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Big Data Statistics

21 Big Data Statistics for 2024 you should know

In these few years, big data and analytics have become the core of certainty for businesses. Whether it’s having much more specific sales forecasts or having a suitable product roadmap, big Data helps companies grow and achieve success.

To help you realize the impact of Big Data on the world around us, we’ve debated some of the most impressive data and analytics statistics to come out of 2024.

Top 21 Big Data Statistics in 2024

1. Google gets over 5.6 billion searches daily

Google is and stays the highest shareholder of the search engine market. More unique sets of data are generated regularly through Google daily.

2. Data warehouse

In the upcoming 5 years, most enterprise companies will store the data in a public cloud data warehouse. So design a data warehouse for your own business as soon as possible.

3. WhatsApp creates around 68 billion messages every day

In these years, WhatsApp has become the most popular and most downloaded messaging app. WhatsApp statistics reveal that 1.7 billion of its users access the messaging app monthly.

4. Big Data workloads in the cloud.

Minimum 53% of businesses worldwide are running at least one of their business on Big Data clouds. Cloud infrastructure enables easy access to big data from anywhere, anytime. This will only continue to grow for Big Data operations.

5. Banking 

Cloud rise to $62.10 billion by 2025 for improved performances across the global banking sector. Data generated by banks worldwide can help manage risks better.

6. Healthcare 

The healthcare domain can rise to 64.7 billion dollars by 2025; the cloud computing network is predicted to reach unprecedented heights.

7. General Big Data Statistics

Big Data gathers data from countless sources and will continue to grow every year.

8. Growth in big data

The number of big-data statistics is very high. Studies propose that the huge volume of big data in 2010 was the start of data evolution.

9. Media and Entertainment

Big data has covered every industry, but the entertainment and television sector takes the award for sinister analytics. Netflix could influence 80% of content seen by subscribers due to accurate data insights.

10. Banking

While the Banking domain generates the maximum amount of data, it may come as a surprise that most financial service organizations own the most underrated A&BI adoption.

11. Unstructured data

About 80% of unstructured or semi-structured data is collected by mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2020.

12. Clouds

A large number of companies have a mix of traditional and modern cloud technologies, yet the cloud grows every year.

13. Data generation in companies

Even the outdated technology contributes to employees seeking jobs such as in Excel & similar tools.

14. Training

The training sector is one of the valuable sources. Yet, many of those do not offer any sort of data training.

15. Bottlenecks in management

Serious bottlenecks do exist, mainly for data and business teams.

16. AI initiatives

Almost 75% of companies still report business adoption of Big Data and AI initiatives as a trial. This seems high, but not for all the companies out there.

17. Portals

It can take hours or even days for the bulk of employees to obtain the accurate data they need. They use portals like Quora for it.

18. Adoption of big data analytics

Some of the world’s most comprehensive technology-driven organizations exist in North America, the region with the most agile adoption of big data analytics.

19. Business intelligence

The desire to run companies with penetrations made many companies claim that self-service business intelligence is required in 2024.

20. Data literacy

We discovered that more than 70% of business experts have a wish to improve their data literacy abilities.

21. Social media

Social media users had three social accounts on average, while that number grew to 9 in 2020. On average, people spent approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes each on social media.


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