Cart Abandonment Journey

Cart Abandonment Journey

Cart abandonment has become a huge problem for eCommerce companies. Since customers add products and then forget to complete their purchase, it becomes imperative to remind them from time to time so that they can complete the process.  Therefore, to help them out, NotifyVisitors has introduced a Cart abandonment journey, which is a pre-defined journey … Read more

Shopify: Sync And Collect Email Subscribers In A Newsletter Segment

In this competitive era, it has become important to send targeted campaigns to your audience. When it comes to targeted campaigns the first crucial step is to welcome new users who have subscribed to your newsletter. Therefore, NotifyVisitors has added a feature where you can collect and add subscribers to the newsletter segment that further … Read more

Date filter for campaigns in the segment section

Date filter for campaigns in the segment section

Segmentation is a great way to target your audience precisely. To make it more seamless for our users, NotifyVisitors have upgraded segmentation where users can filter campaigns date-wise. For instance, if you want to check campaigns for a particular day, all you need to do is to change the date using the dropdown and you … Read more

Webhook Analytics

webhook analytics

A webhook is an HTTP request, which is usually triggered when the users hit any event. Webhooks are sent to a destination system with a payload of data. They are a way through which the apps can send automated messages or information to the other apps. NotifyVisitors enables you to set up webhooks so that … Read more

PWA Targeting Rule


Targeting rules are necessary to determine the conditions as to whom and when should the notifications or campaigns be shown to the subscribers or audience. Recently, NotifyVisitors have added new features of adding PWA targeting rule while creating banners, surveys, lead forms, and push notifications. The rule implies that you can choose to show the … Read more

Conversation View In Email Analytics

account logs

NotifyVisitors has recently announced a new feature of viewing the email conversations of the users. You can view the conversations list in the EMAIL CONVERSATIONS category. Also, you can have an overview of the users’ replies to the campaigns and the number of replies they have given.  The feature also lets you analyze the unique … Read more

Account Logs In NotifyVisitors

Account logs

Account logs in NotifyVisitors allow you to view the activities done by the agents in the account. You can view the changes done for any specific channel such as Push, AB testing, banner, surveys, SMS, lead forms, etc. Also, you can choose to select any specific campaign and view the activities done on that specific … Read more

Schedule AB test and Personalization

ab test and personalized report

Reports and Analytics play a major role in determining the conversions and revenues for your business. Now, you can schedule a report for all the campaigns including the ab test and personalized campaigns report. NotifyVisitors has now announced a new feature of scheduling the ab test and personalization reports directly to your inbox. You can … Read more

Unsubscription Email Template

Unsubscribe email template

Unsubscription affects a brand in many ways but you can certainly deal with it in an easy manner. NotifyVisitors have announced a new feature of the UNSUBSCRIPTION email template. You can customize the content while displaying the confirmation and thank you screen to the subscribers. Also, gather valuable insights by configuring a survey in THANKYOU … Read more