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New Chrome push notifications on windows 10

windows 10

This recent update of chrome push notification is not limited to UI, it will also increase the user engagement and click-through-rates as it will stay in windows notification center until the user’s clicked or cross the notification.

Notification Design changes

In windows 10, chrome push notification looks like native notification of windows. It comes in the grey background with white heading and subheading with a small brand icon. If a user does not take any action then by default, it will move to windows notification center. In the notification center, there is a cross icon to remove the notification and arrow icon to collapse the notification.

Action Buttons

In Windows 10, action buttons UI has been changed. Now it will come next to each other. Also in this update of chrome 68, you can’t set the icons with action buttons.

Rich push notification

In window 10, a rich image comes on top of the chrome push notification message. It will increase the click-through rate as it draws more user attention. The size of the rich image is changed in Windows 10 before it was 3:2, now in Windows 10, it requires an image in 2:1 ratio just like in mobile push notifications.

Auto Disappear

In Windows 10, if a user does not take any action on push notification then by default, notification move to the notification center. In the older version, you had the option to set whether to fix the notification or auto disappear it after 10 seconds. In Windows 10, this change gives more advantage to increase the user engagement and click through rate as it will remain in notification center until a user manually clears the notifications.

Rizwan Ali Khan

Rizwan Ali Khan, the Product Manager at Notifyvisitors is a tech Geek, UI / UX Designer & Creative Writer who likes to learn about new technologies in his free time.