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Tutorial to Integrate Web Push Notifications

Enable Web Push Notifications
Signup For Web Push Notification

Now you can easily setup web push notifications for your subscribers. This includes Chrome push notification, Safari push, and Mozilla Firefox push notifications.

Here are the 4 easy steps to integrate and enable web push notifications.

1.  Signup : Sign Up  Here and enter basic details

2.  Integrate Code: Go to Integration then click on the website. Just Copy and Paste a java script code in the footer/header of your website.

Push Notification Integration

3. Configuration: Now Go to Configuration tag and configure your push notification “allow access dialog box” for subscribers.

This is one-time configuration. This can be edited anytime.

Configure Web Push Notification

4. Create and Send: Now Go to Notification and Click on Create – Here you can set the push notifications content for a specific browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Once you have created the notification go to Schedule and Send push notification to your Subscribed customers.

Create-and-Send-Web browser-Push-Notifications
Create and Send Push Notification

Deepak Gupta