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NotifyVisitors App Gets Featured As Shopify Spotlight 

NotifyVisitors is a marketing automation software specially built for Shopify stores. By implementing the NotifyVisitors app, store owners can improve conversion rates and boost Shopify store sales. It allows them to trigger automated personalized communications to users at the right time in their journey over preferred channels like Email, SMS, Web push, and Whatsapp.

Our Shopify app integrates seamlessly with the Shopify store to capture all the relevant customer and transaction data in less than 10 minutes. It will further allow them to see who is in their marketing funnel and what content they are interacting with to make relevant changes to the content.

Is It A Big Deal in Showing Over Shopify Spotlight?

Shopify spotlight is a section on the homepage of the Shopify app store which features popular apps and themes. Shopify reviews every app on the marketplace and features only a few apps weekly based on user ratings, customer feedback, search popularity, and engagement stats.

Some spotlight products will be based on popularity, while the Shopify team will select others. The benefit of getting featured in the Shopify spotlight is that the app receives excellent market visibility.

It is a big boost for an app to get featured in the Shopify spotlight and validates our commitment to building a relevant product for stores on the Shopify platform. 

What Problems Does The NotifyVisitors Marketing Automation Shopify App Aim To Solve?

1. New Subscribers (Welcome Emails)

New Subscribers (Welcome Emails)

By implementing email marketing for your Shopify store, you can easily send an email to subscribers who have just signed up for the store newsletter. The marketing automation tool can be used to create a new subscriber welcome email which will be sent automatically once a new customer registers on the online store. The app provides predefined templates to choose from and an option to create your own template as well.

2. Product & Browse Abandonment

Product & Browse Abandonment

People visit your site, look at what you are selling, but leave and never return. Getting these people to your site again is one of the purposes why many online marketers use the marketing automation Shopify app like NotifyVisitors. It allows you to create a personalized browse abandonment email sequence to reduce the drop-off.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

There will be customers who place products in the Shopping cart but then leave and never return. This can be a really important trigger for you because it means they had moved further in their purchase decision before leaving. The NotifyVisitors Shopify app allows you to create a personalized cart abandonment email sequence to reduce the cart drop-off rate.

4. Post-sales & Order Follow-Up Emails

Post-sales & Order Follow-Up Emails

You may want to send sales emails after customers purchase something from your site and offer a discount on their next purchase to reward loyalty and repeat purchases. This can help to improve the LTV of your store.

5. Customers likely to Churn (Offer, Cross-Sell & Reactivation Emails)

Customers likely to Churn (Offer, Cross-Sell & Reactivation Emails)

There will be customers who will not buy from you again after they have made a purchase. These customers have moved away from your site; they are no longer coming to look at what you are selling. The NotifyVisitors app allows you to create such segments through a drag-and-drop console and to send them a win-back campaign with lucrative offers.

Why Choose NotifyVisitors Shopify App?

1. Great Onboarding Offer

Great Onboarding Offer

We are offering free onboarding consultation and a 30% discount for the first 3 months on all paid plans. So there is no better time to get started than today.

2. Built for Shopify. 10 minutes Integration

Built for Shopify. 10 minutes Integration

NotifyVisitors Shopify app is built for marketers. It takes less than 10 mins to complete setup and to get started with the software. The process does not require you to have any technical know-how.

3. Built for Marketers. No Technical know-how Required

Using the NotifyVisitors Shopify app does not require any technical know-how. It takes less than 10 mins to complete setup and to get started. It is a DIY solution, and all the campaigns can be created through drag and drop interface built to make it very easy to launch your campaigns

4. Great Support

We at NotifyVisitors are obsessed with our customers. We will provide you with the best support and resolve your queries in time so that you can keep growing your sales with our Shopify app.

5. Easily Segment your Customers

We all know that the way to increase conversions, sales, and customer lifetime value is to get your marketing message in front of the right customer. The NotifyVisitors Shopify app will help you get your email marketing campaign in front of relevant customers by allowing you to easily create the right segment of customers based on their past interactions in your store. 

The NotifyVisitors team has spent months developing the best possible experience for you to build marketing campaigns, send emails and SMS, and customize all aspects of marketing automation within your Shopify store.

We want to thank all of our partners once more for assisting in getting our app included in a Shopify spotlight. We are committed to improving how we serve you through our multi-channel offerings. 

Arbaz Khan

Arbaz Khan is a Content Writer at NotifyVisitors. He enjoys writing articles on marketing and eCommerce for the past 5 years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes him a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer.