Web Push Notifications Features

We take website push notifications to a whole new level.

Powerful Segmentation

Understand user flow.

Customize Subscription UX

Better Design For Subscription Prompt.

Rich Notifications

Better Design For Better Result

Advanced Analytics

Advance Analytics For Better Insights


Talk to User on Personal Level

Triggered Notifications

Understand user flow

Support for AMP Pages

Subscribe and Send Push on AMP Pages.


Send Push with Users Location Boundries

Powerful Segmentation

Understand your user journey flow and segment them on the basis of their action. Target right users with the right messaging.


Segment users by their website activity, recency and frequency.

User Demographics

Powerful filters to segment users by their demographics.


Track users by their country, state and city.


Categorise desktop and mobile users distinctly.

Audience Builder

Use combination of all these filters to zero down on your target audience.

Customize Subscription UX

Create your subscription promt with your sustom text,logo,icons etc. Convert maximum visitors into subscribers.

Ready To Use Templates

Ask users to subscribe by using Customize templates of permission promt with your logo, colors.

Welcome Notification

Setup a welcome notification and send it to users who subscribed to your website.

Time Your Subscription Prompt

Time your subscription prompt – add delay, exclude page, setup up action based trigger and more.

Rich Notifications

Design notifications that inspire action and delight your users.

Images – Banner Size

Add beautiful pixels to your notifications with banner size images.

Icons and Emojis

Use icons and emojis to spike user interest.

Call To Action Buttons

Drive user action by adding up to 2 Call To Action Buttons with icons.

Multi Language

Send push to your users in their native language.

Set Expiry Time

Use combination of all these filters to zero down on your target audience.

Social and Call Buttons

Drive Shares, Tweets , even calls to your call center.

Advanced Analytics

Get detailed analytics, performance reports and click through rate for each Push ​Notification.Deep insights of subscribers and unsubscribers to construct better campaigns. Export complete reports anytime.


Talk to your Web users on a more personal level through Personalized Push. Use profile data and user actions to create personalised messages for every user. Push notifications have been known to increase your users engagement, but sending personalised push can increase CTR by 4x.

Triggered Notifications

Send Targeted push notification through Journey Builder. Make user Journey through simply drag and drop editor. Create Journey on the basis of customers’s action on your website that acquire, engage and retain customers, visually. Chosse what to do when customers dismiss or click your push Notification.

Support for AMP Pages

Talk to your Web users on a more personal level through Personalized Push. NotifyVisitors now supports Web Push on AMP sites means your users can subscribes to push notification on your AMP pages and you can send them push notification any time.


Personalize the content your visitors see based on their location. We track the IP of a visitor on your site to find his/her locale. You can show web push notification to visitors coming from specific geographies.

Additional Features

Notifications Performance

Optimize better by track delivery, impressions, views, clicks of notifications.

Unsubscription Report

Improve subscription by track users who are unsubscribing from your notifications.

Schedule Notifications Periodically

schedule repeat push daily,weekly or monthly and save time

Subscriber Analytics

Understand your subscriber.

Powerful Rest APIs

Easy to implement APIs for developers.

Time Zone

Send notifications as per your subscriber’s time zone.


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