Recommendation Engine

Engage Customers With Personalized Recommendations

Turn the cumbersome user journey into an easier one. Nurture users with personalized content and product recommendations to achieve faster goals.

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Serve as per the demands of the customers with the relevant recommendations across multiple channels and devices. Create personalized strategies and let our automated system select the most appropriate strategy for every user.

Content Based Recommendations

Enhance the readership for your content by engaging customers with enriched content. Create content based on the behavior of the readers. Change and imply the content according to the real-time intentions of the customers.

“ Creating and using the product recommendations has now become hassle-free across all the mediums”

“ Turning visitors into customers was never been so easy until we have adapted the automated software tools to engage customers with the personalized content such as blogs and videos”

Email Recommendations

Send recommendations to your customers via email. Collect and manage all the data via automated tools such as CRM and other web properties. Use this consolidated data to nudge users to take action on your recommendations.

In-app Recommendations

Evaluate your data to recommend users your brand and products. Enhance customer retention by sending the content and personal recommendations during the critical touch points such as drop off rates or low engagement rates.

“Shift your strategies from website-based content to the email campaigns using the personalization strategies.”

“ Update and launch the campaigns at regular intervals to provide customers a seamless experience”.

Making personalized recommendations
easy more than ever.

We have created an inclusive platform that offers everything you require to boost your
performance across different channels utilizing personalization technology.

API and Integrations

Works on any website, No matter which platform and channels you use. It works for all websites and offers API. Also, you get plug-and-play integrations with popular platforms, such as Segment, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.

QA and Testing

Testing is important before going live. NotifyVisitors offers multiple tools to test, allow you to share with your colleagues, and analyze before publishing. Use testing tools to make campaigns live for your colleagues and see how they work.

Managed Service

Managed Service comprises, so you can rely on us partly or fully for campaign building and training. With our services, you will have campaigns created by us live on your site within your first week, so you start seeing outcomes even when you're still getting it.

Content Widgets

Adding content to your site and emails has become so easy, with many templates to get you started. NotifyVisitors offers many responsive templates for popups, sliders, countdowns, banners, recommendation displays, forms, etc.

CRM and User Data

Use the data you already have by integrating CRM data with NotifyVisitors and grabbing new data from their sessions. Your CRM contains a large pool of data for marketing and, when plugged into our personalization engine, becomes a strong asset.

Performance Analytics

We offer a detailed dashboard with fully customizable KPI tracking. Tracking views, clicks, impressions and purchases, plus reporting to Google Analytics by default. You can specify custom KPIs to track any behaviour.

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