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50+ UX Statistics to Improve User Experience in 2024

User experience (UX) is one of the most important things that determine the future of your website. The better the user experience, the more positive the chances of them revisiting your website, booking marking, referring it to others, buying products from it, and more. 

Numerous factors lead to a good user experience, like quality content, design, website structure, navigation, and more. The positive user experience keeps the customer loyal to the product or the company and can increase profits. As per UX Planet, $1 spent on UX/UI gives a return of around $10 to $100.

Hence working on UX is essential. However, what to work on and what not to devote too much effort to? This question usually boggles the creators. So here we present to you 50+ UX statistics of 2024, which will help in understanding the crucial factors of user experience. 

UX Statistics to Improve User Experience in 2024

As per Visual Objects, 40% of small-scale businesses don’t own a website. This is already limiting their reach in the market. However, the impact is not restricted to just the reach. Keep on reading to know more about UX statistics.

  • $1 inverted on UX can give back ROI up to 100%. (YouPic) 

  • 94% of the time, the first impression of a website is related to the design. (Design Resource)

  • 88% of the audience does not revisit a website that has poor UX.

  • 74% of users are likely to revisit a website with good mobile UX. (Digital Intelligence Briefing)

  • 45% of users want the content to be displayed correctly and uniformly on all devices. (Adobe) 

  • 46.7% of users said they shared their bad UX experience with others. (Marketing Charts) 

  • Only 44% of customers said that they share good experiences with others. (Marketing Charts)

  • 75% of users decide on the website’s credibility based on appearance, and they make this decision in less than 3.42 seconds. (Pop Web Design)

  • A website’s conversion rate increases by 200% because of a good UI. (SmallBizGenius)

  • A good UX design increases the website’s conversion rate by 400%. (SmallBizGenius)

  • 40% of visitors leave an unorganized website. (Magnet4Blogging)

  • A user stays for 2.6 seconds on the most impactful area of the webpage (CXL)

  • 0.1-second speed improvement on the website increases sales, page view, average order value, and conversion rate. (Deloitte Milliseconds Makes Millions report)

  • The average load time of a landing page is 7 seconds. ( Google Survey)

  • The bounce rate of a page increases by 123% when the load time is longer than 1 second. (Google survey report)

  • 86% of companies prefer videos for marketing. This figure increased by 1% in 2021 compared to 2020, and it is expected to be even higher this year.

  • 5 users are enough to find 85% of issues on the website. (NNGroup)

  • Every year, companies lose $2.6 billion because of the slow loading of the website. (Design Resources) 

  • 5 users are enough to find 85% of issues on the website. (User experience statistics 2022)

  • Photoshop is the most used software for website designing. After Photoshop, there are Illustrator, Sketch, and InDesign at 76.9%, 75%, and 23.1%, respectively. (GoodFirm)

  • By the end of 2022, the virtual reality market is expected to be worth more than $16 billion. (Statista)

  • If 79% of users cannot find information on a website, they quickly leave it and look for the same on other websites. (Impact)

  • 71% of companies claim that well-organized mobile content leads to positive responses and feedback from customers. (McKinsey)

  • By 2024, the average North American will have 13+ connected devices in their house. (Statista)

  • 70% of users abandon shopping carts due to poor experience. (Kinsta)

  • 88% of users do not shop on the same website after one poor experience. (Design Resources)

  • 65% of users deny forms that ask for much personal information. (Userzoom)

  • 46% of the audience doesn’t trust a website/company if the mission statement is unclear. (Userzoom)

  • More than 75% of users term website aesthetics to form opinions about a website. (Kinesisinc)

  • 1% of users said that online stores consistently fulfill expectations. (Bluespace)

  • 57% of managers think their company is using AI or piloting. (Wired)

  • Voice-based search in 2020 was more than 50% across all web. (Search Engine Land)

  • An anonymous company made $300 million by adding a button that allowed customers to buy products without creating an account. (UIE)

  • 63% of traffic is generated from mobile phones. Given this stat, the UX of the mobile version needs to be as efficient as that of a system. (Statista)

  • 60% of users do not trust a company that does not have a mobile-optimized website. (Magnet4Blogging)

  • The chances of users leaving a website that is not mobile-friendly are 5 times more. (Impact)

  • 52% of users lose faith in a brand after a bad mobile experience. (Google)

  • 85% of users wish to see the website mobile version standard as the desktop version. (

  • 90% of smartphone users say they will continue shopping if the experience is good. (Topal)

  • 85% of users expected the mobile version of the website to operate faster than the desktop version. (Designing for Performance)

  • Poor usability leads to the failure of 70% of online companies. (BuyorBye)

  • 39% of users leave the website if the images don’t load quickly. (Sweor)

  • $3.4 billion is lost due to slow websites. (Intechnic Corporation)

  •  79% of users leave a website and switch to a competitor if they dislike the content. (Google)

  • If the website is poorly developed, then this indicates that developers were fixing issues or reworking 50% of the time. (Google)

  • Customers say that 72% of websites fail with a 59/100 user experience. (Google)

Important CX Statistics To Watch In 2024

Remember, we begin this article by telling you how $1 spent on UX can lead to a profit of $10 to $100. Such is only possible if the customer experience is up to the mark. Co-CEO of UserZoom, Alfonso de la Nuez, explained the same in his Forbes article.

He explained how a food ordering app with a good user experience was not enough for him because the delivery was not on point. The same is the case with UX and CX. 

Only having a good user experience is not enough. Customer experience should also be good. Only then will the user be loyal to the website. The most crucial CX statistics are as follows:

  • 32% of customers switch to a new brand because of one poor experience. (PWC)

  • 45.9% of companies claim that in the next 5 years, they plan to focus on improving customer experience. (Superoffice)

  • A survey shows that 20.5% of businesses will focus on pricing, and 33.6% will work on the product. (Superoffice)

  • Businesses can lose up to 35% of sales because of a poor experience. (Amazon Web Service Study)

  • 86% of users are ready to pay more for better customer service. (Shyhook)

  • A company’s KPI can improve by 83% due to a good UX that enhances customer experience. (Iintechnic)


These UX statistics show that user experience and customer experience are two sides of the coin and are equally important. The ultimate takeaway is that spending money on improving customer or user experience is not an expenditure but an investment that pays in the long run.

Hence, UX and CX should be the company’s focus from the beginning. If you are also looking to improve the UX or CX of your website, visit NotifyVisitors. Our all-in-one solution helps you achieve the optimal user experience.


1. Why is it important to know UX statistics?

UX statistics put forth the crucial facts and figures that can help you understand and hence experience the user on the website and ultimately lead to profit. It also assists in keeping up with the trends and makes it as easy to navigate as possible. 

2. Define a good UX design.

A good UX design attracts the audience’s attention and can keep them engaged without failing to provide the information/service they are looking for. It should make the website organized, structured, easy to navigate, and outstanding from the rest of the competition. 

3. What is the biggest trend in UX?

The trends in UX keep on changing. However, right now, virtual and augmented reality are the most sought-after things in UX.


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.