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15+ Customer Feedback Survey Statistics To Follow in 2024

In today’s digital world, Companies focus on the customer’s experience and feedback. Now companies and customers are more connected. Companies understand the value of customer feedback. Companies create advertisements that are more customer-oriented and more personalized; it is because of customer feedback.
Customer feedback is important as it helps companies to grow faster. Feedback gives you an insightful view of the customer journey. A company’s progress and growth depend on the responses or feedback of customers. So a company needs to stay up to date with the latest customer feedback survey statistics.

What is Customer Feedback?


Customer feedback is the data or information that companies get from customers about their products, services, or brand. These customers’ feedbacks are the best source to understand the customer experiences. Customer feedback assists the company in understanding the customer’s needs and wants. It is the best method to connect their customers to make more customer-oriented products. The customer feedback survey is the most reliable source of information on the product of the company.

To get the best result of customer feedback companies must know the best tools or methods for it. Some of them are CX, CSAT, CES, and NPS.

Therefore, customer feedback is important as it helps companies to improve their products. Customer feedback survey statistics give you better knowledge about where your company stands and where you have to improve. 

Best 15+ Customer Feedback Survey Statistics

Here we show you some customer feedback survey statistics:

1. According to American Express, customers are likely to spend 17% more on a company that has good customer service.

2. According to the research of HubSpot, 62% of customers are likely to communicate more through email for customer service, 48% over on-call, 42% through live chat, and 36% through “contact us”.

3. Bain and Company research shows that 4 times more a customer switches to another competitor company if they are having some problem with services.

4. MarketingSherpa research tells us that a brand is followed through the social media channels by 95% of adults ages between 18 and 34.

5. According to Forbes, companies that are customer-centric are 60% more profitable than the companies that are not.

6. According to CallMiner, U.S. companies lose around $136.8 billion every year because of avoidable customer switching.

7. LinkedIn tells us that one-third of CRM users spend 3-5 hours in a week using CRM, while 24% of users spend more than 10 hours in a week.

8. According to a retail drive survey, 87% of people now search for products online.

9. Zendesk tells us that 67% of customers prefer self-service from a company by speaking or communicating to a company representative.

10.  According to Emarketer, the voice assistant users will increase up to 122.7 million by the end of 2021.

11.  According to research by Invesp, 90% of customers prefer reading online reviews before visiting websites for shopping, and 88% of customers trust the recommended products that were reviewed by their people.

12. According to Sprout Social, 47% of customers will voice their complaints about products and services on social media channels. Companies having a presence on social media mediums will be able to get more responses and feedback from customers.

13. According to Survey Monkey research, 85% of customers will like to give their feedback when their experience went good with the brand or company, and 81% will give feedback when their experience went bad.

14. According to Upland Adestra, 62% of customers open the email on their mobile that means the customer uses mobile for their feedback.

15. According to RightNow Technologies, 86% of customers will likely pay 25% more to get a good experience.

16. According to a study by NewVoiceMedia, 58% of customers do not consider the same company or brand with which they had a bad experience.

17. According to Genesys, 9 out of 10 customers give value to a company having knowledge of their previous purchase and preference.

18. According to Yotpo, 37% of customers believe that it takes 5 or more purchases to feel to be a loyal customer.

19. According to Kolsky, 50% of customers churn every 5 years naturally.

20. According to smallbiztrends, 82% of customers look for an instant reply to Sales or Marketing questions.

Wrapping it up

Customer feedback is important for growing businesses. To understand customer needs and wants companies can improve their products and services. Through customer feedback, survey companies collect information or responses of customers about the product and services. 

This information assists companies to create more customized products and leads them to growth. To get the right information from customer feedback, prepare surveys that have the right question. Customize your survey question according to the information you want to know from customers. Just create a good customer feedback survey that provides the correct information of product and service to get growth in your business. We hope you find these customer feedback survey statistics helpful.

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