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The PDF Revolution

The PDF Revolution – Here Is All You Need To Know


PDF, we use it all as it has been around us for a long time. Created in the early 1990s, PDF, which stands for portable document format, is still very popular. That said, if you ever wonder about making a pdf editable, you ought to know that it is quite possible. The main purpose of PDF is to enable the sharing of documents between different devices and operating systems. PDF takes away much of the stress that is involved in the creation and conversion of files. Despite the widespread belief that Adobe Reader is unnecessary, PDF is a popular choice worldwide.

What Does History Say About PDF?

First launched in the early 1990s, PDF was a good platform that allowed storing documents in a single file. At the time, PDF was in its initial stages of growth. Therefore, its basic use revolved around desktop publishing of print documents. Businesses used PDF to save their posters, logos, and similar items in a single file to be physically printed later.

It took some time for PDF to gain the functionality that it has today. For instance, the earliest version of PDF did not include the integration features as the PDFS today. The downloading time of the earlier PDFs was painfully slow. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that PDF excelled in performance and functionality after the Adobe free version release. Subsequently, after beating several competing versions in the market, PDF became the standard version for fixed documents.

Another interesting fact about PDF is that initially, its functionalities were controlled by Adobe. However, after Adobe dropped their ownership in 2008, PDF became available and accessible to everyone. You can now find numerous PDF readers in the markets that can be accessed, downloaded, and used by nearly everyone.

Why Is PDF Still Important?

No matter what device you are using, PDF looks nearly the same on all devices. You may run it on your PC, smartphone, MacBook, Chrome OS, Windows 10, Windows X, or an iPad; PDF remains consistent. This also contributes greatly towards its popularity. It can be successfully integrated with any device and PC. It will remain consistent. That said, the information on a PDF file does not depend on the device of the sender/creator or the recipient/ viewer device. PDF will not alter the structure, font size, font style, and content of its file, as well as charts and pictures. This is why PDF is still important and popular in its use. Suppose you are sending a word document to someone who hasn’t installed Microsoft Word on their PC. What happens? Without a doubt, they might be able to open the word file in Google Docs. However, it will look different than the original version. This is because word files are rendered by Google Docs differently.

Something similar can happen if the recipient will attempt to open the word file on their phones. All such compatibility issues are effectively solved with the help of PDF. This is why the PDF revolution is still important and popular after nearly three decades after its initial launch.


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