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club mahindra

How Club Mahindra doubled New Member Leads using NotifyVisitors

In this post, we will let you know how Club Mahindra double new member list using NotifyVisitors Conversion Rate Optimization Softwares.

About the Company

Club Mahindra is one of the leading travel companies in the leisure and hospitality sector. It is an Indian travel company and part of Mahindra Group.

The company was founded in 1996, “Club Mahindra Holidays” is its flagship brand. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited is part of the USD 20.7 billion multinational Mahindra Group.  

Over 4,500 RCI resorts affiliated company and operated over 50 resorts in India and overseas destinations. Club Mahindra has established itself as a market leader in the family holiday business and provides quality in holidaying options.

Club Mahindra Goal

Club Mahindra team wanted to increase new member leads by delivering a hassle-free experience to their site visitors.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

NotifyVisitors products

Understanding current website user interactions using NotifyVisitor’s Conversion rate optimization visual analytics (Heatmaps, Session Recordings) and then leveraging the AB Testing, Personalisation and Engagement modules of the software to take corrective measures and increase new member leads.

  • Results New member leads doubled within 3 months

Some of the use cases implemented and their results are as follows

1. A/B testing of 2 Field lead form Vs 3 field Lead Form

Club Mahindra team did experimentation to evaluate whether 2 Field form gave a higher number of leads or 3 field form.

  1. Variation 1: Form with 2 fields. Shown to 50% audience
  2. Variation 2: Form with 3 fields. Shown to 50% audience

Data showed 2 field form received significantly higher new member leads over 3 field form. The performance of leads is given below. The number of leads in the lead funnel is higher in 2 Lead form.

  • Results: 2 Field form win over 3 field form
Results: 2 Field form win over 3 field form

2. A/B Testing on CTA Button with text and button design.

Club Mahindra team replaced the text ‘Join the Club’ with ‘Grab the Offer’.

  • 50% of users received an old CTA button – “Join the club” and
  • The other half received a new CTA Orange button with the text “Grab the Offer”. Orange color in CTA chart signifies warmth and playfulness, which goes well with Club Mahindra’s brand image- leisure and fun experience to club members.  
  • Results: 25% higher click rates on Grab the Offer

3. Exit Intent (Leave Intent Lead Form)

They added a leave intent lead form to collect leads and reduce bounce rate. The lead form appears on the website as overlay blocking the website, just as they are about to close the browser tab.

This helps in catching the user’s attention and taking the details of the customer just before they are leaving. It is found that 20% of visitors end up filling up this form. Thereby winning the otherwise lost or abandoned leads on the website.

Since lots of advertising budgets are spent on getting the customer to the website. Exit intent helped to reduce the drop Off significantly.

  • Results: 15-20% reduction in lost leads
Results: 15-20% reduction in lost leads

4. Mobile Website – Sticky Lead button

Club Mahindra has high traffic on the mobile site. They placed a sticky button on the website footer. The CTA of the button opened the new member lead form.

The sticky footer banner is better and eye-catchy. It “sticks” to the bottom of the browser window and it keeps nudging users to take the Club Mahindra membership.

  • Results: There are significant leads coming from this option
Results: There are significant leads coming from this option

5. Using Heatmap analysis to study user behavior

Using Heatmap analysis to study user behavior

Trend and user behavior study by NotifyVisitors showed that adding a CTA button on the top right corner of the site would drive a higher number of leads.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools are very efficient nowadays to understand website traffic. Website visitors can behave in different ways. It’s required to understand user behavior and make changes on the website accordingly.

NotifyVisitors Helps Club Mahindra to Analyse User behavior on the website and based on suggestion different AB Testing use cases applied to improve website engagement.

As an overall result website, New member leads increased by 100% for Club Mahindra with the help of Notifyvisitors Software.

Jack Harry