Release Notes – June 2024 2nd Edition

In these release notes, we will be discussing some of the key releases for the month of June. We are excited to introduce the following new groundbreaking features:

Let’s deep dive into each feature to understand how they work and how to implement them.

1. Introducing “Computed attribute” to track user’s preferred channels and best time

We’ve recently added a new attribute into our system that keeps track of the channels a user interacts with the most and their peak engagement times. In simpler terms, the “computed attribute” monitors the frequency of multiple events performed by user to determine their optimal channel and time. 

For instance, if a user opens emails more frequently than other channels and tends to read them between 7 to 8 pm, our system can determine that Email is their preferred channel and that their optimal engagement time is between 7 to 8 pm. This feature has the potential to enhance the engagement metrics of your campaigns.

If you prefer, you can manually select the events that our system uses to determine the best time and channel. Simply go to the settings section and click on the “Computed attributes” tab. Here, you can see the multiple events selected by default for each communication channel. 

Introducing “Computed attribute” to track user’s preferred channels and best time

You can either go with the default settings or can add or remove any event of your choice by clicking on the dropdown menu. 

Once you are done, click on the “Activate” button to enable best time tracking. Additionally, to enable preferred channel tracking click on the second “Activate” button given under “Preferred best channel” heading.

Our system will take 24 hours to calculate the best channel and time. And even after these are calculated, our system will continue to track events and update the best channel and time once every week.

In cases where a user has not performed any of the selected events in the last 180 days, their best time and channel will not be determined. In such cases you can define a custom time while scheduling a campaign and a fallback channel in journey, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Also note that our system considers the best time as a particular hour, rather than an exact time. So, whenever you send a campaign, the user will receive it between their best hour.

To check the best channel and time of a particular user, go to Segments > User list and click on the “User reachability” tab. This will show you the user’s optimal time for each channel as well as their best channel.

Introducing “Computed attribute” to track user’s preferred channels and best time

By leveraging this information, we’ve introduced the option to schedule campaigns at user’s best time. Furthermore, we’ve included a “Preferred channel” condition in the journey, which will automatically send campaigns to each user via their preferred channel.

Let’s explore how to utilize both of these features.

2. Added option to schedule campaigns at users’ best time

If you wish to schedule a campaign according to the user’s best time, simply navigate to the “Schedule Notification” tab while creating a campaign. From there, choose the “Best time for every user” option from the “Sent At” dropdown menu. Next, specify the desired date in the “Schedule Date” section. Please note that you won’t be able to set a specific time as the campaign will be sent at each user’s individual best time on the chosen date.

Added option to schedule campaigns at users’ best time

In case the user’s best time is not available, you have the option to set a custom time for such scenarios. 

Added option to schedule campaigns at users’ best time

Additionally, industry-specific best times are provided to assist you in making a decision. If you prefer not to send campaign to users without an available best time, just choose the “No, Don’t send it” option. Once all done, click on the “Schedule” button.

3. Added the “Preferred Channel” condition in Journey

We have introduced a new condition in our journey called the “Preferred Channel.” This allows you to send campaigns to your users based on their preferred channels or the channels they engage with the most, like the channels where they have higher open or click rates.

For instance, if you want to showcase a newly launched product to your subscribers through their preferred channel, you can create multiple campaigns i.e. one for each channel and add this condition. So, if a user is more active on emails, they will receive an email, while another user who prefers WhatsApp messages will receive a WhatsApp message.

To set this up, simply drag and drop the “Preferred Channel” condition onto the journey builder board and select the channels you want to include.

Added the “Preferred Channel” condition in Journey

Then, attach your trigger (event, segment, attribute change, or website traffic) to this condition. Similarly, attach different channel conditions to your campaign blocks. For example, an email condition with an email campaign block, an SMS condition with an SMS campaign block, and so on.

Added the “Preferred Channel” condition in Journey

Lastly, there is a fallback condition available. This is for cases where the user’s preferred channel information is not available, such as for new users or those who haven’t performed any activity yet. In such situations, you can add a campaign block of any channel you prefer as a fallback, and these users will receive communication on that channel.

4. Introducing Node stats feature in Journey

In our last release notes, we introduced a new feature that allows you to check the analytics of your campaigns directly within the Journey builder. While this option is quite useful, it still involves checking each campaign individually.

To streamline this process, we have now included a Node stats feature that displays the KPIs of all campaigns directly within the Journey builder. To view these stats, simply click on the Node stats option located at the top of the Journey builder board.

Introducing Node stats feature in Journey

A new window will pop up showing all your blocks along with key statistics such as sent, delivered, unique open, unique clicks, transactions, revenue, and goals. 

Introducing Node stats feature in Journey

These statistics provide a quick overview of your campaign’s performance, including all its variations. Please note that transactions, revenue, and goals only reflect events that are attributed to NotifyVisitors based on interaction with campaigns and not your overall business performance.

You can rearrange the blocks as needed or if they are obstructing your view. Once you are satisfied, click on save to preserve your settings. Moving the blocks in the Node stats window will not impact your Journey builder board.

With the Node stats window, you can easily monitor the performance of each campaign in a single glance.

Furthermore, the Node stats feature is also available in Journey analytics. To access this, navigate to the Journey section, click on the three-dotted button for the desired journey, and select analytics. Here, click on the “Node stats” tab to view essential analytics for each campaign, similar to what we discussed above.

Introducing Node stats feature in Journey


The new computed attribute brings in the possibility to schedule campaigns at user’s best time and send journey communications at user’s preferred channel. It is designed to enhance user engagement. Additionally, the Node stats feature provide quicker insights into your campaign performance. We are confident that these tools will help you create more effective and personalized marketing strategies.

To stay informed about our latest releases and access these features immediately, click the “Allow” button at the top of your screen for push notifications. For inquiries, suggestions, or a demo, reach out to us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist, ensuring you maximize the benefits of these exciting enhancements.

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