Track Users' Data

Track and analyze users’ data in real-time with different analytical tools. Create a customer journey and allow users to move through all the stages of funnel effectively. NotifyVisitors’ analytical tools help you engage the customers as per their traits and behavior and know the users’ source by tracking their behavior across all devices and channels.

Products We Offer

NotifyVisitors provide you with a plethora of analytical tools to track users’ data in an integrated view. Customize the users’ interactions in a journey as per different conditions, triggers, and flow control. Create segments and cohorts based on their actions and behavior. View user analytics in an integrated user profile and much more.

Acquire long-term benefits

Build Complex Workflows

Create a user journey by defining a series of user events. Define user events based on their actions on your app or website. By defining these actions, send them relevant campaigns across various channels ( Email, Push, SMS ).

Real-time Updated Segments

Create real-time updated user’s segments based on the user’s personal and behavioral data. Create segments based on events and devices, and get valuable insights from every segment in the form of analytics.


Unified User Profile

View customer data inclusive of their activities and interactions with the site. Get a unified view of the users in one integrated platform. Evaluate the lifetime value of the customers & their scoring and create content accordingly.

Engaging Funnel Analytics

Track each customer journey right from the beginning when they engage with your brand to your desired goals (conversion, sign-ups, etc.). Analyze if the users are dropping off at any funnel stage and visualize the campaigns’ performance at all stages.

Effectiveness Of Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of campaigns against one another. Track your users and know from where they have come to know about your apps. With mobile attribution analytics, know which platforms or sites are generating advertising-based installs.

Potent Pros of Analytics

Analytic Tools That Fits Your Requirements

NotifyVisitors’ analytical tools are suitable for all types of industries. Whether you are in the travel & hospitality industry, into a banking sector or a retail industry, our tools help you track the users and events’ data through creating a unique user profile and watch over their journey to engage them accordingly.


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