Engage and Understand each

Customer in the most effective ways

Categorize users based on their behavior, geography, technology and many more. Get valuable and actionable insights from segment and personalise your strategies for each segment.

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Categorize Personalise and Target

Create real time updated user's segments based on user's personal and behavioural data.

Users Personal

Create segment based on user’s profile such as user’s age, their profession, rank, company, education and with many more custom criteria.


Group your users in different segment based on their location like country, city, region or with longitude and latitude range

Users Events

Group your users on the basis of their activity. Like create a segment where users who did event SIGNUP but did not perform event PURCHASE.


Create segment based on devices, your user’s using such as desktop, mobile, tablet or based on browser such as chrome, mozilla, safari etc.


Keep your best customers engaged

Our customer lifecycle based segmentation takes the guesswork out of retention marketing. Omnisend dynamically assigns each customer a lifecycle stage and presents this data in an easy-to-read lifecycle stage map. That way, you can prioritize and personalize your retention strategies to the most valuable shoppers, keeping your brand top of mind and driving more repeat purchases.


Improve your deliverability

Holding full data on your audience engagement and using that for segmentation helps you build a more thoughtful sending schedule and improves all your key metrics–from getting more opens to maintaining a healthy delivery rate. Think weekly deals for your most engaged contacts or regular win-back campaigns for lapsed customers–all available with Omnisend’s easy segmentation.


Enjoy a flexible way to segment

Whether it’s your first time building an audience segment or you’re the personalization pro already, you’ll find that Omnisend’s segmentation is both easy to use and robust. You can combine multiple rules, choose from a variety of filters and narrow down your targeting to very specific contacts who will find your messaging most relevant.


Seamlessly retarget your segments

Improve your PPC targeting and tap into new, high-affinity audiences by using Omnisend’s built-in audience sync with:
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
Improve your PPC targeting and tap into new, high-affinity audiences by using Omnisend’s built-in audience sync with:
  • Google Customer Match
Reach your contacts and similar audiences with paid ads on Google and Youtube.

Full profile view of each user

Get detailed information of each user like their personal info, the devices user used, his reachability, and user timeline where you can see all the events he did.

Get valuable and actionable insights from every segment

Understand your segment with the help of detailed analytics and know your users in that segment with full profile information

List of users

Full list of Known and Unknown users in segment. you can see full profile of each known user.

Segment trends

Daily stats of users entering and exiting from your segment.


See full list of campaigns send to segment over a period of time. You can duplicate , delete and edit the campaigns.


You can see how many users in particular segment is subscribed to push notification or to email and sms so that you can target them with maximum reachability.


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