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Online Survey Tools

4 Best Online Survey Tools: Types and Key Features

Are you searching for an online survey tool that allows you to gather relevant feedback from the customers in minutes by creating, running, and interpreting surveys? With enriching and revolutionary technology, creating surveys have now been a cakewalk for marketers.

But you shall always determine the right software tool so that you could automate the petty tasks and focus on the tedious ones.

Read this blog to know about online survey tools, their different types, and their key features.

What are online Survey Tools?

On the one hand, there were lots of costs and tiresome work involved in creating surveys and doing market research on it. Today’s technology has vanished away from the worries and marketing costs involved in paper and printing. 


Now the online survey tools own the capabilities to automatically do all the manual tasks, leaving no stone unturned. 

Let’s see the features of online survey tools :

  • The survey tools are the software solutions that allow you to create, run, and interpret different types of surveys. You can either send survey links via email, on social media, or embed them on your websites.
  • The survey tools work on a SAAS model. It makes it more convenient for all the user types.
  • Some service providers offer services for free, other charges, and have some amazing paid plans.

What are the Common Types of Online Survey Tools?

Survey types depend upon the business type. Whether you own an e-commerce business or a digital marketing business, it depends on your business’s nature.

Below are some of the survey types :

1. Cart Abandonment Surveys

Cart abandonment surveys:

Ecommerce sites most commonly use these types of surveys. They play an important role in asking the users why they leave the site without performing any action. In case they have added the product to the cart but did not buy the product. You can ask them what you shall improve in your product or the customers’ specific needs & requirements. Cart abandonment surveys can help you raise the dipping rates in your Key performance indicators, i.e., the cart abandonment rates

2. Product Feedback Surveys

Product feedback surveys

Customer feedbacks make you more confident about the services you are offering and lead to renewal in your policies and products. You can test the expectations of the customers about your product line through these survey types. You can also implement feedback surveys for your finished products to watch out if the resellers are selling optimal solutions for the customers.

3. Market Research Surveys 

These survey types prove grateful for the marketing departments, as they are the ones who are responsible for creating powerful strategies for your company. Implement these survey types to determine what features you must make to satisfy the customers.

4. Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback surveys

The following survey type is useful for your customer service team to know what glitches customers face and what you must change to provide satisfactory services to the customers. The customer service team lays the company’s foundation and if you do not give better services to the customers, your company image can affect or tarnish.

What Are The Key Features of Online Survey Tools?

The key features of online survey tools can vary upon the type of surveys you incur or require for your business. But certain features are omnipresent in survey software.

Below are some of the examples of the same :

1. Display Options

Display options

You can display a survey on your website, via email, or on a social media page that your company can host.

2. Add Logic

Add logic

You can use branch logic methods to simplify the process of customer feedback. The skip logic method lets the user choose an option, and accordingly, you can ask the users further questions. For example – You can ask the users: What product did they purchase on your website? If they answer YES, you can further ask how their experience was. If they answer “NO,” you can skip the step.

3. Segmentation

Segmentation is quite an essential & vital feature so that you can target only a particular set of audiences. For example – You can show a survey to a segment with a specific lifestyle or specific choices, as you can procure better results from that segment regarding your product.

Other features a Survey Tool Must Have

You shall opt for a survey tool that allows you to create different questions and a useful survey for your respondent :

1. Ideal Template Design

The survey tools allow you to choose an appealing design or template for your survey. You can customize the survey as per your convenience, select different types of questions and topics. At the same time, create your question types as well.

2. Give a Flexible Look

As we said above, you can customize your survey by updating colors, font sizes, and other features. It will give you more respondents. If the design is dull and uninteresting, respondents won’t even look at it.

3. Randomize The Options

If you line up one question after the other, it will affect the respondents’ responses. This feature will allow you to remove the bias and present random questions to the users not to feel bias when they respond to the questions.

4. Analyze The Data

Analyze The Data

You can have survey analytics by looking at the graphical view of the users’ responses and impressions. View how the respondents have answered the questions, what their responses mean. The best part of the online survey tool is you can analyze everything in one integrated place instead of looking at the individual survey results.

5. Auto Saving Option

The auto-save option helps you pull back from the same place where you left if you have faced any problem of a computer crash or freezing. It will save things as you create.

6. Change Format of Questions

In case you want to change the layout of the questions if you are not satisfied with the earlier ones. For example, you have chosen an open-ended question format in a survey but want to change to multiple-choice questions later on. The survey tool will help you morph the questions.

What Are Some of The Best Online Survey Tools?

1. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors Online Survey Tool
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NotifyVisitors allows you to take onsite feedback surveys based on customer behavior. You can increase your subscribers with tailor-made designer subscription forms.

Features of NV surveys

Features of NV surveys
  • You can choose multiple ready-made survey samples and increase your subscribers with the lead generation forms.
  • Use advanced skip logic to get more responses from the users.
  • You can create versions of your web surveys and divide them into an equal ratio of users to see which variation performs better.

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2. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback

The next on our list of top online survey tools is Zonka Feedback. It has an intuitive interface that simplifies the creation and distribution of surveys. With this survey tool, you can embed surveys on your website, in your mobile app, send them in emails, and more.

Along with link surveys and embedded surveys, it lets you create feedback widgets like popups, bottom bars, feedback buttons, slide-ups, and more to capture customer feedback.

3. Survey monkey

Survey monkey

It is yet another famous name in the field of online survey tools. The system of survey monkeys is quite convenient and easy to use. You can embed surveys easily as well. You can get the free version of the tool with features – light theme, customization, and ready-made templates.

4. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google forms are yet another remarkable feature of google forms. See some of its unique features: You can create unlimited surveys with lots of themes and options. You can add images, videos, and collaborators. The incredible thing about Google Forms is they are 100 percent free of cost.

These were some of the powerful online survey software or tools which allow you to create and customize surveys to attain relevant feedback.


1. What is the benefit of using online survey tools?

Online survey tools help you gather feedback from your target audience quickly. They are also cheaper, more precise, quick to analyze, easy to use, flexible, and generate honest responses. 

2. What are online survey tools usually used for?

Brands and businesses often use online survey tools for conducting cart abandonment surveys, product feedback surveys, market research surveys, and customer feedback surveys. 

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