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What is PWA? A Handy Tool For a Successful Digital Business

PWA has recently overpowered the native apps. In this blog, we will learn about What is PWA and the intricate details about PWA.

PWA uses modern web skills to provide an app-like experience to the users. They work for every user regardless of the browser they chose. They run-in app windows without any address bar.

Progressive web apps can be installed on the desktop just like native apps. They are safe and secure to browse. Users can install PWA on a desktop through the following platforms : 

  • Chrome OS
  • Windows Linux and MAC also enable support to desktop PWA.

Why Do You Need to Build Progressive Web Apps?

1. App evolution

Progressive web apps have evolved much due to the extensive use of mobile. Although the use of desktop is still on the brink of growth as compared to mobile devices. Therefore it becomes necessary to take care of the other part too.


2. Launch like other apps

You can launch the app from the same place as other apps. They run in their own app window without any address bar


3. Fast and reliable

PWAs are fast and reliable. As service workers can cache all the assets, required to run them.


4. Automated App Updates

Unlike the other apps, Updates of these apps happens in the background. Users are not required to spin their heads over it.


Factors to Consider While Building The Apps?

1. App windows make the task easy

App windows do not have any address bars. It allows a feasible window organization as there are no bars present except your app. Thus, multitasking with multiple windows becomes much easier. 

2. Use responsive design

You can explore possibilities with the app window on the desktop. A successful progressive web app works when you use an apt responsive design. You can create the breakpoints for the wider or smaller screen. Consider it from a user’s point of view and how it will appear on other devices.


How to Install The Apps Into Desktop?

The installation process is quite easy just like other progressive apps. Let’s have a look at the following steps :

  1. Scroll through the website that you want to install PWA into the desktop.
  2. Look into the browser menu. Here you can see the install + website’s name.
  3. Click on it. A banner will appear at the top of the browser. Here you can click on the install button.
  4. While the new window opens, a start page will be loaded. Set this start page for PWA.
  5. Now the website is ready to work as an application from a desktop. That too with the features of PWA.

Prompt the users to install the app 

  • According to chrome’s criteria to install PWA, chrome will launch ‘Before install prompt’ to trigger the user to install the app.
  • Go to the event handler and save the event. Update the user interface so that the user can get a notification to add the app on their home screen.

I hope you got to know about what is PWA and it’s beneficial uses in boosting your online business. The apps work faster as compared to responsive web stores. It works offline as well. Overall, it works great for getting higher conversions.    

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Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.