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60+ Effective Google Ads Statistics you Should Know in 2024

The online market is very competitive, and getting organic traffic is not easy. As per a recent report by Ahrefs, 90% of web pages get zero organic traffic. But, with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising via Google AdWords, you can reach your audience, rank in search engines, display your product to the world, and gain profit. Sounds unrealistic? It is not. 

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising tool. It helps businesses to display ads on search engines and other partner platforms to reach desired audiences. Even if your website is not ranking on the first page in Google, with the help of Google Ads, you can make it rank number one. Still, seems unrealistic to you. Then keep on reading to know 60+ effective Google Ads statistics.

How Important is Google?

First, let us look at how important Google is for you and your business. Google never shares search volume data. However, as per the experts, these are some vital stats that confirm Google’s supremacy.

  • Just alone in June 2022, Google’s total visits were 85.2 billion. (Similarweb)

  • Worldwide Google controls around 92% of the search engine market share.

  • In April 2022 all search queries conducted on Google were 92.49%. (Oberlo)

  • In Google, more than 60,000 search queries are entered every second. Hence, daily 5.6 billion searches are entered. According to this, around 2 trillion searches are made.

  • Around 58.99 % of global traffic is generated from mobile devices. This stat was 56% in 2021. (Statista)

  • Gmail now has more than 1.8 million active users. (Findstack)

  • In total there are around 190 Google search engines. (GenealogyInTime magazine)

Now let us have a look at Google Ads statistics. More than 80% of Google’s revenue generation is from advertisements. In the coming years, the expectations are that ads revenue generation will increase sharply and reach new heights. 

  • Google AdWords is the most extensive digital advertising service. (Statista)

  • 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. (Curvearro)

  • 80% of companies use Google Ads for PPC. (Webfx)

  • The annual revenue of Google revealed that in the year 2021, Google’s ad revenue went up to $209.49 billion. (Statista)

  • As per industry experts, in 2022, Google’s ad revenue is expected to increase by 10.5% or more. (Oberlo)
  • It has been predicted that in 2023 Google’s ad revenue will further increase by 9.5%. (Oberlo)

Some vital Google Ads statistics you should know are as follows:

  • Compared to other search engineers, more people click on paid searches on Google. In Google, the rate is 63%. On Amazon, YouTube, and Bing, it is 15%, 9%, and 6%, respectively.

  • On average, for every $1 invested in Google Ads, a person makes $2 in revenue.
  • The average Google AdWords rate of conversion is around 3.75% per search and 1.77% for display.

  • The purchase rate via ads is 50%. (Webfx)

  • Brand awareness increases by 80% due to ads. (Webfx)

  • More than 76% of the search engine market belongs to Google. (Webfx)

  • Google holds a 73% paid search market share. (Webfx)

  • More than 65% of small and medium-scale businesses opt for PPC campaigns. (Webfx)

  • 46% of users click on the top three paid ads on Google. (Webfx)

  • Within 5 days, 35% of users buy the product they searched for. (Webfx)

Stats on Effectiveness of Google Ads (PPC)

Indeed, PPC pushes your website and business, but how does it make people buy your product? Is there a formula behind it? No, but there are google Ads statistics that will help you understand the effectiveness of Google Ads. 

  • 75% of users informed that ads make search easy. (

  • 63% of users click on Google Ads.

  • 90% of consumers accepted that ads impacted their decision to buy. (

  • 56% of the in-store shoppers prefer to use smartphones for shopping and research. (Thinkwithgoogle)

  • 43% of users bought a product after seeing the ad. (

  • 40% or above users trust ads online. (

  • 6% of people prefer to shop online, and only 27% of shoppers opt for offline mode. (Thinkwithgoogle)

  • 58% of millennials make purchases because of an online ad. (

  • 87% of shoppers want to know they got a good deal when making a purchase. (Thinkwithgoogle)

  • 59% of shoppers say that shopping on mobile is essential for deciding which brand to buy. (Thinkwithgoogle)

  • 33% of people click on ads because it is relevant to their search. (

  • 33% of marketers increase brand awareness via paid advertising.

  • $6.46 is the average CPC of the legal industry.

  • The average CPC in the medical industry is $2.62.

  • In marketing, software, and real estate, the average cost-per-click is $3.33, $3.80, and $2.37, respectively.

