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Types of Web Push Notifications To Boost your Customer Engagement

To benefit the most from Web Push Notification, it is important to customize and engage your customers with your brand. When I first installed Pedo Meter, for fun, I never thought that it would actually motivate me to walk every given opportunity than take the easy way out. A Notification from the app with my name on it was all it took. We tend to pay more attention to things when it comes with our name or with a tiny glitch of personalization. Why so? Well, it tends to be alluring to our emotional needs. While customization of  Web push notifications is one of the ways to engage your users, using these in every form of notification is not valid and will lead to uninstall the app and unsubscribe the website. Thus we have listed a few types of Notifications where personalisation only enables and helps establish a relationship with your clients.

  • Reminder Notification: The best example of this is Facebook. If unavailable for a long time on the website or app, the social media platform sends a customised notification to its users to “connect with your friends.” Similarly, this form of notification is also becoming trendy on shopping apps.

reminder web push notifications

  • FYI Notification: These are most commonly used on travel sites and weather apps. These have also become common to many game apps where latest games from the same company are instantly sent to its existing users as a notification.

FYI notifications

  • Nudge or Action Based Push Notification: Remember those shoes you left at Amazon app cart two weeks back, well, this form of notification updates you on the latest discount available on the same shoe. The same is also called as the Event Push Notification updating you on the latest sale available on your shopping apps.

action based push notifications

  • Geo-location Notification: These are geographically inclined and based on your GPS, these update the users about the location. Commonly used by apps such as Zomato, Tinder and Google Maps and Locations.

geolocation notifications

  • Time Bound Notification: Applications and websites often use these to trigger and create urgency in their audience for desired actions. Often the link used initially to attain the goal is destroyed once the time is over. This is a very common notification type on a variety of apps and websites especially for online shopping sites, life on games like Farm Ville to name a few.

Timbond push notifications

While customization is important to keep your customers updated, it is also equally important to time these Notifications. Constant updates can only lead to the negative response from users. While Web Push Notification is relatively new and still gaining acceptance from users, it is important to note that the message delivered should be kept short, simple and interesting for a larger appeal.

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Deepak Gupta