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April Fools Day Emails Examples, Tips & Subject Lines Ideas [ 2024 ]

April Fool’s Day is around the corner, and if you are a business owner, this holiday will be a bit of fun between your customers and clients. From funny emails to stupid subject lines, there are many ways to bring wit and excitement into the mix without upsetting anyone. 

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or want tips on preparing fool-proof April Fools Email concepts, this blog post will help you. Here you’ll see examples of successful email strategies and eye-catching subject lines that will draw in even more readers. So, let’s explore the world of April fools day emails together.

What is April Fools Day Email Marketing?

April Fool’s email marketing is a unique and entertaining way to engage your customers on April 1st. It can lead to an entertaining or funny customer experience when they receive emails from your business. 

Designing interesting and interactive content can generate traffic on your website, boost conversions and sales. You can creatively exhibit your brand’s personality through smartly designed email campaigns.

Why Should You Send April Fools Day Emails?

There are many benefits to sending April Fools day emails:

  1. Engage with customers and foster relationships.
  2. Create an amusing experience that makes customers feel special.
  3. Stand out from the competition and keep customers occupied all year long.
  4. Show off your brand’s creative side in a fun and professional way.
  5. Drive more sales, traffic, and conversions through smartly designed email campaigns.

April Fool’s day Email Subject Lines

  • April Fools’ Sensible Jokes that Teach Science;
  • 5 Lasting Benefits Of April Fools’ Day Prank Marketing;
  • OMG, these pranks are too good ??
  • Cool science pranks for April Fools’ Day!  
  • April Fools Videos: The Brownlees’ secrets!
  • This Will Make You “Chuckles” and “Snickers;”
  • Why Do We Even Celebrate April Fool’s Day?
  • Don’t Let Confusing Labels Fool You;
  • Let this Day Be a Fun Day? GLoW iN THe DaRk PJs;
  • April Fool’s prank ideas! + 40% off with code SPRING40;
  • Our no-fools guide to staying at home ✨
  • The Bad News: We’re Out of Deals. The Good News: It’s April Fools Day…
  • Time to Roast & Toast Your Buddies!
  • 20 Ways to Have a Fabulous April Fools’ Day! 
  • Do you need a good laugh?
  • April Fools Cracker! ??
  • A day fit for a clown;
  • What does one plate tell the other plate?
  • You’re not going to believe what’s inside…
  • Gotcha!
  • Little Plants & Little Laughs;
  • Prank All Over Me;
  • Introducing our new lingerie range for DOGS?
  • We are here to make you smile ❤️
  • It’s past noon, so you know there are no pranks inside…?
  • You might not want to hear a joke…
  • Seriously…
  • Do you want to hear a joke?
  • Now Is a Good Time to Have Breakfast for Dinner;
  • Happy April Fool’s Day!

April Fools Day Email Campaigns: Tips You Must Follow 

Here are a few tips that you should follow while sending April fools day emails.

1. Start with the humor


Since you want to prank your customers with humor in April Fool’s email, ensure that your email subject line doesn’t ruin your master plan. As you know, a receiver first notices your subject line. 

So, it is the key to catching their attention and getting them hooked on your message. Moreover, you need to ensure that your subject line matches the level of awesomeness of your email content to stand out amongst the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

2. Prank your customers 

The best way to pull off an epic prank and impress your customers is to send something unexpected yet believable, just like Burger King’s toothpaste that tasted like their well-known burger or KFC’s edible nail polish. When it comes to pranking your customers through emails, timing plays a crucial role. 

We recommend you send three emails – the first teasing what’s to come, the second being the actual prank on April Fools’ Day, and the third revealing the joke and winning the title of the most humorous brand. So, this April fool’s day, showcase your creativity and make your customers laugh out loud.

3. Play it safe with memes

We all know that humor comes with it’s not-so-positive consequences. So, being a brand, you should refrain from using memes that can lead to controversy. If you have never played around with being amusing, we recommend you play it safe by incorporating relevant and funny memes in your email campaign. 

The meme you pick must be customized to your subscribers’ offer. This facilitates understanding and avoids embarrassment. 

4. Sync your email copy and design 

Your idea for April Fools might be great, but if your email copy and design are not up to the mark, it can ruin all your creativity.

While writing your April Fools email content, make sure you keep a conversational and witty tone. The best way is to follow the less is more strategy and use popular slang only when relevant. 

