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How Does AMP Pages Impact SEO?

amp effect seo

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is an open-source project designed to create mobile-optimized content. Google shows a carousel of stories available from AMP-enabled websites in top of search result, as well as increase speed and reduces loading time on mobile devices. To Know more about AMP, you should read our blog on Introduction to AMP. Here are following points about an amp for a quick idea. AMP :

  1. Is an Open source initiative to improve the mobile user experience.
  2. Is a strip-down version of HTML enabling pages to load super-fast in mobile devices.
  3. Is cached on Google’s own cache to speed up load time.
  4. Loads content before images and advertisements.

In this blog, we will see how Google AMP pages impact SEO and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) performance and why you should choose AMP?

Benefits of AMP Pages in SEO

1. Faster loading page for mobile users

An average time for a mobile user to wait for a web page to open is about 6 seconds and after that user leaves. that’s why low loading time is a major factor in your SERP (Search Engine Result Performance). AMP gives your web pages a lightning speed to load on users mobile devices. Faster the speed, higher the rank and the more chances that users will get to see content in less time.

low load time

2. AMP Reduces bounce rate

Apart from improving SERP, fast loading speed will also reduce bounce Rate. Considering the benefits of SEO Migration services, implementing them alongside AMP can further enhance the reduction in bounce rate. Bounce rate is a method by which it is calculated how many users leave your site in less time that means your page not giving information to the user’s what they promised to give. As page load fast, The user’s get content quickly to see and read and they stay for some time which improves your Bouncing rate.

amp improve bounce rate

3. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Responsiveness and Mobile-friendliness are the factors that Google uses to determine your organic search performance. AMP create mobile friendly and responsive pages for all mobile devices. Use Google tools to test whether your web pages are mobile-friendly. Google will give you suggestions to fix the issue if found any.

Responsiveness and Mobile-friendliness

4. AMP Carousel with text

Google shows AMP pages in Google News carousel – which is given more priority than other search results. And this is the biggest reason AMP content will get SEO boost. So to get on top of search engines, you should create AMP web pages.

amp carousel


Before adopting to AMP, you should ask yourself a number of questions like what is my business sector? Who are my visitors and from which devices they are coming and what is my website speed to load on mobile devices? if your site is loading fast, so there is no need to go for the amp because it will take time and resources to implement. If your most of the users are coming through a desktop site, then no need for AMP because the amp will not give benefits in desktop site. Unless you’re a large-scale publisher site, there’s little reason to adopt AMPs right now.

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