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50+ Effective SMS Marketing Statistics you Should Know in 2024

Some marketers believe that the new, modern technology has left SMS marketing in an “old-fashioned” way of promoting. Instead, businesses have much to gain from using SMS marketing and integrating it into their overall strategy.

As we break down the essentials of SMS marketing, we examine why text message marketing will be an essential strategy for all businesses in 2024.

 In this article, you will find 50+ useful SMS marketing statistics to help you grow your business effectively.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing refers to sending promotional or commercial campaigns via text messages. Text messages are instant, fast, and can be opened in seconds. 

Marketers use SMS marketing and SMS broadcast services as part of their multi-channel marketing strategy because it is cost-effective and scalable. Businesses also use SMS to send special offers, coupons, discount codes, or surveys. 

Why Use SMS Marketing?

SMS is a great way to attract customers’ attention. People are often asked to sign up to receive promotional offers and promotions via SMS. In marketing campaigns, many brands choose SMS as a reminder or follow-up to get customers to open their emails. 

SMS can be used as a catalyst for rich media campaigns. E-commerce companies can reduce cart abandonment, sell more, send order confirmations, update delivery and collect more feedback through SMS Marketing.

Let us now look at the SMS Marketing Statistics that you should know in 2024.

50+ Effective SMS Marketing Statistics 

  • According to a survey, 63% percent of people like the less intrusive nature of text messaging. (Score)

  •  76% of people like opening text messages at their convenience.

  • Studies reveal that 19% of people do not bother opening voice mail. (Score)

  •  53% of people like SMS over voice calls or video conferencing. (Score)

  • According to Statistics of 2022, 68% of consumers between 18 to 24 years of age tend to check their phones 190 times a day which is twice the national average. (Asurion)

2. Consumer Marketing Statistics

  • 75% of people do not mind receiving SMS (Mobilemonkey)

  •  Studies reveal that 64% of customers prefer businesses to contact them via SMS.

  • Also, it has been found that 75% of customers like getting promotional offers via SMS. (Voices)

  • According to SMS Marketing Statistics, 80% of people track orders through text messages.

  • It has also been found that 56% of customers like sending and receiving texts instead of calling customer care. (Techcrunch)

3. SMS marketing growth statistics

  • It has been estimated that the worth of the SMS marketing industry will be over $12.6 billion by 2025. (Grand View Research)

  • Media and entertainment messaging will be used to advertise movies, events, and TV programs until 2025. This segment is predicted to have a 22% CAGR. (Grand View Research)

  • Small and Medium Enterprises are rapidly using SMS Marketing and SMS broadcast services are expected to have a CAGR of more than 23%. (Grand View Research)

  • Large enterprises will use more than 65% of SMS Marketing. (Grand View Research)

  • It is expected that 33% of marketers will use mobile loyalty programs by next year.

4. SMS Marketing Statistics for Business Owners

  •  Studies reveal that around 43% of customers text businesses regarding inquiries, requesting services, and ordering products. (Zipwhip)

  •  68% of people use texting in some or the other form. (Zipwhip)

  • By using SMS Marketing Links in campaigns can boost the click-through rate by up to 39%. (Zipwhip)

  • Approximately 21% of businesses reach out to loyal customers via SMS, giving them SMS rewards. (Access Development)

  • Simply by sending business appointment SMS reminders, one can reduce missed appointments by 26%. (Aviaro)

5. Success Rate Statistics

  • Statistics reveal that approximately 90% of people respond to a text within the first 3 minutes of receiving it. (Viber)

  • It has been estimated that 98% is the average open rate for text messages.

