8 Advantages of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages | Infographic

(AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages developed by Google with only one major target in mind, because mobile users are growing day by day, AMP is quick loading mobile sites. Google AMP pages are developed in a new HTML language to consume page loading speed and reliability, AMP web pages are 85% faster than non-accelerated mobile pages.

The principle advantages of a site or web pages changing to Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are faster loading pages for mobile users, reduce load time, low bounce rate, adjustment on any browser, mobile friendly and enhanced SEO.

Why many website owners looking amp development company to upgrade their website into amp sites. Look at this info-graphic how your site can benefit from Google AMP pages.




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Watch The AMP Demo : Accelerated Mobile Pages Demo


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about 1 week ago

This is a beautiful thing to know about Google AMP for WordPress blogs and websites and here's why. The SEO benefit is something all content marketers want. Second, it helps speed up page loading time. What marketer doesn't want that?


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