Implement In-App Feedback Surveys

Take feedback surveys from your customers without forcing them to leave your app

Targeting Rules


Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location. We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show web push notification to visitors coming from specific geographies.

Time of Day

Schedule your feedback survey during specific time of the day. For example, schedule flash sale notification between 12am and 1 am.

Scrolling Percentage

Notifyvisitors allows you to show in-app customer survey after certain scrolling percentage which is set by you.



Logic Survey

Dumb surveys can’t gather smart data. Irrelevant questions lead to survey abandonment. Avoid low completion rates by using logic to make your surveys as relevant to each respondent as possible.Make your surveys more responsive by using our advanced skip logic. Show and hide questions based on previous responses.

Survey Gallery

NotifyVisitors provide multiple ready made survey samples to choose from. Increase your subscribers with designer subscription forms / lead generation forms. Copy, paste, customize and start using the customer feedback survey for your mobile application.


Multi Step Survey

Design and display your feedback survey in multistep form.


Standard Question Types

The system offers following Standard question types.

  • Multiple Choice - Radio / Checkbox
  • Rating
  • Net Promoter Scale
  • Drop Down Menu questions
  • Text box
  • Comment box (multi-line)
  • Drag & Drop Ranking
  • Matrix Table
  • Multiple Inputs
  • Date/Time

Multiple Language

NotifyVisitors is available in 25+ languages including swedish, russian, romanian, polish, latvian, latin, korea, greek, french, finnish, dutch, danish, arabic, italy, german, spanish, portuguese, thai, hebrew. For new language contact us on

Results in Real-Time

Make decisions faster and smarter with real time results that let you analyze responses the second surveys are completed.

Data Exports (CSV / Postback)

Get reports right to your email inbox or use http postbacks or export CSV files to combine results with external data.