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Leave content and product recommendations to decision-making algorithms

Deliver relevant customer experiences through personalized recommendations across the entire customer journey

Product Recommendations

Delight customers with trustworthy product recommendations across web, mobile, email, and display banners. Set your own rules and let Dynamic Yield’s machine-learning engine auto-select the most effective strategy for each user, context, or KPI.

”With a few clicks, it’s quick and easy to build and deploy product recommendations across web and email.”
Valter Rolda, Marketing Tech at Linio

Content Recommendations

Improve readership and deepen engagement with context-aware content recommendations that evolve with your reader’s behavior. Dynamically adapt and personalize your recommendations to each user’s preferences, category affinity, and real-time intent.

“We can now automatically serve the most relevant videos to millions of viewers in minutes, delivering a unique experience to each Hallmark Channel visitor.”
Josie Ventura, Vice President, Crown Media

Recommendations in Emails

Suggest items your customers will love. Build rich recommendation strategies by consolidating all existing data from your web properties, apps, CRM, and more – and use it to trigger any behavior or context-based condition.

“We are now translating our success from the website to our email campaigns, using the same personalization strategies and methodology.”
Andy Mueller, Director of Digital Analytics at APMEX

In-app recommendations

Increase user retention, engagement, and session length by adding data-infused content or product recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-off screens within your mobile app.

“With Dynamic Yield, we’re able to launch and test campaigns on a weekly basis leading to a true customer centered online shopping experience.”
David Geisen, Chief Digital Officer, MediaMarkt Iberia

Leave content and product recommendations to decision-making algorithms

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