Conversion of ads is the most important thing. There is no point in running an ad if there is no conversion. Hence, here are some critical Google Ads conversion stats you should know. 

  • The average conversion rate on Google ads is 75%. (Webfx)

  • The average conversion rate on the Google search network is 17%. (Webfx)

  • The average conversion rate of the Google display network is 46%. (Webfx)

Cost-effectiveness of Google Ads

The Google Ads statistics so far show how it can boost your business. However, now let us look at the cost-effectiveness of Google Ads. Google AdWords allows users to select the budget and bid, which makes it a sustainable option for all types of businesses. The bidding amount is flexible and can be changed at any given time. Here are the Google Ads stats to help you know more about the cost-effectiveness of Google Ads. 

  • On average, businesses invest around $9000-$10,000 on ads. (Webfx).

  • The average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Ads is $1-$2. (Webfx)

  • The average cost-per-click for the Google search network is $1-$2. (Webfx)

Google Search Network Ads Statistic

Google Search Network allows you to target ads on Google, Google Maps, Images, Shopping, and more. Hence, this is one of the most effective advertising methods. Have a look at these Google Search Network ads statistics. 

  • 63% of users click on an ad on Google Search Network. (

  • 55% of users prefer network text ads. (

  • Only 49% of users click on text ads. (

  • The average CTR of Google Search Network is 91%. (Webfx)

Using local service ads can further enhance this approach by focusing on regional audiences who are more likely to convert. This method not only increases engagement but also maximizes the return on your ad spend by reaching high-intent users in specific locations.

Google Display Network Ads Statistics  

Google Display Network is a group of 200+ million websites and apps where you can display your advertisement. With it, you can find the right audience and strategically target ads. Google Display Network ads statistics are as follows:

  • The online reach of Google Display Network is 90%. (Webfx)

  • Around 55% of companies use Google Display ads. (

  • The average CTR on display is 35%. (Webfx)

Today, maximum users search online via mobiles. Hence, more and more businesses are investing in mobile advertising. If you also plan to do so, then learn more below. 

  • In 2Q of 2022, the overall mobile traffic was 58.99%. (Statista)

  • The effectiveness of mobile ads is 5 times more than any other online ad. (Marketing Dive)

  • 60% of people click on mobile ads, once a week. (Business Insider)

  • Out of all, 52% of ad clicks are from mobile devices. (Webfx)

  • 46% of people prefer to use mobile for online activities. (Webfx)

  • 40% of transactions happening online are done on mobile. (Webfx)

  • Google keeps 33% of mobile ad spending. (Media Post)

  • Through mobile ads, brand awareness can increase by 46%. (Thinkwithgoogle)

Other Important Google Ads Statistics to Know

Here are a few Google Ads statistics which will help you understand how to make your Google Lead Ads much more effective and clickable.

  • 50% of users cannot tell the difference between organic results and Google Ads. (Webfx)

  • 95.88% of searches are 4 words or more. (Statista)

  • Phone and imagery posts are the best sources to increase audience engagement on social media.
  • More than 49% of users click on text ads.

  • 92% of all search queries are long-tailed keywords.

  • The average CTR for the first rank is higher on desktop than on mobile. On the desktop, it is 31.5%. Whereas, on the mobile, it is 24%.

  • 55% of teens use voice search on Google every day.

  • 55% of people clicking on Google search ads prefer those to be text ads.

  • 4 in every 5 users wish to customize ads as per their city, zip code, and area. (Webfx)

  • The average cost per lead for Google Local Service ads is $6-$30. (Webfx)

  • 28% of local search results get converted to purchase. (Thinkwithgoogle)


These were the latest Google Ads statistics. These statistics have been derived by market experts after extensive studies and analysis. However, knowing the Google Ads statistics is not enough. Use this data to boost your business and reach as many people as you can. We hope that with these stats you can now take your business to another level. 

If you want to leverage Google Ads for your business then have a look at our built-in sync feature.  Schedule a demo with our experts and know more about the Ads and implement them for your business.


1. What is the percentage of businesses that use Google Ads?

More than 80% of businesses use Google Ads.

2. What is the average ROI on Google Ads?

As per experts, for every $1 spent on ads, businesses make $2.

3. How much is Google’s revenue from ads?

In the year 2021, Google’s ad revenue went up to $209.49 billion. It is expected to increase this year by 10.5%.


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.