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Best Practices to Improve Customer Interaction Using Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications add a missing puzzle fit to your customer experience. There are many other marketing tools and mediums, such as emails- which have played and still playing an active role in making customer interaction more valuable.

But push notifications to have a different charm of their own. Read this blog to know how these notifications add value to customer interaction and how you can retain customers with the same strategy.

Due to the increase in online shopping mediums, many platforms are already raging war against each other to add a better value in the customer’s experience. Brands are increasing, and simultaneously the channels through which marketers can promote brands are also multiple.

Marketers are finding a tool through which they instantly catch customer attention. That’s how web push notifications come to their rescue!

The significant advantage of these notifications is that the users receive these notifications on their desktop or device even if they are not on your site. The push notification companies ensure, in such cases, the timely delivery of the notifications to the audience.

So before talking about some best tips to improve customer interaction using web push notifications.

Let’s know about it.

What are web push notifications?

Improve Customer Interaction Using Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are not thrust upon the users. They can choose to block or allow them from the websites they want to receive. Web push is a strictly permission-based communication system. If the will of the customers chooses them, there are lesser chances that users will spam them.

The main aim of push notifications is to enhance user engagement and enhance click rates and conversions. Here our main concern is to focus on customer interaction through web push notifications.

When we talk about the same, we must have a clear idea of how to create a catchy push notification that says it all and make customer interaction instantly.

4 Best Tips to Improve Customer Interaction Using Web Push Notifications?

Improve Customer Interaction Using Web Push Notifications

Creating a notification needs you to follow specific rules:  Push notification character limit for the title and message. Therefore, it becomes tricky to deliver your message to the subscribers in a small package.

Remember that your primary purpose for creating a notification is to get a click from the subscriber. If the information doesn’t add any value to the subscribers, they will ignore it.

1. Deliver a crystal- clear message:


Your subscribers do not have that much time to interpret your message. Therefore, put your text that delivers your conversion plan. See the below image for reference.

2. Be clear and concise:

Remember that there is a word limit to your text. Therefore, be clear in your message and put out the message in that specific character limit. Push character limit, although it varies for different devices. The minimum range is 40 to 120 characters.

3. Show scarcity and urgency:

The best way to make customer interaction is to show that the offer is limited to a specific period. Therefore grab it as soon as possible. It creates a psychological trigger in the minds of the users.

4. Show evidence and proof:

Today, customers don’t buy anything unless the brand is offering something that gives them satisfaction and logic at the same time. Give them evidence, and they will consider buying your product.

 For example– You want your subscribers to click through the blog post then create a notification with the subject line – This most has more than 2000 twitter shares. It will raise a curiosity in them, and they will click on it.

Note: The timing plays a vital role in attaining the timely delivery for the notifications. Remember to consider the timezone of the subscribers; otherwise, you will miss the whole point of enhancing customer engagement.

How to interact with segmented customers via web push notifications:

Segmentation of your subscribers not only helps you enhance the customer engagement but sorts you out your dilemma as to “whom to send a specific notification.” It will increase higher conversion rates. You can segment subscribers based on region, behavior, or devices. You can also segment them based on their actions as to what products they purchased or what items they looked at.

For example- You can have separate segments for the new customers and the old ones. You can also create micro-segments based on their product purchase history.

After segmenting, you can merely ab test the content of your push notifications and send it to the specific ratio of segmented users to watch out which variation is catching more attention of the users.

Let us see some of the use cases where you can interact with segmented users via push notifications :

1. Based on the customer’s action:


Suppose a customer comes to your website, searches for the product, and browses through the website but did not buy the product. It is called browse abandonment. You can send him the notification related to the product he searched for and offer discounts on the same.

Cart abandonment is another recurring problem. Many times customers add the product to the cart and leave it in the mid-way. You can trigger him with the reminder notification to nudge users to click it on right away.


Note: You can trigger the notifications through automated responder messages. It will simplify your workload, and users will immediately receive it once they make a purchase or perform any event. They will acknowledge your actions.

2. Based on the customer’s status:


Marketers always pine upon building a new customer base, but they should not neglect the existing ones also. Acquiring new customers has always been a robust strategy because they cannot trust you instantly. 

Building the trust of the new ones is quite essential in such scenarios. You can send them a notification that lends them to a shipping policy page. So, you can boost their trust.

Simultaneously, don’t forget to nurture your existing customers. Aim higher to retain these customers so that they can turn into “loyal customers.”

Below are the ways to retain them through push notifications :

2.1 Pull the customers back through price drop alerts:

price drop alert

Customers lose interest in you if you have nothing new to offer to them. Price drop alerts always work to pull customer interaction back to our website. Push notifications are the right medium for it.

2.2 Make them feel special:


Your loyal customers need your acknowledgment. Don’t forget to reward their loyalty as they could be your biggest brand ambassadors. Offer them gifts or coupons and send this momentary gift through push alerts.

2.3 Send recommendations:


Send suggestions to the customers based on their purchase or interests. Tell them how much you take care of them? Sometimes you go to a restaurant and order something and get recommendations from the same restaurant after a while. These recommendation alerts re-engage the users so that they keep you coming back. You can recommend similar products or complementary ones also.

3. Based on the customer’s location or subscription:


If your website is global, then remember to segment the customers first based on their location, regions, or countries. That’s how you can engage them. This is called geographic segmentation. Further, send them push notifications like send them information for a “winter sale” according to the weather of that region

Similarly, if you want to increase your push subscription, the situation needs you to run an offer for a specific period. Example- You can run exclusive promos for the people who have not installed your app.


Hope this guide will help you improve customer interaction using web push notifications. If you want to earn more click rates through push notifications, then allow your push notifications to speak through you and deliver the same intentions to the subscribers and customers so that they can take action as soon as they see the notifications.


Alisha is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation platform that helps small businesses to level up their marketing game.