Recreate and Optimize Your Website With Split URL Testing

Create different variations of your website and conduct tests on different URLs. Allocate the traffic on two different URLs to know which gathers more conversions with Split URL testing.

Test Major Changes With Split Testing

If you want to test large changes in your website. NotifyVisitors split URL testing allows you to do so. Whether you want to test a simple image vs a hero image or wish to test various themes? You can test the two versions of your website on two different URLs. Determine the ratio of the traffic in which you want to send them. Evaluate which version is attaining more conversions.

Examine the Effectiveness of Campaigns 

NotifyVisitors gives you the power to get detailed insights on Split URL tests’ performance through reports and analytics.

Stats and Analytics

NotifyVisitors assure the accurate testing results to know the winning variant. Without any requirement of reassurance from outside methods, It uses the techniques which give you a real picture of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Create Best Version for Website

Check and analyze the improvements in the conversion rates. Compare the results before the tests. State the possibilities of turning the results into well-performing variations. Continue with your tests until you get the best version of your website. 


Split URL Test & Funnel

View the impact of the ab tests and split URL tests on your funnel. Track the analytics for your tests and see if visitors are sailing down at the end of the funnel. Are the leads converting with the help of ab test results? Make valuable decisions accordingly.

Extensive Reports & Insights

Do an in-depth analysis of the collected data and share it with your team members. Discuss the loopholes in your tests with a wholesome understanding of the data. Reflect on the changes in your further strategies and campaigns.

Comprehensive Segmentation

Evaluate your split URL testing results to learn about the conversions. Analyze the conversions according to your created segments. Do the winners belong to a specific segment and view how they are different from the other average goal conversions.

Compare Tests With Users’ Behavior

Are you aware of how your users’ are behaving on your website? If not, it’s time to get useful insights about the visitors’ actual behaviour with the test results. Try to make both of the factors align on the same page.


Heatmaps With Split URL Tests

NotifyVisitors allows you to mix up the capabilities of both tools. Both have their unique set of skills. Conduct split URL tests and conduct heatmaps on the winning variant to see which areas get maximum attention from the visitors.

Recordings to Check Behavior

Check out the visitors’ behaviour who saw the variations and the ones who saw the control version. Take a look at how both sets of visitors are behaving. Jot down the crucial points as to why they behave differently and how to minimize differences.


Preview Your Split URL Test 

Watch the preview of your control and variants before you conduct split URL tests and put it in front of the audience.

Real-Time Previews

Get a preview of your variations before you test them. Real-time previews allow you to load the variations as you would load for the actual visitors. Analyze the loopholes to attain maximum benefits out of your tests.

Preview Across All Devices

Before testing the control and variant on your distributed traffic, view their previews across all the devices. Give your visitors an empowering experience while they get to see the real picture of your website. Attain an ideal perfection via previews.

Preview on All Browsers

Gain insights from the preview of the variations on all the browsers. Gather information before you present the variations in front of a set of audiences. Save the previews for a better understanding of the audience and test further.

Other Notable Features 


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