  • Studies have shown that over 50% of customers purchase a product after they receive a marketing text. (Attentive Mobile Consumer Report) 

  • Around 33 % of customers are okay with receiving an SMS if the content is relevant to them. (Attentive Mobile Consumer Report) 

  • Studies reveal that 96% of marketers who have used SMS marketing say that it has helped them to generate more revenue. (Attentive Mobile Consumer Report) 

  • Around 60% of marketers reveal that using SMS Marketing has significantly helped them to generate revenue. (Attentive Mobile Consumer Report) 

  • Studies show that a coupon received via SMS is redeemed ten times more often than any medium. (Adobe)

  • SMS Marketers are said to generate $71 for every dollar they spend. (Attentive Mobile)

6. General SMS Marketing Statistics

  • Studies show that there will be approximately 7 Billion mobile users by 2024. (Statista)

  • As 5G is all set to boom, studies reveal there will be around 1.2 billion 5G connections by 2025.

  • Japan, China, and the USA will have the highest number of 5G connections, making it faster for a text to reach users.

  • Statistics have shown that around 77% of people below 44 like to contact businesses via SMS. (Startup Bonsai)

  • Studies reveal that people, especially the young generation, spend about 5 to 6 hours daily on their mobile phones. (Manage Ninja)

7. SMS Marketing Effectiveness Statistics

  • Text messages have a very high open rate and are read by 98% of consumers when they receive them. (Aviaro)

  • It has been found that when compared to other channels, text message has a 209% higher response rate.

  • The response to a text takes place within 3 minutes.

  • According to Statistics, 95% of SMS receive a reply.

  • With 57%, the finance and banking industry has the highest response rate.

8. Business usage SMS Marketing Statistics 

  • Approximately 47% of small or big businesses use SMS Marketing. (PWC Esendex Report) 

  • With 17.9%, real estate is the top industry using SMS Marketing religiously. (SMS Comparison) 

  • Other top industries using SMS Marketing include agriculture (15.9%), construction (14%), entertainment (15.4%), energy (13%), and airlines (12.3%). 

  • For their efficiency and effectiveness, 25% of businesses use SMS Marketing. (PWC Esendex Report)

  • 70% of Coca-Cola’s mobile marketing budget is spent on SMS Services. 

9. SMS vs. Email Marketing Statistics

  • SMS marketing lists have ten times more value than email marketing lists. (Mobile Marketing Watch) 

  • The average click-through rate of SMS is 19%. (Text Republic)

  • The average click-through rate of SMS Marketing is 15 % more than email. (Text Republic)

  • SMS open rates are 61% higher than email marketing open rates.

  • Less than 5 % of SMS subscribers unsubscribe from the service, whereas 20% of email subscribers unsubscribe yearly. (Text Request) 

  • The retention rate of SMS Marketing is much higher than email marketing. (Text Request) 

  • SMS open rates are much better than email marketing open rates, with a difference of around 20-30%. (Adobe) 

10. Fascinating SMS Marketing Statistics

  • Studies show that around 45% of people respond to branded text messages.

  • Hardly 13% of businesses let their customers respond to SMS. (Learning Hub)

  • 9 out of 10 customers enrolling in the SMS Loyalty program usually benefit from the participation. (Mobivity)

  • Approximately 41.3% of businesses have seen a massive increase in opt-in messages. (Startup Bonsai)

  • Studies reveal that around 40% of women are texters. (Rebrandly)

  • Approximately 25 % of women use SMS to vote for a television show. (Marketing Dive)

Wrapping Up

According to researchers, after 2022, 92% of people will use at least one mobile phone, whether with or without an Internet connection. A company can reach more people with text messages than with online marketing.

AI technology will make SMS Marketing faster and better than ever. AI is used for sending reminders, quick answers, and FAQs.

Using SMS for customer service and support has also improved customer retention by generating more positive reviews and providing direct brand recommendations.

In 2022 and beyond, marketers will find more creative ways to use SMS marketing. 

Also, to leverage the power of SMS Marketing, you can schedule a demo with NotifyVisitors and significantly improve your business.


1. What do you understand about SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing refers to reaching out to potential customers on their mobile phones via text messaging. 

2. What is the use of SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is used for urgent updates about events, product promotions, appointment reminders, events, etc.

3. What is the cost of SMS Marketing?

Well, that is a tough one. SMS Marketing cost depends upon the usage, frequency of sending messages, campaign duration, etc. Every company offers a different cost for SMS Marketing campaigns. 


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