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18 Best Ways to Increase Shopify Store Conversion Rate in 2024

With more than 4.1 million online stores across the world being powered by Shopify (Builtwith), there is fierce competition in the sector. They vigorously strive to establish themselves and stand out in their respective fields. However, not all of them succeed.

The success of a Shopify store is measured by its conversion rates. 

While there is no single technique to boost eCommerce conversion rates, cumulative efforts in different areas can help accomplish this. A lot of seemingly little things matter substantially. So, we thought of bringing to you some of the best ways to increase Shopify store conversion rate in 2024 and beyond.

Top 18 Ways to Increase Shopify Store Conversion Rate

Here are tips and tactics spanning different areas including website designing, copywriting, marketing, sales, and more to help you increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate.

1. Get Your Site for Mobile-Friendly

Get Your Site for Mobile-Friendly

83.07% of the world’s population own a smartphone (Statista). They use it for various purposes including shopping. 6 out of 10 shoppers state the ability to shop via mobile is a decisive factor in brand selection (Oberlo). This makes turning your Shopify site mobile-friendly a crucial factor for increasing conversions.

2. Make Your Site Visually Appealing

We, human beings, are naturally pulled towards things with a visual appeal. So, you can increase your e-store’s conversions by making it attractive. Play around with color combinations, layouts, images, fonts, designs, spacing, white space, etc. to make your site exquisite, graceful, and elegant.

3. Make Your Site’s Navigation User-Friendly 

Your site’s user experience is highly impacted by its navigation.  Simple navigation that makes it easier for customers to browse through your store is likely to increase conversions. Go for a sticky navigation menu that doesn’t shift as visitors scroll down the page. The following are the things that should go on the menu- 

  • Search bar
  • Product categories and sub-categories
  • Best-sellers
  • Cart button
  • Blog (if you have one)
  • Customer service
  • FAQs
  • Contact information

4. Build Trust 

People will buy from an online store only if they find it credible. So, take all kinds of measures to render that trustworthy first impression. 

Here are the four vital factors that can boost the reliability of your e-store: your store’s contact details including its email address and phone number; technical certifications like Shopify Payments; Shipping and return policies, and social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials.

5. Improve Your Site’s Speed and Performance

Improve Your Site’s Speed and Performance

Studies should that people are increasingly getting impatient with regards to the internet’s speed. 

They expect sites and their pages to load instantly, or else abandon the site forever. Some ways in which you can improve your site’s speed are by reducing redirects, enabling browser caching, compressing and optimizing your images, and minimizing CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 

6. Focus On Your Website’s Copy

Well-written and high-quality copy renders a favorable user experience, encouraging visitors to linger, and eventually, make a purchase. Your “About Us” page should cover elementary info about the store and its founders. 

It should also describe your firm’s purpose and its Unique Value Proposition (how you differ from your counterparts). It should also encourage interaction. 

7. Your Site’s Images Matter

Pay attention to the quality of the images you post on your site. High-quality images are detailed and attract the attention of the viewers. So, rather than using stock images of products, use professionally shot photographs. This can have a positive impact and increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate. 

8.  Write Unique Product Descriptions

Product descriptions can significantly influence purchasing decisions, and thereby, increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate. Buyers as well as search engines do not prefer the manufacturer’s default descriptions. So, write your own descriptions, integrating SEO keywords and clearly highlighting the product benefits. 

9. Optimize The Checkout Process

Optimize The Checkout Process

If your checkout process isn’t simple, your chances of losing customers on the verge of buying are high. Here are some ways to combat this issue. 

  • Use a checkout progress bar to tell them how much more time it’d take to complete the process. 
  • Offer a one-step checkout. 
  • Offer multiple payment options. 
  • Allow guest checkout.

10. Don’t Give Your Customers a Price Shock

Statistics say that added shipping cost is the leading reason for cart abandonment (Statista). You can prevent this by offering free shipping. If this isn’t affordable to you, highlight the cost upfront. 

This way, you can avoid giving a price shock to your customers during the checkout. Similarly, if there’s any other extra cost like tax, fees, etc. mention it on the product’s page to avoid price shock and increase the Shopify store conversion rate. 

11. Give First-Time Offers

If you find that your visitors are constantly increasing but the conversion rate remains the same, it’s time you introduce a first-time offer. This can take the shape of a discount, percent-off coupons, free gift with purchase, free shipping, etc. Whatever incentive you choose, make sure that it’s something that your customers will value. 

12. Provide Limited Time Offers

Providing limited-time offers can create the FOMO (fear of missing out) among your shoppers and persuades them to make an instant purchase. You can offer discounts, deals, express delivery, free shipping, etc. for a specific duration. Include a countdown timer on your homepage, highlighting when the offer would end.  

13. Integrate the “Notify Me” Feature 

You needn’t lose a customer to a competitor when something he/she needs is out of stock. Just integrate the “notify me” feature so that you can notify shoppers when the item is back in stock again. This will not only increase your Shopify store’s conversion rate but also increase the customer lifetime value. 

14. Be Prompt in Customer Service

Being available to your customers whenever they need your assistance can increase your repeat buyers, and thereby, increase conversions. Integrating a live chat into your e-commerce site is a great way to ensure round-the-clock availability and error-free customer service affordably. 

15. Get Customer Reviews

Get Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as social proof and help customers decide whether or not to buy a product. Studies show that having customer reviews on your site can boost the conversion rate by 18%. Besides, it also helps reinforce your brand’s credibility. So, make an onsite provision for collecting reviews for each product. 

16. Omnichannel Sales

Today’s technological advancements have provided e-commerce stores with multiple sales touchpoints. Omnichannel marketing involves combining them all into a unified approach. So, integrate your marketing and sales on social media channels, email, etc. This can go a long way toward increasing your Shopify store’s conversion rate. 

17. Take Advantage of Personalization

Nowadays, online shoppers expect high levels of personalization from brands. They want these brands to understand what their needs and preferences are and make suggestions accordingly. A study says that sales increase by 20% on average when you offer personalized experiences (Monetate). 

18. Involve in Remarketing

When a customer or prospect, who exhibited an interest in one of your products, has left without purchasing, you can retarget him/her by getting in front of him/her with your ads, wherever they’re on the internet. This is what remarketing means. It is a kind of paid advertising that helps in increasing your e-store’s conversion rate. 

Wrap Up

In this blog, we’ve discussed 19 of the best ways to increase Shopify store conversion rate. You’d have seen how small things add up to have that big impact you’re seeking. Use these tips and techniques to successfully optimize your e-store’s conversion rate. 

1. Why should Shopify stores focus on their conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a vital metric to measure the success of any e-commerce store. That’s why Shopify stores should focus on this metric. 

2. Why should Shopify stores work on improving their conversion rate?

Conversion rate optimization will help Shopify stores lower their customer acquisition costs by deriving more value from their existing customers and visitors. That is, it helps them acquire more customers, increase revenue per visitor, and thus, grow the business. 

3. How do you optimize a Shopify store for better conversions?

To optimize your Shopify store for better conversions, ensure that it looks credible, is fast-loading, design is visually appealing and mobile-friendly, navigation is simple, product descriptions are unique and well-written, product images are of high-quality, website copy is good, and check-out is simple. Besides, you need to effectively market your brand and its offerings.  


Stella is a content writer at NotifyVisitors, a marketing automation software that helps businesses to expand their reach. Apart from writing, she enjoys reading and cooking.