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Smart target your visitors by analysing their behaviour on both web and mobile app.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Journey Builder panel allows you to build complex workflows using simple and easy to use Drag and Drop editor. Your message like push, email, banner, SMS changes in real-time depending on when, where and your customer opens it, ensuring maximum impact and great response. This is what differentiates personalization. Understand consumer response on a real-time basis to decide on the next best action. It is what makes your marketing truly relevant and contextual.

Unified Customer View

Capture customer data across every possible activity and interaction. See it in a single unified view. A cohesive view helps accurate customer scoring and analytics. The data you gather lets you sharpen your marketing strategy to create personalized and pertinent content.

Funnel Analytics

With Funnel analytics you can track your customer’s journey, right from arriving on your brand’s property, to performing the action you want. Funnels can point the stages where the maximum number of customer drop off. Our Funnel analytics offers an engaging visual representation of the performance of your campaign in each stage, allowing you to analyze.

Cohort Analytics

A cohort is defined as a group of users who have share common traits during a particular time span.
NotifyVisitors Cohort analysis works by dividing your users into groups based on the particular time span like week/month they install your app or trigger any event like register, signup etc. The second step checks if the users in a given cohort used the app again in subsequent weeks or months.

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