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best time to send black friday email

Best Time to Send Black Friday Email to Increase Open Rate in 2024

Black Friday is a day in the United States and Canada when many retailers open their doors to the public so that people can buy products at a discount. The best time to send black friday emails to your customers is during this day or immediately after.

The best time to send email is when people are in a rush and checking emails. This means you are likely to get replies to your emails on this day. However, there are other benefits of sending emails during this day.

Many people feel uncomfortable about receiving an email during this day. However, you can send out a few emails to get your customers excited about the new products you are about to sell them.

You can use some of the below-mentioned techniques to make them open the email and read it. If you do this successfully, many of your customers are likely to purchase your products.

How Do You Announce Black Friday Sales? 

While announcing Black Friday sales, it’s crucial to have the right balance. You want to avoid coming across as spam. Simultaneously, you have to ensure customers don’t miss out on your Black Friday deals.

Ideally, your Black Friday email should be part of a Black Friday email marketing sequence. This sequence should contain at least three emails: teaser, launch, and last chance.

1. Teaser email

Your Black Friday teaser email should create anticipation for your Black Friday sale. Give customers information. Tell them what deals to expect and when the sale will occur.

2. Launch email 

Inform customers when your Black Friday sale is live. Let them learn how they can leverage it. Highlight your best Black Friday offers. And remember to add a clear CTA!

3. Last chance email

Before your Black Friday sale ends, tell your customers that they can still get in on the deals. It leads to a sense of urgency. It might also capture those who missed your emails.

How Many Emails to Send for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

According to recent statistics, November (when BFCM campaigns are sent) has lower average open and click rates than usual. The most obvious reason behind this is that subscribers’ inboxes will be flooded with hundreds of emails. Even if people want details, this flood is just too much.

Therefore, you must be ready to face the harsh reality that your email newsletter will go overlooked and your rates will decline.

However, it does not imply that something needs to be fixed with your strategy. It just means that you need to be tougher and more imaginative. More than one email newsletter is required to reach your customers, to say nothing about prompting subscribers to open the email and click the call-to-action button. It would help if you had more to do the trick.

Several strategies suggest sending out more than one or two emails. Let’s think of the most popular ones.

The first strategy covers the period from early November to early December. It strives to:

  • Nurture your audience
  • Build momentum
  • Create engagement

It primes subscribers long before the big day. Send teasers the week after Halloween. During November, including Thanksgiving Day, drum up interest and butter up the audience.

Consequently, BFCM weekend subscribers are excited and looking forward to your email. Numerous retailers, some of whom are industry giants, adopt it yearly. And it works.

The second strategy is to gamble everything on the BFCM weekend. It indicates sending out emails during the sale window from Friday (or one or two days before Friday) to Monday (or two days after). Here you can send two emails a day. As a practice, they will be filled with psychological tricks. So be ready to:

  • Show urgency
  • Underline scarcity
  • Use magic words, such as “Exclusive” or “VIP.”
  • Place a huge “SALE” message

Moreover, you leverage transactional emails such as abandoned cart notices or follow-up emails.

Both of these strategies involve sending multiple emails. While it may seem overloaded, remember that customers will be hit with hundreds of newsletters during BFCM weekend, improving your chances of success.

Best Day to Send Black Friday Emails 

best day to send black friday emails

Several strategies are developed to improve BFCM email campaigns, including email newsletters, as early as possible. Many experts and experienced marketers stick to this scheme since they can create anticipation and generate excitement.

If this is your strategy, the best day to send out BFCM email blasts is a week after Halloween. The day after All Saints’ Eve is often regarded as the start of the holiday season, but wait until the fuss around it sinks.

 By then, subscribers will be willing to receive another dose of offers. Do not flood your contacts with teasers. Drop them a line once or twice a week, creating anticipation unobtrusively, preferably on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (the most favorable week to send out the email newsletters, according to stats published by Mailchimp).

But if you don’t like sending premature campaigns. In this case, you start sending BFCM emails before Thanksgiving Day and consider merging them with a gift card. 

Moreover, sending out the first email newsletter directly on the big day is deemed a bad practice and leads to little or no results.

Best Time to Send Black Friday Emails

Best Time to Send Black Friday Emails

Your best offer will sink into inboxes if you send an email too early. If you send it too late, it will remain unopened and may be forgotten.

With the busiest shopping weekend of the year, you will only have a few opportunities to be seen. Learning the time of the day when subscribers will be waiting for your email is the way to success.

To pick the best time to send black Friday email blasts, you must analyze open and click-through rates since they offer insights about when your contacts are mostly engaged in your emails.

According to recent research that analyzed the period from 8 am to 11 pm, there are two absolute winners. The best times to send out emails are 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

These times indicate the highest open rates. This is because people usually open their inboxes and go through them at that time. Some evening hours can also be considered an alternative; 6 p.m. and 10 pm are other options.

These studies are based on the open rate. Moreover, these four times still show the best CTR, with 4 p.m. and 10 pm in the lead.

To summarize, the four most convertible times – 10 a.m., 4 p.m., 6 pm, and 10 p.m. – are recommended and statistically demonstrated to send out email newsletters for Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. However, 4 p.m. sees an uptick in both open and click rates. 

Therefore, if you like to bet everything on just one email, you should probably go for this time.

If you are keen to send more than one email newsletter, you should make a small interruption between these two. For example, send the first one in the morning and the second at 4 p.m.; or start at 4 p.m. and then send a reminder in the evening. In this case, you will have a better chance of earning subscribers’ attention and driving traffic to your website.

Take away

If you are going to send out a Black Friday email, it should be one that is valuable to your buyer’s individual needs. The content of the email must be relevant to the buyer’s needs. This is even more important than the time of year.

Now, you know the best time to send black friday emails. Make sure the content of your email is unique and relevant to your buyer. Avoid sending the same email over and over again during this time of the year. If you have something relevant to say, make sure to make it count.

Offer as many deals as possible to give your buyer incentives to buy from you rather than one of the other parties in the promotion. It is best to have a theme for your email that ties in with the time of year.

Add a call to action at the end of your email. This can be a special offer, coupon, or link to your website. Try to tie your call to action into the main theme of your email. Make sure to not overdo it. The call to action should stand out, but not be distracting.


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