is no tool better than a web survey to ask for useful insights into users’ experience about your products and services. Now you can run your surveys worldwide with the new feature of “Configuring country code in web surveys”. You can … Read more

Configure Precomputed Segments

Configure Precomputed Segments

Segments can compartmentalize different users as per their interests, behaviors, and actions your users perform. What if these segments can automatically be updated without any manual work? It will definitely ease up your work and you can focus more on achieving productive goals. NotifyVisitors recently introduced the feature of “Precomputed Segments” to update segments automatically … Read more

Revenue Mapping Of A Journey

Revenue Mapping Of A Journey

A user journey enables you to resolve the pain points of the users and allows you to engage them across different channels as per the different triggers, actions, and conditions. But unless and until you are not aware of where your business is going, you cannot plan further or create strategies to satisfy customers. Revenue mapping is … Read more

Sequence Journey

sequence journey

A user journey is defined by the different pathways a user takes to complete the goal conversion. Sequence journey simplifies the process of engaging users with different communication series relevant to the actions performed by them. This updated feature of user journey enables you to create a user journey in a simpler and effective way. … Read more

Do Not Store Data In Lead Forms

lead form

Lead forms are prerequisite marketing tools to collect the necessary information of the visitors on your website. The information of the leads is quite important to engage them with the relevant content and offers. Would not it be easy for you to track the information on your server in real-time rather than it being stored … Read more

Disable Multiple Lead Forms

lead form

Lead forms are an integral part for any business to capture the attention of the visitors and turn them into loyal customers. Educating and making your visitors or leads is a prominent part to lead. But often, a lot of lead forms on your website can turn off the attention of the visitors. In order … Read more

AutoClose Feature In NPS Surveys

auto-close feature

NotifyVisitors has announced a new feature of automatically closing NPS surveys. The surveys play a great role in measuring the customers’ satisfaction and once the customers submit the surveys, you can enable the auto-close feature by configuring the time for closing the SURVEY. The automatic closing of the screen saves users’ time in manually closing … Read more

Conversion Deadline For Revenue Mapping

revenue mapping

NotifyVisitors new feature for defining a conversion deadline for mapping revenues is out now. You can set a specific time frame till when the revenues will be mapped on a specific event. With the help of the conversion deadline feature, you can specify a deadline for mapping revenue on any event after which the revenue … Read more