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31+ Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

With the continuous growth of eCommerce websites, there is no doubt that email marketing has become an essential part of any successful online business. In today’s digital age, businesses must be aware of the changing trends in order to stay competitive and keep up with their customers’ needs. 

That’s why it’s important for companies to understand recent email marketing statistics and evaluate how they can adjust their strategies accordingly. From open rates and click-through rates to the importance of personalization, this blog post will explore eCommerce email marketing statistics in 2024.

Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics

  1. There are 4.258 billion email users worldwide in 2022. (Statista)

  2. The ROI on email marketing in the eCommerce industry is $45 per $1 spent. (Litmus)

  3. Email marketing campaigns account for 9% of the total traffic on eCommerce websites. (Statista)

  4. 44% of businesses use email marketing as a digital marketing strategy. (Gartner)

  5. The email unsubscribe churn for eCommerce businesses is 338 per 100,000 users. (Netcore Cloud)

  6. 36% of retailers invest more than 11% of their digital marketing budget into email marketing. (Digital Commerce 360)

  7. 83.7% of the top 1,000 online retailers use email to connect with their shoppers. (Digital Commerce 360)

  8. More than half, or 56.91% of the top 1,000 online retailers, invest between 0.1% and 20% of their marketing budget in email marketing. (Digital Commerce 360)

  9. eCommerce emails have one of the highest deliverability rates of 96%. (Netcore Cloud)

  10. 96% of the top 1,000 online retailers agree that email marketing gives them the best return on investment. (Digital Commerce 360)

  11. The average number of monthly email marketing campaigns in eCommerce businesses is 11. (Netcore Cloud)

  12. In 2022, global email marketing revenue is expected to reach $9.62 billion. (Statista, Fortune Business Insight)

  13. Email is the preferred pre-purchase method of contact for 57% of consumers. (DMA)

  14. 75% of consumers say they like to receive emails on discounts and offers. (DMA)

  15. The average open rate of eCommerce marketing emails is 15.68%.

  16. eCommerce marketing emails get an average click rate of 2.01%.

  17. Only 0.19% of eCommerce marketing emails get hard-bounced.

  18. Cart abandonment emails boost sales by 4.43% across all eCommerce sectors. (Sale Cycle)

  19. The landing page conversion rate from email marketing for retail businesses is 2.31%.

  20. Marketers see a 760% increase in returns from email when moving to segmented campaigns.

  21. Mobile-friendly email is the 2nd most popular strategy email marketers use to boost their performance.

  22. Emails with personalized subject lines increase open rates by 26%.

  23. Cart abandonment emails sent one hour after a customer leaves are the most effective, converting 6.33 percent of visitors. (Convince and Convert)

  24. Only 50% of the top 100 eCommerce businesses send cart abandonment emails. (Iterable)

  25. 57% of the top 100 eCommerce companies send email marketing blasts to newly registered users. (Iterable)

  26. In 2019, just over 50% of those surveyed stated they favour US brands to contact them via email. (Statista)

  27. 58% of the top 1,000 US eCommerce businesses send welcome emails. (Smart Insights)

  28. 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened.

  29. More than half of customers say that emails affect their purchasing decision (Sale Cycle)

  30. 60 % of the respondents claimed to have made a purchasing decision due to receiving a promo email.

  31. Welcome messages have the highest conversion rate of 51.94% of all automated emails in eCommerce. (Statista)

  32. The best email marketing campaigns in eCommerce have an open rate of 36.92%. (Netcore Cloud)

  33. 87% of the top 100 eCommerce sites send welcome emails. (Iterable)

  34. 46.1% of people open abandonment cart emails (AdRoll)

These are some of the best eCommerce email marketing statistics you should consider in 2024.


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Shivani Goyal

Shivani is a content manager at NotifyVisitors. She has been in the content game for a while now, always looking for new and innovative ways to drive results. She firmly believes that great content is key to a successful online presence.