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Why Should Marketers Use Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications is getting more exposure in the industry. It is a great topic to explore as per several industry reports and surveys. Did you know that 20% of the companies make use of Mobile Push Notifications?

Mobile Push Notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can ping anytime. The user does not have to be using the application or using their devices to receive them. Users just need to have the app installed on their mobile device.

Mobile Push Notifications can be a simple text message or a rich notification with an attractive image. Publishers can send mobile alerts, promotional messages relating to the app. Platforms like iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, BlackBerry provide support for push notifications.

1) Real-Time Updates

real time updates

Well, it is hard to believe that messages that are sent by the marketers get received by the users in a fraction of seconds. Mobile Push Notifications majorly draws immediate attention and acts quick and fast compared to e-mail.

2) Easy to re-engage with users

re engage with users

Mobile Push Notifications makes it quite easy to re-engage with the users even without the need of personal information.

The comfort level of the user increases as they do not have to share their personal information, unlike email which requires some sort of personal information at the time the user logs in.

This keeps the re-engaging frequency higher and the expecting ratio of a user coming back is higher.

3) Fast Optimization

One should try to be more creative to use Mobile Push Notifications by optimizing in the right way. Note that the number of variables should be in limit.

Use a caption in the title with a short 140 characters message and an attractive image to pass your message, breaking the boring feel of getting an e-mail. You can optimize your content, the time to send it and the frequency as well.

Deepak Gupta