Moreover, while preparing your April Fools’ Day campaign, add relevant visuals in emails to make your joke more legitimate and support your message. Another thing you need to kind in mind is to keep a mobile-friendly email design since most emails are now opened on mobile devices. 

It would help if you remembered that your April Fool emails must be on-brand. Use the exact same font style and color palette as you did earlier.  

5. Sneak in a sale 


April Fools’ Day is the ideal chance to add humor to your marketing strategy, but not every brand likes to pull a prank. However, you can still showcase your funny side and encourage a sale simultaneously. 

Imagine showing such an incredible deal that customers can’t believe it’s true – now that’s a good April Fools’ joke. 

Better yet, why not show a special sale in honor of all those who’ve fallen victim to jokes in the past? It’s like getting a treat after a traumatic doctor’s visit – a sweet way of solidarity that your buyers won’t soon forget.

6. Don’t offend anyone

You usually find something funny, but your audience does not welcome the same. In a world of different people, you can’t please everyone; someone is always offended by what you say or do. 

To bypass an unfortunate PR situation, we suggest you follow the below tips: 

  • Don’t target any particular ethnicity/religion/race. 
  • Don’t be a part of an existing stereotype. No more blonde jokes, please. 
  • Take the help of your local coworkers when planning an April Fools email campaign for an area you’re not native to. 
  • Test your campaign’s humor on your team members or people in your social circle. 
  • Research and understand why some companies received backlash on failed April Fool campaigns

7 April Fools Emails Examples You Can Consider 

We’ve handpicked the best April Fools email examples to take notes on why we love them and utilize them while creating your emails. 

1. Warby Parker


An April Fools’ Day prank by Warby Parker took things to a new level of dedication! They went so far they not only fake content but also did a fake product launch and changed its brand name. 

The prank was brilliantly performed and involved a compelling line of faux canine eyewear, complete with top-notch copy and gorgeous visuals. Who knew dogs needed glasses? Warby Parker had us persuaded for a moment there.

2. KIND 


Don’t be fooled; this was no common joke. KIND demonstrated to be the real deal, delivering on their promises. Their email was a feast for the eyes, completely matching the product they were advertising. We couldn’t help but fall in love with their pleasant color scheme.

3. J.Crew Factory


J.Crew Factory keeps it authentic with a no-BS approach to design. Unlike other April Fools’ pranksters, they have gone for a killer sale that got their subscribers’ hearts racing. 

The elegant and simple email layout paired with persuasive text is impossible to ignore. J.Crew Factory understands that honest design and a killer deal are the ultimate attention-grabber.

4. Overstock 


Overstock has hit gold with their April Fools email! Imagine transforming a simple idea into an email that leads to creativity and fun. 

You won’t see the latest email design trends here – Overstock has gone for a vintage look that outshines them all.

5. Quartz


Quartz’s April Fools’ Day email design was a stimulating departure from the usual chaos, incorporating minimalism with captivating visuals. 

But the quirky, light-hearted messaging stole the show amidst the frenzy of pranks – dropping us back in reality and reminding us not to take life too seriously.

6. Isabella Oliver


Isabella Oliver has pulled off an epic April Fool’s prank with their compelling email introducing the ‘Dad Bump.’ We were fooled by the copy and design and can’t help but complement their creativity.

7. Deliveroo

Deliveroo’s latest email is the ideal blend of simplicity and humor. They’ve nailed the art of allowing their ‘new feature’ speak for itself while charmingly knitting in some clever copy. 

What’s more amazing is the attention to detail with their bold call to action button that pops against the calming background. It’s as if Deliveroo has delivered a delicious email, complete with all the right ingredients.


April Fools Day is a day for fun and utilizing imagination when crafting emails. To make sure your April Fools Day emails are successful, it’s essential to have interesting content, funny subject lines, and an attention-grabbing headline. 

When you keep these elements in mind when building a message, your email will bring a laugh and cheer to whoever reads it. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for April Fools Day emails, the examples we provided are great places to start for inspiration and ideas. We hope this blog post offers you everything you need to write the best April Fool’s Day Email.

Shivani Goyal

Shivani is a content manager at NotifyVisitors. She has been in the content game for a while now, always looking for new and innovative ways to drive results. She firmly believes that great content is key to a successful online presence.